Cereal should have near-air tight cardboard packaging, no plastic bag and a twisty cap. Better for the environment and more practical.

ur telling me that lil tab doesn’t make the cardboard box air tight?

Just buy the giant-ass cheap knock off brand cereal.

$2.99, zip-lock seal, and more cereal you can eat in a day.

Malt o meal are in a bag with ziploc. I go threw a box in a day or two so it dont even matter to me.

I can eat a whole bag of Malt-O-Meal Scooters in a day, no problem.

Has to allow the styrene gas producedby the plastic bag to escape.

Not if you use milk board. How do you think they keep milk good in cardboard cartons?

Get a box of those really big zip lock bags, pour your cereal in them. Best part is you can reuse them.

(Or splurge on the actual plastic cereal containers if ur made of money)

some say the roof of his mouth is still healing to this day...

I usually go through and buy the generic kind anyways and they've had the ziploc bags for years

Malt o meal is the best

I have oddly specific knowledge on cardboard packaging. I get very excited when the topic comes up.

Cardboard is porous. The cereal would be stale af in no time

My kids would still find a way to tear the bag all the way down the middle

As they should.

if you're frugal enough, you can buy the ones that come in the bag already. AHOY YE MARSHMALLOW MATEYS

But if they did that, it'd never go stale so you won't have to throw away as much. In the end, you'll end up buying less cereal per month.

I did that w their version of captain crunch...dry

My family disowned me cause I like Raisin Bran.

Edit: Well Excuse me for living, make me feel sad as a human

I asked my dad who worked in Cereal back in the day for General Mills and Ive posted this before. Most people eat cereal faster then it goes stale with current bags so its not cost effective to add resealable bags.

I can't remember the last time I let cereal go stale. You guys need to chow down more


Just buy them cheap ass bottom shelf bags. There is a Smores one that is tasty af.

He does eat it. 3 times a month.

Yea this dude don't know the struggle

Lieutenant Krunch

It’s all about marshmallow Maties or frosted Mini spooners

By coating them in a layer of plastic.

Takes a bit more effort, but if your really grind and roll it against your palate you can get that authentic Captain Crunch experience.

A bunch of strangers just disowned you too.

Malt o meal is where it's at. Small difference in taste for huge savings in cost and volume

Their Cap'n Crunch is amazing, doesn't cut the roof of your mouth.

It's so easy to just roll the bag down tho? The pressure of the box keeps the roll tight, no ziploc needed. I literally never have stale cereal and sometimes it takes me weeks to go through a box.

This guy Cereals.

You could be the next /u/touchmyfuckingcoffee. Ama that shit

So do you just take the bags out of the box? And I’m not sure the box is airtight either. I haven’t found a way to reseal those.

That small difference in taste is in favor of "MoM" most of the time imho.

Cereal is one of the few meals that I could eat constantly. I'll sit down with a bowl and easily keep refilling it until I've had like 4 or 5 bowls before I have to stop myself.

They also have delicious knock offs like blueberry muffin crunch

Crapple jacks.

I have breakfast like, 3 times a month tops

The ol’ fruit rounds

and have it explode all over the place when you first open it.

Marshmallow Mateys are the shit.

He also doesn’t understand that they do that so it has better chance of going stale and the consumer buying more. Same with difficult jars/bottles.

You're a goddamn maniac.

Ignore the haters I like raisin bran.

Toasty Cinnamon Crisps

Hell yeah. Cinnamon Toasters and in my opinion they're better than the name brand. I think the milk tastes more cinnamon-y.

Plus it comes in a bag that's like 5x bigger than the box, so there's still some left for the kid's breakfast in the morning after your late night, stoned out, feast.

I think this is correct, but I also think it's not the main reason they do it. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fact that if they save 4 cents per box by choosing not to include a zipper and their profit per box is around $1, they'd lose 4% of their profit immediately, which is hundreds of thousands of dollars when you consider tens of millions of boxes of cereal.

Edit: Also, people will buy it either way. It isn't going to increase their sales if they add a zipper. People choose a cereal for taste, not based on whether or not it has a zipper seal for the bag.

Oh no kidding. Lots of different kinds too. Love that Lucky Charms knockoff

Yeah how often do these people eat cereal once a month?

I don't eat cereal often (sometimes I'll make bacon and eggs, sometimes I'll eat at Dunkin Donuts, etc.), so I used to have cereal go stale. The solution was simple.

Remove the bag from the box after you've made your bowl. Roll the bag down all the way to the top of the remaining cereal. Return the bag to the box upside down. This will make it so the weight of the cereal crushes the roll you made and allows a negligible amount of air to escape. To remove the cereal the next morning to eat, simply turn the box upside down and let the bag drop out.

I actually think this is a better solution than a zipper at the top of the bag, as by rolling the bag down you reduce the amount of air that gets trapped in the bag. As you reach the end of the bag, the amount of leftover air in a zipper bag will increase, as will the rate of staleness of the remaining cereal. When you roll the bag down, you reduce the amount of wet air in the bag that could ruin your cereal. In an ideal world, cereal would be kept in a vacuum, but this is not an ideal world and my solution is good enough to make cereal last months.

I may have overthought this, but it works, so fuck you.

I just looked up Styrene gas and cereal bags. Alternet is one of the only sites with a post about it. Not a credible source

Nothing wrong with that, carry on.

I like the cereal in the giant bags better anyway, and it's cheaper

King vitamin doesnt play

milk board

I hope that's its actual name.

Dude, I live like 20 min from a Malt-o-Meal factory. Sometimes I'll just drive past the factory just cause it smells so damn good

They're usually coated with plastic and aluminum on the inside, or just plastic if you keep them refrigerated (not an issue for cereal though). They are widely recyclable, and even if North America is actually slightly behind in terms of its recycling compared to Europe, access to facilities that can recycle them are growing rapidly. Overall they're a lot better than plastic bottles since the amount of plastic used is much less, and paper and aluminium are a lot easier to recycle. On top of that, the shape of cardboard cartons means they're better for transport, so double-win!

And the resulting ultra concentrated sugar milk that's left over as you leave a little old milk every time you refill.

If you're not buying the malt o meal brand then what are you even doing with your life

Some of them are legit better, and most of the rest are at least comparable. Blueberry muffintops are the shit.

I've eaten a whole box of cinnamon toast crunch in a single day before.

It's 2018 and I've yet to see an all marshmallows box of lucky charms. I don't care if it wouldn't legally be considered cereal, we all know no one actually eats those chunks of cardboard you call cereal so get on it!

You better put some water on that cereal.

Let me tell you about potato chips for a second

I present you with your hearts desire... Oh, want to go bigger, okay, 3x the size for 3x the diabetes?

I don’t know whether to upvote because I’m glad you were disowned, or to downvote to prevent your kind from spreading

Squeezeable jelly. Marketed for convenience, impossible to empty. People love it though so why change it, just like the cereals that gives the businesses no urge to fix a problem that isn’t theirs.

Isn't that type of packaging difficult to recycle at municipal facilities? I assume it's paper impregnated with some kind of wax or polymer, but in my experience none of them have recycle symbols on them.

I'm sorry did you say in the fridge? I'm calling the police.

I just push the bag down into the box and my shit never goes stale unless one of my roommates gets into my cereal and just leaves the bag open. And then they complain about the crunchberries going stale. You're doing it to yourself man

Tell me more about the history of cardboard packaging

get one of those plastic cereal containers. I always say ill buy one, but i never do. I also take my cereal out the box and put the bag in the fridge with a binder clip to seal it.

Tbh MoM cereals and walmart brand chips are fucking underrated. I wont give a damn about name brand when i can spend 2 bucks on a bag of chips that taste better and have more in em than regular bland ass lays chips

Then don't buy something that takes a long time? Why buy cereal if you're literally not going to eat it?

Working in a store, with the amount of rough and tumble those boxes go through before getting to the shelf that'd end up in a lot of damaged goods

gimme that raisin bran crunch fam.

The poor people are always in the comments.

Drax need to stop tweeting after every damn puff bruh.

Okay, but when i get out of jail, my cereal will still be good

Not a problem, I eat my cereal dry.

I haven't had stale cereal in years either and I just kinda shove the plastic down into the box

Do they sell cinnamon toast crunch knock offs? If so I haven't seen them and I need my cinnamon swirl that I, an adult male, love. And fuck those children that have the gall to claim otherwise.