Coroner: Police sergeant died from high concentration of kratom

Coroner: Police sergeant died from high concentration of kratom
Coroner: Police sergeant died from high concentration of kratom

not at all - it's from a plant

"More severe side effects may include seizure, addiction, and psychosis."

Granted that is Wikipedia, so take it with a huge grain of salt, but Christ just smoke some pot.

My bf used kratom to kick pain meds. It worked, kind of, he's off the pills but now can't kick kratom. Shit sucks.

I'm a regular kratom user. Usually take 3-4 grams in the morning on work days. It does wonders for my back pain, and in my personal experience is no more addictive or mind-altering than coffee. This guy must have eaten a metric fuckton to actually OD on the stuff.

On another note, kratom appears to be rather good at helping opioid addicts kick the habit. I wish states would consider this and other factors before jumping on the "oh no, a plant I've never heard of that some people like to take, better ban that shit!" bandwagon.

I was eating about 30-40g of red vein bali a day. Whenever i quit i went through a flu like withdrawal systems. (Cold sweats, nausea, vomiting, headache, insomnia and my skin felt like it was constantly crawling.) It lasted about 2 days but it was marginal to coming off dope. I have friends that kicked dope and use it now and have reported similar withdrawal experience. Saying it has no habit forming properties is disingenuous.

A difference a habit and an addiction seems like semantics. I shot dope everyday, not because it was fun but because i didnt want to go through the withdrawl. Same with kratom. I didnt eat because i enjoyed it. I ate it to not feel sick. So if im using said substance to avoid withdrawal how are they seperate things?

more info

looked it up because I had never heard of it

always something new to kill you out there

A few weeks ago a bunch of people here were arguing with me saying kratom is perfectly safe and you can't od on it. I can't believe how stupid people are. Misinformation can be deadly.

Have you taken it? Its a cheap, non-habit forming alternative to pain killers, that doesn't numb your brain.Big pharma wants kratom to be schedule II, this is propoganda just like 'reefer feaver'.