Corey Feldman's 1993 audio files naming alleged sexual predators found by Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

Corey Feldman's 1993 audio files naming alleged sexual predators found by Santa Barbara County Sh...

Sounds like the police dept. didn't want to find this evidence until the pressure got too heavy.

Edit: Thanks. It's always the most flippant, offhand comments that blow up. Also, I did misread. I thought it was the same department, but somehow, this seems even worse.

Poor Corey - first he was used and abused, then he was not taken seriously and treated like a laughing stock for years. The guy has taken a lot of abuse, I hope this vindication will finally help him to find some kind of happiness or peace and he can live a productive life henceforward.

"We always thought that drawer labeled 'Corey Feldman's 1993 audio files naming alleged sexual predators' was a joke!"

I heard him in an interview this past summer (before all these scandals came out) and he said Michael Jackson was the nicest most honorable person in the entertainment industry.

I'm starting to believe him and think that maybe these other fucks casted shade on Michael to keep all the attention out of their closed doors.

Apparently these tapes were in with the Michael Jackson case evidence. I guess he tried to tell them that MJ was fine but if they really wanted to catch some pedophiles then here’s a list. Poor guy. Naming pedophiles during an investigation into it and he still wasn’t taken seriously.

He won't. How can he trust people after what they have all done to him? I feel so bad for the guy.

Fox News had originally reached out to the Sheriff’s Office in October at which time they responded, “We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects."

Santa Barbara Sheriffs are assholes, anyway. It's no surprise they either lost the tapes, or (more likely) keep shitty records about things that don't fit their agenda.

It's because if you actually read about the case against Michael it was all bullshit. It was definitely odd that he held sleep overs with children, but both cases where he was accused were recanted by the children when they were adults and admitted that their parent / lawyer had coached them on what to say to the police. There's even a phone recording of the child's father in the first case admitting that he was going to ruin Michael's life with the things he'll make his son say and that he was going to get all of his money. Michael's estate is still worth a ton of money and you're telling me that out of all the hundreds of kids he had come over that it was only 2 kids if he had been molesting them? Literally every other kid they tried interviewing for sound bites at the time came to Michael's defense. He had a damn movie theater built to hospital level standards so terminally ill children could go to the movies safely. All he cared about was making these kids lives better than his was.


Like they had been misplaced, and not intentionally squirreled away where nobody could find them.

If Shawn and Gus were there they wouldn't have had any problems finding the files.

Adds a lot of context on why he was so hesitant to drop names

"Put it with the others"

It's really heart breaking if you thinking about it in the context of both of them being molested at different points in their lives. Imagine a young Feldman telling Jackson what had happened to him and Jackson just hugging him and being like "It'll be alright, man. Let's go ride the rides at my private Disney World and forget about life for awhile."

Bit late for that isn't it?

Is this ironic?:

Feldman, 46, had claimed in a Today show interview with Matt Lauer that he “sat down and I gave them names. They're on record. They have all this information.”

Interesting that he has always defended accusations against Michael Jackson with his only complaint being that Michael abandoned their legitimate friendship.

“YOU’RE RUINING AN INDUSTRY!” Or whatever Baba Wawa said, looking away in disgust.

This. Me 10 years ago totally thought MJ was a pedo. Now I don't trust any actors/hollywood people EXCEPT Corey Feldman and Weird Al

It's so disturbing to watch that interview again after the allegations came out against Matt Lauer. He was so aggressive towards Corey for no reason at all. Creep.

Feel bad for him.

Money talks and bullshit walks. I hope heads roll over whoever never brought these tapes to light sooner, like back in 1993.

You misread.

The LA PD are the ones who originally "lost" it.

The sheriff's department in Santa Barbara is a different police department. They found a copy of the original tapes that they had send to LA PD. Basically, they just threw LA under the bus by locating a copy of evidence LA police had and purposely destroyed.

But don't get too gitty, LA will of course refer any wrong doing to internal affairs and some half retired guy in his 60s might get a few extra days of paid vacation.

The problem here is that police losing the original tapes and not investigating doesn't get around the statute of limitations. The people he named are still immune to criminal or civil charges. At most this allows corey better protection from libel suits. It is up to the public to shame anyone he named, that is about it.

Wow this is history changing. A small minute part in the scheme of things but truly big in my life. Crazy

This is my take on the whole MJ thing.

His childhood was taken from him. He lived his adult life with every other adult treating him like some exhibit at the zoo. He never had friends because they all treated him differently. Guess who didn't? Kids. They had no idea who the fuck he was. All they knew was that he had toys and was a nice guy and wanted to have fun with them. On the surface that sounds creepy as fuck but what about someone who still wants to have a childhood and can't find anyone his own age to do it with? We may look down on it because we always think someone has ulterior motives but what if the person was actually genuine? What if MJ was just a sweet, innocent, awesome guy who loved to play with toys and make kids happy? Take out all the preconceptions and it looks a lot different.

TL;DR: MJ was fucked up due to his upbringing. It made him yearn for a childhood. He had the money to do it. He did it. People thought he was a perv. He wasn't actually a perv.

I love how they got caught with this. They want to keep it quiet so they 'lose' the tapes. Now, with all this public attention, they either have to find the tapes and look like dummies, or say they really did lose them and look like even bigger dummies.

Barbara Walters got to them.

This should be the top comment. All the child stars who were close to Michael Jackson never said a bad thing about him, but they are all coming out against OTHER people in Hollywood. It's entirely possible that Michael was actually protecting them.

I think she said he was "damaging" the industry. Either way, she's a damn dirty sexual assault apologist.

top men

I bet most if not all of the people who helped cover this up for who knows who in Hollywood at that police department are retired so nothing will happen. It took something this huge to finally kick Hollywood in the ass to do something, I mean Roman Polanski was/is basically revered in Hollywood like he is some kind of outlaw hero.

Hollywood is a town that chews young people up like logs being put in a wood chipper, sometimes someone good comes out the other side but mostly they are just shredded and end up different people.

just imagine how much could have changed from then to now if the powers that be ACTUALLY protected the people and did their fucking job that they swore to do that our tax money went towards. 24 FUCKING YEARS! imagine all the other stuff they "lose" and ignore. Our system is a fucking joke.

Well hold on here, wouldn't this invalidate the statute of limitations as this means he made a statement very soon after the fact?

And Tom Hanks. I just want Tom Hanks unsullied.

i have heard it said several times that if the MJ allegations had happened during the internet age, they'd have been shredded in seconds for the obvious money-grabs that they were.

Wanting to hang out with kids is not creepy. Women do it all the time. I request to babysit my friend's kids just so I can hang out with them since I don't have my own. I also teach children at a museum. Kids are excited and accepting and fun to be around. It refreshes me to be around children and helps my depression. I wish men didn't have to worry about looking creepy just because they want to hang out with kids. We need good role models for our children, both male and female.

I always heard as a kid that kid stars ended up a bit whacky when they grow up in Hollywood. I guess we all know why now. Sadder than I had imagined.

Mark Geragos absolutely insists that MJ was innocent. Now, Geragos was his attorney so of course said that but Jackson is long dead now and Geragos still gets quite animated about it and even says he left his own son to hang around MJ's house that's how unconcerned he was. And I would add Geragos doesn't always talk in such terms about people he has defended who were guilty.

Michael was no doubt a victim himself

Well, it wasn't for no reason...

Rather strange that Time left him out from the people that spoke up against sexual assault in Hollywood.

This will be the plot for tomorrow's movie

Edit: for those who don't have USA, it usually shows up next day for sale on Amazon video

wow. this was one of the biggest claims against him.

Imagine that we find out that Michael's mansion and park and everything were built for kids who were being abused and he basically was the one person kids hung around with to feel safe.

By now it's pretty established that Michael Jackson most likely never assaulted kids, it's just that it's not common knowledge.

A bunch of sphincters in Hollywood just tightened up.

The only thing that will bring feldman peace at this point is justice for his friend, who's death/suicide has clearly damaged him personally.

Can't forget terry crews

Yeah. Growing up it was always thought "oh they are spoiled so they become alcoholics, drug addicts, etc." Now I am thinking a lot of it could be due to molestation.

social experiment!

Grab 'em by the goonie

Someone on here suggested a while back that the people who go hardest against certain kinds of offenses are actually perpetrators of those offenses. Starting to look true imo.

Between Walters and "it wasn't rape rape" Roman Polanski ally Whoopie Goldberg, I'm surprised The View isn't putting together rapist support funds.

He's still getting used by all of those who only want to interview him for their ratings. Dr Oz for example.

Are you telling me there's a Psych movie and it airs tomorrow?

According to some sources the allegations against Jackson just destroyed him personally. That's when he basically stopped taking care of himself and drinking and eventually drugs.

Matt Lauer heard to mumble in reply "OK, have to get these guys on the phone"

"Millie Bobby Brown just grew up in front of our eyes. (She's 13!)"

That’s 24 years. Think of all of the kids that may have been saved had those cops taken Corey seriously.

It's Hollywood's unhealthy obsession with youth. They are surrounded by a culture that says preteens modeling for Calvin Klein is edgy. Finding little children attractive has been normalized.

"It was locker room talk".

who Feldman fingered

Word choice, man.

That makes no sense. It was most likely filed away, or filed improperly, and no one wanted to take the time to actually sort through every thing to locate it. If they really wanted no one to find them it would have been destroyed a long time ago and wouldn't be turning up now.

You know that's right

Tomorrow night on USA!

Prefer bottom boys

I’m not sure, but it seems it would. I think new evidence/rediscovery of old evidence should be enough to give it the classification of an ongoing case.

Let’s not even get started on Woody Allen.

it is not a crime to lose evidence. it is a crime to destroy it though. likely somebody who Feldman fingered paid a cop to put the evidence in a wrong case file of a case that is closed.

While MJ was undoubtedly weird, he never molested or touched any kids. There's a whole long effortpost that describes it and the motivations of the parents who coerced their kids to accuse, but a lot can be summed up by the quote

"The trial featured perhaps the most compromised collection of prosecution witnesses ever assembled in an American criminal case...the chief drama of the trial quickly turned into a race to see if the DA could manage to put all of his witnesses on the stand without getting any of them removed from the courthouse in manacles."

From the 1993 trial.

As the second round of BS allegations came out, Jackson was understandably paranoid people were out to get him, and moved away from his friendships with Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. As it's widely known that they were molested, it is telling that each consistently defend(ed) Michael and their friendships with him.

On their friendship, Corey Feldman recently said

"I just think he was so used to people turning on him at the time, that was right as the new allegations had come out for the second batch of all of that…so I think he was just very very paranoid. There was nothing for him to be paranoid about I think he just over-reacted with the assumption that I was going to sell him out like everybody else and I tried to assure him I would never do that."

And Haim said before:

Unfortunately, he didn't believe me at the time and by the time he had figured out that it wasn't really happening I think he was so embarrassed by what he had done that he knew he would really have to be a man and apologize in that way and call me up and be like, 'Hey, I'm sorry' and unfortunately, I don't think he had that capability. He wasn't that guy. He didn't know how to have that kind of humility

That was a recent change in the law in California, which only removes statute of limitations on crimes that are committed after Jan. 1, 2017.

Under the old law there was generally a 10 year statue of limitations for prosecution (which would have expired 14 years ago, in 2003). With exception for the discovery of new DNA evidence. (which likely doesn't apply in this case.)

In the case of Corey Feldman the old rules would apply and the individual named would be immune.

EDIT: I should point out there was an attempt to deal with child molestation cases, specifically, in the 90s. A law was written to retroactively end the statute of limitations. But it was struck down as unconstitutional. This web page goes over it. (I wonder of that may be why Feldman came forward then...)

I also read that they got into his porn collection and the only thing shocking about it was how vanilla and hetero it was.

You know that's right...

Read up on his story about this which includes his addiction into pornography and the steps he took to address his problem. It is actually pretty eye opening and humanizes Terry Crews. I admire the guy because he was able to identify and overcome his demons.

Yeah since he's one of the main ones and done more than almost anyone. But he has been trying for more than just 2017.

It was labeled, “Spin Doctor’s Mix,” which is why no one listened to it.

At this point I think every day Corey isn't swinging from a rope is further proof that he's one resilient man. He's lived a life of pain and mockery, in public.

This is why we need to punish rich criminals like every other criminal in America. He was silenced by wealth.

Just like all those anti-gay politicians that turn out to be gay themselves

I always find it shocking when people still think Jackson is guilty. Most evidence and testimonies have been dismissed or retracted. So heartbreaking. This is the worst thing Corey had to say about Jackson:

Feldman stressed in his interview with Bashir that Jackson never molested him or touched him improperly and that there was no sexual contact between them. But he said he has re-evaluated his friendship with Jackson and has concluded that there were things that happened in their relationship that were inappropriate and wrong.

"If you consider it inappropriate for a man to look at a book of naked pictures with a child that's 13 or 14 years old -- then your answer would be yes."

Feldman says he had such an encounter at Jackson's home when he says they stopped there on the way to Disneyland. "We went to his apartment, and I noticed a book that he had out on his coffee table. The book contained pictures of grown men and women naked. And the book was focused on venereal diseases and the genitalia." Feldman said the singer sat down with him and explained the photos to him.

Feldman said, "I was kind of grossed out by it. I didn't think of it as a big deal. And for all these years, I probably never thought twice about it ... But in light of recent evidence ... I have to say that if my son was 14 years old -- 13 years old, and went to a man's apartment that was 35, and I knew that they were sitting down together talking about this, I would probably beat his ass."

In 2001, Feldman and Jackson had a falling out. At the time, Feldman told the press the rift had nothing to do with child abuse allegation that continued to dog Jackson.

This honestly amazes me. Just a year ago everyone said he was a weird dude making shit up. People said there were not any issues with child rapists in Hollywood. Well it’s now their day of reckoning and the suppressed voices will be heard.

Well his childhood was basically having his dad beat him for missing a note and pretending to be asleep while his older brothers fucked groupies in the hotel rooms they shared.

Dear GOD

Barbara Walters and Matt Lauer both epitomize the sort of horrible human being who will always stick to the script. Celebrity puff pieces and softball critiques are only interrupted by rare takedowns, the latter always devoted to emphasizing norms. Both careers were exceptional in their mediocrity. Their ability to always cleave toward the banal and vapid when a moment for serious social critique emerged was absolutely top notch. This is how such relentlessly bland people became extremely wealthy superstars in American culture. Those jobs are actually about missing the point so that viewers will follow suit.

Long story short it was a bloke who's son used to go to Neverland. The most incredible part about the whole situation is that the rumour has persisted for so long, considering they have phone recordings of the dad basically admitting/planning the whole thing.

Get your hands off me you damn dirty sexual assault apologist!

He was silenced by the Santa Barbara pd because they were mainly focused on Michael Jackson and didn’t give two shits about anything but that. Corey was pretty much stating that they’re looking into the wrong individual and need to go after the real creeps. They said nope and sent him on his way.

I love playing around with kids. I think it stems from memories of my uncle who used to always chase us around the yard and throw us around when me and my cousins were growing up. He was a goofball and I remember how much fun I always thought that was and now I try to do the same whenever there's an opportunity.

I have two daughters of my own and at gatherings I'm usually off playing with the group of kids instead of adulting with the other adults. I'm in pretty good shape so I can throw them around in the air and run around quite a bit without getting too tired, plus I count it towards a workout.

I'd like to believe my and the other kids will remember those times like I remember my childhood, running around with my uncle and cousins.

Babs on men cancer: "LOL cutting balls off after getting testicular cancer! Is it still a man?!"

Babs on women cancer: "It's absolutely terrible and takes a huge chunk of womanhood out of these people. Nothing worse for a woman."

Vile and repulsive. These women are so close-minded and absolutely shouldn't have a show speaking on serious issues. It's a shame.

Edit: If anyone can find this clip of them laughing about testicular cancer I'd love to see it. I can't find it.

Stick Keanu in that list too and I'm with you.

I think the saddest part, really, is that he didn't do it when it was the "trend". Which is sick, if you think about it. The same culture that is now trending, exposing these slimeballs across the world, has all but rejected him because his timing was bad. And he took shit for it for all these years. It's fucked man, and it hints at a newer, less understood problem.

This whole idea of something "trending" and crossing the world like a Mexican wave is equal parts fascinating as it is terrifying.

Geragos by all accounts is a pretty decent person and I believe him. He is a constant guest on the Adam Carolla podcast, and I just get the vibe that he's honest...for an attorney at least.

It's really shitty how that whole thing got started, a father was so jealous of MJ's gratitude towards his son and family that he made his son lie and say he was molested so he could get a nice payout.

Or.... we are jokes. Perhaps the system is fine, and the fault lies with us, the masses who put untrustworthy people in positions of power that allow them to fuck us over. See Roy Moore...

The pain killer addiction started with the Pepsi concert explosion in his face.

Fox News reached out to Corey Feldman and the Los Angeles Police Department but did not receive comment.

All Corey Feldman's going to say is, "I told you so."

I wish Michael was still alive. I suspect he was the way he as from abuse as well. And I don't really believe he harmed anyone.

It was in the big box labeled “Hollywood Sexual Predators Evidence: Feldman. File under F” in the “Hollywood Sexual Predators Evidence Archive” Section F of the “Hollywood Sexual Predator Case File Evidence Warehouse” that was originally an airplane construction facility.

is there proof who watched them? covering up a crime is a crime and if the US gave a shit about justice they would also indict the cops.

I think that was the problem. Michael had such a terrible childhood (Joe Jackson, may he burn in Hell) so no one really knew what to think. Yes this is a man who had a terrible childhood, and was damaged because of it. The question was how far did that damage go and how did it manifest itself? Everybody knew Michael was acting out the childhood he never had, and that he truly, genuinely enjoyed making children happy. But during all of the fun and games, did things ever get inappropriate? I’m pretty sure a bunch of us did some things during sleep overs in our childhood, that was innocent as children, but would be considered vile if it was between a child and adult. IMO I don’t think people considered Michael a marauding child predator luring children to his rape den, I think people were just concerned about his child-like behavior. Was he an adult enjoying the fun of childhood, or was he delusional? Was he a grown man who believed he was 8-12 years old again? He was a recluse. No one knew where the line was getting drawn. Was he just enjoying the pure joy of being around children, or was he a child himself in his mind, with all of the experimenting, developing crushes, and learning about your body that many people went through in childhood? Like I said, for many of us it was innocent behavior between kids, but it would be unacceptable between a child and adult. So when the accusations came out, people didn’t have to reach far to imagine Michael doing these things. I mean by the time he died, Michael had gone from a young black child with a large nose, to something resembling a nightmarish mannequin. He was obviously damaged, and that is what made the stories so easy to believe.

Edit: I would also like to publicly say, because for years I believed Michael did touch those kids, that I now believe Michael never touched a child. With everything coming out about pedophiles in power and how rampant is, I truly believe Joe Jackson whored Michael out to further his dream of wealth, and I couldn’t imagine Michael touching children after what he most likely went through. I would also like to take this time to say fuck Joe Jackson. FUCK JOE JACKSON. I refuse to call Joe Jackson a sociopath because that implies somewhat that he wasn’t fully aware of what he was doing. Sociopathy is to empathy, what aspergers is to social norms. Extremes sociopaths do not develop empathy, Joe Jackson knew exactly what he was doing and did it anyway. I hope his ring of hell involves Hitler, a pineapple, and hemorrhoids

Any reason why he wasn't on the cover of Time Magazine?

Oh NOW they suddenly found them

My, what an incredible lucky amazing fortunate coincidence.