"Cool, I wonder what he's up to these days."

"Cool, I wonder what he's up to these days."

Tony: Last I heard he was talking to a TSA agent while preparing for a flight.

TSA Agent: I wish exciting stuff like that happened around here.

My sister was an agent at an airport.

Phil Mickelson arrives at her booth. She asks if he has any checked luggage.

"Just my golf clubs"

"Oh do you golf often?"

"You could say that"

The next person in line decided to let her know that she was talking to one of the top golfers in the world.

She also met Stephen Hawking in a similarly clueless fashion. I don't remember the details, but she was helping him to his seat and found out that he is a physicist. "Oh cool, my brother does physics too!" I was a second year undergrad.

edit: I'm not judging her. I was telling these stories purposefully with a sense of dramatic irony to be entertaining. She is not a clueless person for not knowing these famous people. I myself wouldn't recognize, by name or otherwise, many A-list celebrities or famous sports personalities either.

edit2: She was not a TSA agent, this wasn't even in the US. I said agent, because i forgot the rest of the title, it was more like "Ticketing agent" or "Gate agent" depending on where she was working that day. This was not a security job. In both examples she was just making small talk to be friendly.

"Oh cool, my brother does physics too!"


In fact, everyone does physics.

Not sure why this is so unbelievable to some people. His ID would say Anthony Hawk, not Tony. And he would look like an old guy now, so less recognizable.

I've shared this story on this site before, but I was friendly with Christina Ricci's sister in college. My friend (the sister) threw a party and Christina Ricci showed up. So I was talking with Christina Ricci & her sister when another friend walked into our conversation. Conversation then went something like this:

Christina's sister: "Hi Steph. I want to introduce you to my sister, Christina."

Steph: "Oh. My. God. Has anyone ever told you that you look EXACTLY like Christina Ricci?".

Christina's sister: "Steph, you know my last name, right?"

Steph: "Yeah, it's Ricci".

Christina's sister: "Right. Ok. This is my sister, Christina Ricci".

Steph: "That's amazing. You look like just her, and you have the same name?!?!"

His voice is unmistakable

What's he up to?

Probably wondering if he's going to die before he sees another good Tony Hawk game.

Context matters a ton, especially when the name is much more famous than his appearance. The guard might have recognized him if he were clearly a skateboarder but out in public he just looks like a normal dude.

sooooooo something out of the simpsons 20 years ago. ahaha

EDIT: a word

That's pretty grim, he's only like 48 years old, and I'm pretty sure they already announced they're working on another one- Wait.

good Tony Hawk game

Actually sorry, you're probably right.

Your sister sounds adorable, in clueless kind of way.

It's because his ID says Anthony Hawk.

In the "bless her heart" kind of way

I mean...when it comes to golf, if it's not tiger woods most people probably wouldn't know them.

I know. I read that in his voice...

As someone with mild face blindness, context is everything.

I like think

I don't think you do.

wasn't Tony hawk a guest on their 200th episode?

That's a hell of a face palm... Let's blame drinking

Tiger woods? Sounds dangereous.

I work at a retail store that sells a particular brand of high end electronics and I can't tell you the number of times I've talked to celebrities and had no idea until a coworker told me after. It's kind of funny because sometimes I'll ask someone what they do for work as small talk and they respond just like anyone would. Not like "I'm in fall out boy" but they'll say like "oh I play drums in a band". Really humanizes celebrities quite a bit.

The one with blink-182!

I've never heard of Phil Mickelson in my entire life.

Face blindness is such a weird phenomenon I can't begin to understand. You can see all the features in a person's face but your brain can't put them together to identify the individual. Just weird.

He still skates everyday and is very active in the professional skateboarding world. As a matter of fact, he recently did a 900 again at almost 50 years old! For those who don't know, he was basically the first person to ever do one (where you spin two and a half times) and it is pretty incredible he can still do one at his age. It is VERY hard and there are only a handful of people who have done them.


When I met Mary Lou Retton back in the 90s she said "Hi Jim, I'm Mary Lou Retton." I replied "you most certainly are."

Imma 'Merican and non-sports fan, so when I read your post I was like: "I wouldn't really fault a woman for not recognizing free jazz trumpeter Don Cherry."

She mentioned that he had a "funny voice". She only found out who he was when she was telling me the story and I said "wait, was it Stephen Hawking" "Yea! do you know him?"

I like think it's Antonio.

eating hot sauce

He's eating chicken with hot sauce on them. You don't tell people you're eating maple syrup when you're having pancakes

Reminds me of HIMYM

"Oh, honey"

yeah, its the one where bart divorces his parents


I didn't even know sports existed outside of cartoons

He's also not an A list celebrity, meaning that his face would not be nearly as well known as his name. I mean, sure, a lot of people have heard of Tony Hawk Pro Skater series and know the silhouette on the game cover, but how many do actually know what he looks like up close?

I'm Canadian. An ex was hostess for a charity dinner and had to give out name tags.

Don Cherry comes up and she doesn't recognize him. He even gives her the thumbs up to maybe trigger a memory. Someone had to tell her.

Anyway - we're not together anymore.

That's a perfect "bless your heart" moment if I've ever seen one.

I think 1999. And it was a huge deal at the time.


Aw, damn it...

My mom worked as cashier in a grocery store. It was a tiny upscale boutique kind of place where everyone was super friendly with each other, so she had really good relationships with the regular customers. She would often make small talk with them and knew about their lives, etc. One of her best customers was a guy named Bill. She'd ask him about work, his kids, and such, and over the years she got to know him well. She just knew that he was involved in "sports" somehow but she doesn't know anything about sports. I on the other hand love sports and am a huge NY Giants fan and also a Jets fan. So one day I go to pick her from work, and she's taking a while, so I go inside. I see her just chatting away with "Bill" by the register. And that Bill happened to be freaking Bill Parcells! (Legendary Giants Coach and Jets coach) I walk over trying to be cool and collected. And my mom's like "Oh, Bill, this my younger son. He also likes football or baseball or something." Flabergasted, I shake his hand and introduce myself and he says he's heard a lot about me from my mom.

'I'm on the Buffalo Bills.'

'Oh cool is that like a motorcycle club or something?'

Blame it on the a-a-a-a-alcohol

I just looked her up and she does look a lot like Christina Ricci to be fair.

It depends on what exposure you have to sports. I find it really funny you said Marino for football though, he wouldn't even be top 10 most recognizable on my list.

Brady and Peyton are the first two I'd think of, and Peyton's face is on tv all the time these days.

I am lost, could someone please explain to me what the "facepalm" here is? This seems like a reasonable, hell, even a likely conversation for any celebrity who isn't known by their face


If he was checking in to the Anchorage Airport, then the TSA guy would probably be thinking, "Why would Tony Hawk come to Alaska?"

I have always said that if I ever meet an actor or someone famous who I would actually want to meet. I would not geek out and embarrass myself like so many people I have seen.

If in a bar I would offer to buy them a drink tell them I like what they do and then leave them alone. I wouldn't stop someone on the street or interfere with their lives like a douche entitled fanboy but if the occasion arose to politely express that I enjoy what they do I would do it and move on.

I met Edward James Olmos earlier this year. He came into my store and he was wearing a hat and sunglasses. I am pretty much all business and the front of the store has south facing windows and because it is so bright it is hard to make out details of people walking towards me from the front doors. I didn't recognize him.

So this guy comes up to my counter tells me what he needs and I get to work getting the information in our system which includes a name and phone number so we can call the customer to let them know their order is ready. So I fall into script mode because i say the same thing a few million times a day Me: Alright I will be happy to get this taken care of for you, it's going to take about an hour. I just need to get some information so we can keep your order straight and contact you if needed. Can I get your name?

Him: Ed.

Me: And your last name?

Him: O-L-M-O-S

In my head I am thinking, and almost say Wow i bet you get a lot of flack for that name. But then I glance up and I realize it's him. Fucking Admiral Adama is standing right in front of me. Judge Mendoza! Mr. FUCKING Escalante! is in my shop.

All that went through my head as I calmly finished the work order and asked him to sign agreeing to the work we were completing for him. I didn't say anything because there were people in the shop and I didn't want to call attention to him because that is a dick move. Then he starts talking to the other people in the store and I realize they were all with him and so knew who he was. Small shop and he was with his daughters I believe. and either an agent or friend or something, another guy. I didn't ask about relationship dynamics or anything. But on the off chance one of them came back alone to do the pickup I didn't want to waste my opportunity. As politely as possible I said.

"I'm sorry sir I don't want to bother you while you are out running errands but I just realized who I was speaking to and just wanted to say I really enjoy your work"

Him: "Well thanks."

And I thought that was it. I went back to complete his order, they went to lunch while I worked on it. I called my boyfriend geeking out like a motherfucker once they left because I had to tell someone and he is the one who got me to finally watch battlestar.

When he came back to pickup his order I stayed calm and handled him like any other customer because that seems like the most polite thing to do. I wanted to small his hair, i imagine it smelled like sandalwood and a hint of pipe tobacco. I don't care if he smokes or not somehow i'm certain that is what he smells like.

He swiped his card and I set his item on the counter instead of handing it to him because sometimes when I try to hand people things there is awkward hand touching and out products are fragile so transfering them to a surface to be picked up is safer.

Then he made my fucking day.

He reached for a handshake.

I shook his hand, which which had a firm steady grip, and he said "Thanks for all your help." To which I replied "That's what I'm here for just let us know if you need anything else."

It was awesome.

The fact that a growing segment of today's population don't remember this, nor fully comprehend what an enormous deal it was, makes me feel very very old.

You obviously don't realize just how much syrup I put on my pancakes mate

Eating hot sauce apparently

And I loved the THPS games but I totally wouldn't recognize the guy in this video as a pro-skater even if it said "Tony Hawk" on his ID. I mean he just looks like... well, a totally unremarkable average guy.

That was me working at a clothing store in Beverly Hills. I like to think they enjoyed having a normal conversation. Though, I did feel bad when I sold a jacket to a Buffalo Bills linebacker and forgot that they were a football team.

I wouldn't know who that was if he said his name clearly and lingered on the handshake. When your average person thinks of golf, they still think of Tiger Woods.

Hell, when you say basketball my first thought it Michael Jordan.

American Football, Dan Marino.

Baseball, Mark McGuire or Sammy Sosa (both come to mind at about the same time for me)

Sports are hard to keep up with.

I imagine it's kind of like when you are watching TV or a movie and a you are only halfway certain that a character is played by an actor/actress from a different show, only way worse

You put that guy in a blazer and a blue dress shirt, and I wouldn't know Tony Hawk from Anthony in the finance department.

He actually made almost all contributions that made him super famous when he wasn't on a wheelchair. He was in crutches by the time he made his work with Penrose on black holes, arguably his most important work. He became a recognizable name a bit later, in the 70's, when he was already on the wheelchair. These days, he doesn't even do calculations, he just gives younger physicists ideas so they can do the math. It must be really hard to do maths when you can only speak about a word per minute.

I'm sure all of reddit knows by now, but just to cover all the bases, this is southern US speak for either, "Damn, you're stupid" or "You're dumb but I love ya'", depends on the context and how it's said.

Even our insults are polite.

I had the same thought. Then I wondered why free jazz trumpeter Don Cherry would think giving a thumbs up would remind anyone of him

TSA Agent: OK, enjoy your flight.

Tony walks away

TSA Agent: Mr Hawk wait!!!! I'm sorry, I didn't realize.... the gate is THAT way!

That musician.... Albert Einstein.

What's interesting is that he could have had a more modern voice, but opted to keep the robot voice because that's what he identifies as "his" voice.

Tony Hawk also does physics.

Don Cherry comes up and she doesn't recognize him. He even gives her the thumbs up to maybe trigger a memory. Someone had to tell her.

There are two kinds of celebrities: the ones who wish people wouldn't recognize them as much, and the ones who do their signature move/catchphrase to trigger recognition.

I think far more people know Tony Hawk for being Tony Hawk than because he was in a video game

His looks haven't changed much

"Remember me? I'm the guy who uses his thumb and the rest of his hand to hold his trumpet!"

Brown Rice is a phenomenal album, btw! I give it two thumbs up. Ha.

preparing for a fight.



He's only 48, so not that old, and also not that unrecognizable.

He's only 48, so not that old, and also .

For those not in the know, Don Cherry is a famous hockey announcer in Canada. He's like if you put Charles Barkley in Craig Sagers suits while making statements like Mike Ditka

To be fair, he could also not be American. I would place myself on a 7 on that scale, but I've never heard of him.

Thank you for putting it in words. It sucks. I can't tell people apart that I've known for years...

Another shark jump.

"I'm an imposter... That man is the real Seymour Skinner!"

As someone with Prosopagnosia, this happens all the time but with movies played with 2 characters played by vaguely similar looking people in the same flick. The Big Short threw me for a LOOP and it took 3/4 of the movie to realise there were more then 2 storylines happening.

Ooh a piece of candy!

Not as scary as James woods.

Oh no, the shark was jumped long before that.

What year did he do the first one?

I'm pretty sure there are sunnier places to buy a house where no one will recognize you.

A friend of a friend, she got work at a place, she's a model in looks, "I work at a company, something with three letters, they make computer parts. I think it was something with A. AMD maybe?"

Of course sales.

Prime? Like Optimus Prime?


Cool, I wonder what's he's up to these days.

So he flew United then?

In neurology there is so much weird shit, dude. I'm a physician and some of the most interesting, intriguing and downright unbelievable deficits/symptoms happen when something goes wrong in the human brain. What the parent comment was talking about when he/she mentioned "face blindness" is part of a bigger condition called agnosia.

When we are kids we are usually taught that we have 5 basic senses, right? well, that is - surprise - wrong. We have more like 20+ different types of sensory input feeding your brain information about yourself and your surroundings. If I asked you in what position your legs are right now I'm confident you could tell me without having to look at them: that is your proprioception sense doing its work, and it's easy to understand how important it is and how we use it all the time without even noticing.

Well, agnosia happens when someone can't understand what one of its senses is telling his/her. You might have perfect eyes and ears, but if your brain can't understand what those parts are saying, can you really see and listen?

These deficits might not be global in the sense that the person becomes completely blind or deaf, but they become unable to understand or process specific parts of the stimuli. Some interesting ones are below:

Simultagnosia is weird. The person becomes unable to understand the "bigger picture", but he/she can work fine with the individual parts of the scene. You might put a man in a classroom and it will tell you he is in a room with chairs, a chalkboard and books, but he can never understand those items combine to constitute a classroom.

Prosopagnosia is, in fact, what was described above as "face blindness". People will become unable to recognize familiar faces, including their own, although they see the rest of the world around them just fine.

Astereognosia is the inability to recognize objects when only using touch. You might see your pencil, you might describe its shape to me perfectly and know what it's used for, but as soon as you have it in your hand you cannot tell what it is without having to look or listen or taste or whatever.

Yeah, neurology is awesome.

edit: changed a few words for clarity

If I printed out his picture and showed it to people on the street how many of them do you think would recognize him? Probably 1% at most.

See: John Stockton

If I printed out and showed it to people on the street how many of them do you think would recognize him? Probably 1% at most.

See: John Stockton

She didn't. She worked either before security, checking luggage, or at the gate helping people onto the plane and taking boarding passes.

"hey blink 182"

"we have names you know"

seriously though

The guard might have recognized him

I would bet a large amount of people have heard of Tony Hawk but couldn't describe what he looks like.

Like they see a news clip of him and its a blurry guy doing 7200 spins in the air or its an aerial camera of him doing a massive jump.

If the only thing you know about him is the odd highlight reel that appears on the news you probably wouldn't be able to recognize him.

Funny voice? That's a weird way to describe it.

Better than relating the Buffalo Bills to Silence of the Lambs I guess.

Plus I doubt most people could recognize him at the height of his fame. He's only familiar to the mainstream because of his ubiquitous brand and the games. His name is way more famous than his face. The same way most people wouldn't recognize Calvin Klein if their dad hit him with a car.

THPS introduced me to some bands I still listen to today.

Exactly what I was thinking. I live in Anchorage. We don't get much of that celebrity stuff here.

The first episode of Game of Thrones with the Stark brothers was a mind trip. I knew I was gonna be in for a rough time, so I literally printed out family trees & charts and studied them between episodes.

Unless they reband the guys at neversoft, I don't see a "good game" possible. Even if the story is solid in a new one, the robomodo physics system was garbage


I mean, Phil's been a pro golfer for 25 years and started winning majors 13 years ago. I don't follow golf but just from seeing him on ESPN so many times I'm certain I could pick him out of a crowd.

Yep, I swear when some guy comes up to me and starts ranting about (American) Football and then asks me about 'my team'? And I say, "Oh sorry, I'm not interested in sports." I get a reaction like I just said, "Oh sorry, what did you say? I was in the middle of eating this baby."

I am not an American football guy, I am European. But Dan Marino isn't a name I think of.

That Tom Brady dude is the name I know. But only by name.