Cooking up some poops?!

Cooking up some poops?!

Girl is/was a stripper, found a sugar daddy via work. Now they date and his house = her house now.

I was one of the people called out for liking the first joke post.

I know a guy who used to post selfies everyday. Once he posted one from the bathroom with the title, "Just mowed the lawn". I asked him if that meant he shaved his pubes, and his mother commented on how disgusting his friends were.


The caption on the picture still makes no sense. That's like posting a picture of yourself indoors and captioning it "I love hiking"

I don't mean to be caddy, but sometimes I just pick up golf clubs and follow people around.

You don't have any importance going on in your life

The girls joke was actually very spot on.

But she said she's a step-parent, so we're gonna need hard numbers before we determine her shitter:critter ratio.

That took an unexpected turn, im sorry your friend's mom cant appreciate quality pube jokes.

My bathrooms are worth more than four million dollars, your bathroom isn't even worth four. My bathrooms have shareholders... your bathroom doesn't even have cup holders.

God damn, that's low to attack people for being less fortunate than you.

Cooking up some poops is perhaps the funniest thing I've read all year

So just to be clear... If I live in a one bedroom apartment I'm a disgusting, poor, worthless piece of shit? Thought so, just making sure that's still the case!


(I do, because I'm poor and it's all I have, god damnit!!!)

I love shopping.

That was a well timed joke. Bravo to that person.

Some women love to do this. We had a term for it in the navy called "wife rank". It was where you had a high ranking man married to a civilian woman and the woman decided the rank he earned was hers. They would separate themselves by "officer wives" and "enlisted wives" and the officer wives would always shit on the enlisted wives. They would be rude as hell and demand people give them respect of her husbands rank. "How dare you check my ID at the gate! MY HUSBANDS A CAPTAIN!".

Hell I've even heard of officer wives demanding people salute them.

She found a sugar daddy and his house = her house now

My bathroom cost a late night fee Your bathroom got the HIV

OP, does the blonde girl always get so butt hurt when people call her out?

She should have just asked if she was baking brownies.

Sounds like she worked pretty hard to get where she's at now /s

Just because you wear makeup doesn't make you insecure. Being a stripper and having a sugar daddy makes you insecure

My bathroom's been on TV

your bathroom ain't even clean

I don't know how it will ever come up again, butt I will find a way to use "shitter:critter ratio" at some point.


I love the indoors.

I live in a duplex with a 1.5 bath, but I live alone. Am I winning, considering the people to toilet ratio?

edit: messed up some words

Worked dem orifices

My bathroom is good, your bathroom is not good.

she feels insecure, thats why she cakes so much makeup on

How about we all say that being insecure makes you insecure, and not make assumptions based on other not-always-related things

It is, she's dumb.

wtf. how do they not get laughed the hell out of there

Enough with the dramatics! Stop being so caddy!

Why is she taking credit for living in a house the other guy bought?

Stewing up some dumps

"Delete the comments, not the picture that makes YOU happy! Stand up!"

It's horrible comments like this that propagates narcissistic bullshit in people, these little knitting circle shitheads. Suddenly everyone posting a selfie and hyper defensive comments is Rosa Goddamn Parks.

Being a stripper makes you insecure how?

"couldn't care less"

Because get more bathrooms pleb

My bathroom do yoga. Your bathroom...poop rollup

I'm pretty sure I would have unfriended this person on the spot after such a bizarre, insecure, and unwarranted rant that was basically an insult to her supposed friends or whoever they were.

Why? Two adults can enter a relationship however they choose. If a woman chooses to be with a man that may be less attractive for his money, what concern is that of yours? If a man chooses to levy his money for her beauty, what concern is that of yours?

This is just sexual bias crud that's all over. If a man could do it, you wouldn't see men complaining about gold diggers like they do. I've seen relationships based on status, money, convenience, sex and I don't care. It's not my business. People don't have to join in a union based on some vague concept called "love". It's hypocrisy because a lot of people don't, sometimes intentionally (like a gold digger) and sometimes not. I could care less about a Gold Digger or a PUA.

To each their own I say.

They complain to their husbands and if the husband is weak enough they do something about it. We all laugh behind their backs though.

I prefer waiting until just the right moment to say something like cookin' up some poops?

The real cringe is that stupid Michael Jackson meme that always gets posted on facebook

Sorry pal, she's still got you beat with her 2:1 bathroom to people ratio.

the timing was shit

It is.

My bathroom was on a double-feature screen

Your bathroom went straight to DVD

correct, i am green haha


Then that user has her beat. 4:3 would be 1.33 bathrooms per person, while they had 1.5:1. Congrats!

she has 1 step child, around the age of 8-9 I would guess. I think she's 22-23 years old.

Switch it. Reverse the cause and effect.

Wow she wanted attention so bad to show off her "good life".she even randomly call out ppl (blue and green) so she can stir up drama....

I'd be insecure as a stripper. You can't still be stripping at 40 and there's definitely no pension plan at donny's go-go. The best retirement plan available is to get knocked up by a rich guy and marry him.

You should probably get that checked with a doctor.

I actually think these are the best people to keep on my news feed. Normal people have a tendency to have boring Facebook activity, but wierdos are always entertaining.

Cyrusm, please...never doubt yourself again because of how someone who acts like this spells a word.

It is catty.

Maybe I'm an idiot, but I always thought it was "Catty" like a cat.

She's a stay at home step-mom and she "worked hard for it."

Oh god, this is so cringey and hilarious. I love how she immediately claims that everyone is trying to cause "dramatics" regarding where she came from. No honey, only you brought up how "rich" you are now. Embarrassing. She's like the equivalent of an adult that brags about how much her parents make.

Plus, everyone cooking up some poops and the surplus of emojis when she gets angry. Amazing.

No. I think he got it right, clearly he could care less.

oh japan

I agree. I actually find it quite sad that people live like this.

But then if all he cares about is a trophy wife/girlfriend then they're both as bad as each other.

I don't think being a stripper makes you insecure, I think insecure people have a higher tendency to become strippers. Everyone loves to be told they are good at something, insecure people even more than normal. These insecure people think their body is all they have to offer.

seems like her profile picture is her gigantic house. how sad.

shit dude thought that was the filter.

Haha, you must be one of those people struggling to pay for your 3 bedroom house. If you were a hard worker like her, you might actually be able to have some importance going on in your life. Stop being such a hater.

I hate that mentality. That was my mom through and through. My entire life we had a cleaning lady, nannies, and my stepfather made us breakfast before school and dinner when he came home from work. My mother would have the nerve to go on about how hard she worked, when really she was just really good at shopping.


Kevin eats terds.


Might have something to do with constantly being validated for your appearance at the expense of everything else. Thus getting butt hurt over taking a picture in a bathroom instead of the kitchen.

How is the dude in this situation any better?

My bathroom doesn't need cup-holders, because it has that little shelf on the toilet tank where I can put my drink and my comics and whatnot while I poo.

"Wow, you're really good at having tits."

Warming up some turds

My bathrooms have shareholders

trying to keep it together at work right now

"you poor". I am using this

She dumb, you poor


Eeww you live in a 3 bedroom house. Don't even look my way, peasant!

We need gold diggers. Gold is a very important mineral in our society and technology.

Noob doesn't reddit and poop at the same time. Fucking casual

Heh, butt.

I don't see any nips so it's OK for the office.

Anyone who complains about "haters" or people being jealous of them, is extremely insecure.

You sure seem to care to me.

Well, having a sugar daddy and living in a 4 bathroom house is apparently a "simple, home stead life with no drama."


Oh come on you can't even see the dog's nuts! Would this one be OK?!! It's exactly the same thing!

Oh come on you can't even see the dog's nuts! Would be OK?!! It's exactly the same thing!

blue and green liked the original response.

She's either really insecure or really full of herself. Not sure which

Jesus Christ butters...

In my experience people who "don't want no drama", want drama.

She seems like one of those people who'd brag about hating drama while being the cause of most of it.

I'm certain the guy is getting what he wants. What's the problem with that?