Contemporary Winter Fjorm with very cold hands

Contemporary Winter Fjorm with very cold hands

I don't know how to feel about this piece, it is SO good, like SOOOO good, but it doesn't scream"Fjorm" to me. I wouldn't have ever guessed it was her without the title.

It screams little match girl to me and it makes me incredibly sad.

That's fair. I think that I could have given her a more stoic looks, and then someplace along the way I just went with the typical anime girl look.

Cute! I like her eyes and the matte painting look. Don't forget to flair this!

idk why but I dig this more than her usual anime-style

It will prevent it from getting taken down by automod since they want everything to be categorized. Also it can't be voted on on desktop without a flair.

Hey man, those are spoilers. The book readers (Cough, cough, me) don't know that yet.

Fjorm is Benjen confirmed.

Like the art, I wouldn't mind warming her hands though. ;)

What's flair do?