Considering all I got was belittled at my last job, this means a lot.

Considering all I got was belittled at my last job, this means a lot.

That's a good feeling, isn't it? Especially if the people up top are noticing. It's small things like this that give you some validation if for no other reason than to boost your confidence at work.

Indeed! Even the tiniest morale boost goes a long way. Knowing how significant you are to what's going on really gives you more of a sense of pride in what you're doing and makes it significantly easier to take it all in stride and give it your all!

Haha my current boss refuses to give us any positive feedback. I aksed him why and he came up with the eh excuse that it would take too long to go around telling everyone how good a job they're doing. I thought to myself and you wonder why 90% of the employees hate you as a boss and/or being at this company.

Let's just say I'm starting too try and find something new.

I remember at my last job this was said to me so rarely that once some random guy from another department said "you probably work harder than anyone here!" and I literally went to the bathroom and cried because it had been so long since I got any positive recognition.

My best friend busted his ass for hours and hours on end for his job. One of the partners came down from the ivory tower, shook his hand and thanked him with an envelope and card.

The card was a $5 Starbucks gift card. Generating hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million dollars in surplus value and that's all he got as recognition.

Friend threw it in the trash and quit a few weeks later for a better job. He now runs a successful start up.

It goes both ways. I think the best managers or people managers know how to use compliments and praise properly to empower their teams and validate their efforts. Some, like the example I just posted above, don't.

I think Richard Branson said something along the lines of "give your people what they need so they can leave you, but treat them well so they never want to"

Eh, be careful with this. I have been glad handed a lot, but no actual financial backing.

Got fired from my last job, by a boss who never gave positive comments - to anyone. Been at my current job for about 4 months and I never realized how far a little positive reinforcement goes. I love my job now. Can't wait to come to work each day.

What a lame excuse. Even if they wanted to be lazy with it, they could. Just send an E-Mail to the whole team/division/shift or something.

$5 dollars? Isn't $20 the minimum acceptable amount for adults?

I know that's not the point but that's extra insulting.

I once had to train some people in India over the phone. It was going ok, but the training was complex and there were communication barriers. There was just something in the way they'd handle things... It's not that they weren't trying, but they definitely lacked enthusiasm.

Then one day at the end of a phonecall, I said, "You guys are doing a great job."

And it was like a switch flipped. Their response made me think they'd never received a word of praise before. Suddenly they were on top of their shit and the rest of the training went smoother. Lesson learned.

Happened to me all the time when I worked at Amazon. They push and push you, and actually recognize you in front of your peers. But only so many $10 gift cards and pats on the back before it actually pisses you off. Even volunteering for cross training in other departments and excellent metrics, along with having more education than the managers, they wouldn't give me any leg up.

Anytime a position opened up, they hired some greenhorn from out of state. Fuck Amazon.

Haha why do that when he can go buy tons of shit for no reason and then tell us the he can't give us raises because the company doesn't have enough money in the budget.

Positive feedback is awesome, especially if it's not expected.

That'll buy you almost a whole big latte

It's all about who you know, networking. What you know isn't that important to getting a management position.

Unfortunately I think lack of positive feedback seems to be an issue at a lot of companies, I know me and my friends complain about it a lot. Congrats on finding one that's different!

Ever heard of the book How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie? It talks about stuff just like this and is a great read. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a better person.

My current job is a lot different. If you're not being mocked or belittled, that means they don't like you. It's a really weird dynamic.

Got the same at so many call center jobs. . . Bust your ass, get a crappy Starbucks gift card or a cheap swiss army knife made in china reeking of cosmoline. . . Just learned to never exceed in those places. . . Let them keep their cheap, insulting schwag. . .

As someone who started at the bottom doing the shitty job and now the Boss, I make it a priority to make all the employees feel like more than just a number and show that they are appreciated and that without them none of us would have jobs. If you go to work miserable and unhappy and get treated like dirt, you'll do the bare minimum and give no fucks. However if you are told when you do good and are treated with respect, the job feels less like a chore. It doesn't take much to treat your employees like fellow human beings.

It kinda is, in this case, giving nothing but a card and a verbal thanks would be better.

I'm not the best at my job, but I do score in the top 20% among my coworkers which is decent I'd say with some 180 of us. Every week my boss pulls me aside to tell me my numbers are trash, far below average, and has steadily been increasing the amount of action being taken against me. If I keep it up I'll be fired within a month to be honest.

I don't care either way. I'm here for the money, not praise. You think I'm doing ​a good job and want me to feel more valuable? Pay me more.

I'm glad you managed to get somewhere you're respected, sometimes it's all you can ask for in the workplace! :)

The card was a $5 Starbucks gift card.....Friend threw it in the trash and quit a few weeks later

No gift is always better than a shitty one.

A stick is solid. Tangible. Useful. Without the carrot, ineffective.

"I didn't grow up in a please and thank you household."

Thats what I get told. And he wonders why I snap sometimes and tell him to fuck off. Sick of feeling like I everything I do is wrong. Meanwhile everyone else tells me the guy loves me and I'm going to work thinking everyday might be my last because of it.

It's bad enough I've had GCs come up to me and tell me I'm doing a good job and not to listen to him because he's an asshole. He's gonna be shocked in a couple weeks when he doesnt get a 2 week notice.

Gotta wonder how people like that get to those positions.

I'm 18, I'm expendable at my job, and they make sure I know that.

But they somehow miraculously have the time to nitpick and fluff their own feathers, right?

Definitely. I was almost never complemented by my boss at my old job, though a co-worker did give me kudos on my work ethic. But where I am now, hearing encouraging words really makes a lot of difference in how easily the day goes by.

Venti* 'shudders'

Mmhmm. Countless pats on the back and praises, no upward mobility, no tangible rewards.

it's really weird to suddenly have that. my last job, you would only hear something if you fucked up. NEVER a compliment. new place is very good about recognizing performance.

"people don't quit jobs, they quit management."

In India your underlings are treated like dirt, and your superiors with awe and reverence. Furthermore, among high-caste Hindu Indians, a Westerner is an outcast (literally outside of the varna, or caste, system) and therefore basically untouchable.

I got fired from a job once because my boss apparently didn't like my work but never bothered to tell me so and rarely gave direction.

Still haven't learned how to read minds

Congrats on being a jackhole to your coworkers lol.

This is the exact reason I'm quitting, hopefully this week.

I've been at the same place for 4 years. I was told flat out I won't get a raise. I'm not in the highest position but I'm literally the only guy thats versatile enough to work all three branches of the company, I'm the one that locates, paints, makes entries, and does all the hard stuff they can't risk getting wrong. Fuck, the boss even agreed with me when I made my argument but still told me know.

I've watched literally everyone else in the 50 person company get raises and promotions. I was told I'm to valuable in the position I'm currently in so they don't want to move me.

It's funny though, I've put up with this for years and the the thing that broke me was when my boss put a gift card in my locker for my birthday (he does this for everyone) I got a $10 coffee card while two guys less that a month in both received $50 visas.

I know I might come off as greedy but that really cemented how little they think of me.

So fuck the hour commute at 4 am everyday, fuck 70 hour work weeks, fuck them.

Still waiting on a boss like this...