Consensual punched by girl in the face test

Standard mating ritual at the University of Alabama.

I never got this. A lot of guys seem to think that somehow because guys can hit harder, a punch from a girl won't hurt. That's not how it works.

Actually from what I’ve been told this is actually the reverse

Lol what'd he expect to happen

Yeah, those guys probably didn't have an older sister growing up.

The guy has a really punchable face.

Take the punch and go in for a kiss

She’s got a solid left hook though!

Rag-doll physics needs some work.

We call the area between the cheek and the neck the jaw. Jaw.

she fuckin sent that shit i’m impressed

Your face, your solar plexus, and (most importantly) your balls are your glowing weak points.

It does not take a significant amount of strength to damage any of these spots, do not encourage people to hit them unguarded.

Tell her to punch your arm or something.

He probably thought she wouldn't know how to punch. Or had been punched before by people who didn't know how and didn't understand the difference. If all she had done was jabbed with her arm rather than punched with her body he would have been fine. Probably. Either way, play stupid games: win stupid prizes.

Dude's going to University of Alabama. The neurological damage was present WAY before this moment.

That chick looks sturdy and throws a solid hook and that guy looks like it’s the first punch he’s taken.


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The dude was literally asking for it.

I taught my younger sister to punch too!

...way to show some restraint and not haul off and blast the guy in his ear/jaw... That was a pretty well placed punch for a K.O., and she didn't seem surprised or remorseful as she laughed, gotta say, bit of a dick move. Roll tide.

Ohhhh so that’s his sister. I thought there was a resemblance.

Roll tide.

If he went for the kiss she would have gotten him into an armbar.

No one is prepared for the southpaw.

"Girl fists pussy" on pornhub now

"Give me your best shot", I thought I could take it She wound back, with her left hook and I faded

It didn't really hurt and besides I was tired So I just laid down, I'm stressed out 'nd expired

Before I hit the sack, I heard a dull smack; What's that? I felt my head snap back, then loud laughs

I already told you that I'm tired as hell In fact i just took a nap, right there, can't you tell?

Oh boy have I got the for you!

Screw you.

-Sincerely, all mobile Redditors

She even stepped into it a bit. That transfers some force from those big strong legs into it as well.

"Girls have weak upper bodies!"

"Eat physics, bitch."

I imagine this was preceded by 5-10 minutes of discussion.

What’s really funny is that this punch might end up destroying his life through debilitating neurological damage

He would've stood a better chance if he kept his mouth shut, too.

No, he just sat there with a weird smile, jaw open.

Got his shit rocked pretty good.

Most likely he thought she'd be a decent, sane person and not punch him in the jaw full-force.

lol what kind of psycho actually throws a genuine punch when your friend tells you to hit them?

"Punch me in the face man!"


"Do it!"


"I can take it!"

The conversation that precedes like every one of these videos.

No you don't. Then you need to deal with people/ friends hitting on her and talking about her to you, just to piss you off and no other reason.

It was a good punch.

Don’t forget to sing!

Solar plexus Instep Nose Groin

Miss Congeniality, now on Netflix!

Hey! That’s my friends brother; we knew he got twitter famous, but to see it on reddit... we’re going to have fun.

Also, yes, he was very drunk, and he is ok, at least physically.

It's funny because she's young and consequences aren't necessarily on your mind at 18.

Also booze. Probably

Either you're really strong, your bf has anemia, or he's a little bitch.

It’s call the Tide Roll

And he would have a massive erection in the ER as he waited for surgery

...isn't the decent, sane person the one that doesn't request being punched in the face? Seems like she's just doing what he told her to do.

To be fair, she put her weight behind it and went for the jaw.

I always wanted a younger sister for stuff like that.

So? It looks like he was knocked unconscious. That's kinda dangerous, and if she is a friend, I'm not really sure why she thinks it is funny.

That girls name might be Auburn.

A lot of guys seem to think that somehow because guys can hit harder, a punch from a girl won't hurt. That's not how it works.

exhibit A:

edit: by popular demand, exhibit B:


Actually she punched him between his cheek and neck, which can be quite harmfull. That is probably the reason he passed out. I bet he expected a slap lol

I mean, even if she did "hit like a girl" I still don't want to get punched in the face.

I've cried after pillow fights. Fuck that noise.

You have no idea how incredibly disappointed I was going to be if that wasn't Alabama man.

dude! Your sister is hot. Like totally bangable!

Fuck off.

The fuck is your problem dude? I was complimenting her!

Fine. Fuck off Lieutenant Smith.

I thought I told you to shut up.

As someone who grew up with dumb guy friends that punched each other all the time, this is bullshit.

Left handed fighters, they're the worst. They lead with their face mostly, trying to throw that big left. Right's no damn good. They ought to outlaw southpaws.

That's a concussion

The whole jaw is a good knockout target tbh. The tip of the chin gives you good leverage to torque it. Where it meets the skull is a nice mess of nerves and blood vessels and shit.

It's all good.

Roll Tide.

You must have been a weakling because men are stronger than women on average (due to legitimate biological differences in their muscle fibers and muscle growth)


That IS funny!

I dont know what I expected

Your face, your solar plexus, and (most importantly) your balls are your glowing weak points.

Also my heart and self-esteem


She was clearly trying to knock him out coming in from the side like that to hit the back of the jaw. Not sure if that makes her an ass for abusing the free punch or not, but I don't know the full context to be sure. I like to think the guy literally said "I bet you can't knock me out."

Well...... Yeah i got nothing.

But there is a special place you can hit the jaw which makes you pass out though.

Dude is probably below average, but also a lot of your power in a punch if form over strength. Same with a lot of strength movements. If the strength difference is not too exaggerated (as would be the case with a below average man and above average women), form really could be the difference.

Not until she punched him in the dick a few dozen time like that japanese dude

That is seriously so hot

Nope. She hit the side of the neck where the corotid artery runs. It's an instant KO.

Edit: hit not hot

Edit: carotid, not corotid


My 6 year old daughter asked me to confirm that she was turning over her wrist properly while punching this morning.

So proud...

The girl hitting him? She was a friend of his who he dared to hit him.

My sister just pinned me down one time when I was being a little shit and she spit a spitwad into my ear. EEERRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGG the worst feeling. I never annoyed her again.

This smells like bs unless you’re the hulk or your bf is made of paper. Never in the world got worse than a bruise from punching each other with guy friends or my brothers

Right in the urethra.

Hopefully it's Clemson

Exactly. he left his off switch wide open and she hit it


Don't be silly, she's still gonna send it.

It's not an issue of link functionality, it's just a pain in the ass to click.

I got used to being around my sister who was a gymnast and I'm still pretty sure could knock me the fuck out if she wanted to

Throw a “brutally” in there too

Shut your mouth, dude!

We're not talking about average women, though, we're talking about women who consistently show up to train in combat.

She's practicing self defense for a trip to the mall

Hm. I dunno. Maybe he has trouble sleeping and this was a good way to do it. 10/10 execution, 5/10 on landing.

I used set up for a spar by lining up like I was right handed and switch around just before the spar began. The look of confusion was always fun.

Yeah, people saying he has a glass jaw don't understand how knockouts work. She hit the spot, and it wasn't just an arm punch.

...and alcohol and stupid college-aged flirtation. This girl definitely knows how to punch.

Look again, she has it right.

Knocked him tfo, and didn't seem to even sting her own hand.

Cuz knows what she's doing.

The swelling would make it even more massive

She hit the knockout point on the back of his head, behind his ear. This wasnt a punch to the face.

One of 2 types; a drunk person who's never been punched in the face before and is suddenly feeling powerful enough to take one, and a drunk person who's been punched before but feels some desire to prove their crude conception of masculinity to the others.

I'm the friend who's the guy's brother by the way. Also he knows about this thread and he's probably lurking.

Right in the karate artery

“WTF did you do that for?” - the conversation that follows every one of these videos.

Name checks out!