Congrats to Faker for winning the best e-sports player at the Game Awards 2017!

Congrats to Faker for winning the best e-sports player at the Game Awards 2017!
Congrats to Faker for winning the best e-sports player at the Game Awards 2017!

Overwatch won best ESports game award... This award is irrelevant now

dota 2 with insane prizes, LoL filling stadiums in china, csgo insane growth through last years... and the game that doesn't even have a league yet won, really...

He looks so happy holding the award.

Mainstream gaming sites only talk about overwatch and totally ignore games like league or csgo

No one stood a chance IMO on a fan vote. He deserves it.

No bm, just memes

Faker hoping to get this signed this All-Stars

Faker lost last year to Coldzera in this same award that was also decided by fan votes

That translator choke tho.

I wonder how much Blizzard is paying these companies to pretend like their game has value? No idea why they started to push it without even creating a proper spectator mode. Even competitive CoD, Quake and Halo did a better job than them while being fast fps games.

Anything else is a sacrilege.

Still don't get how OW won best esports award though. It is a dumpster fire.

He has been doing translation for League for years, I’m surprised that he struggled so much here when he usually doesn’t.

OW also won best continuing game(?) and League wasn't even nominated for either. The whole thing kinda felt rigged after League didn't win. Seriously Faker won best esports player with over 50% of the votes but League doesn't even get a nomination for best esport? seriously?

and next year OW will win it again because "hey, OWL was a success!!!"

He absolutely deserved it. He is by far the most dominant E-sports player. He has longevity, consistently high play, and a hell of a lot of titles. A true GOAT.

It does not help having 2 CSGO players nominated too. The CS community split votes.

Great on Faker receiving an award from the Advertisement Awards 2017!

prob the size and importance of the event

I really can't help but feel that the new "best ongoing game" award was created just to give OW more awards since it couldn't qualify for any of the others.

Overwatch is "recently released" when you compare it to csgo, lol or dota release dates

For the game that has delivered the best overall eSports experience to players (inclusive of tournaments, community support and content updates), irrespective of genre or platform.

Yea... not sure how Overwatch wins that one. OWL just started, before that they had 1 single tournament with some good matches in it. So they have 1 single weekend out of the whole year where it could even be considered in the running for "the best".

Also I think the only one that was completely fan-based was the Trending Gamer award. The rest were influenced by fan vote, but not completely fan vote.




I think a big part of it is overwatch came out recently and came out on consoles.

Wow, so CSGO is from the future?

Should have been KuroKy to be honest

LoL sold out the freaking Bird's Nest and set an insane viewer record.

But no OW won it.

If it's the guy I'm thinking of he's translated to 70+ million people during worlds, so I doubt it

I think he's referring to the award for Best Ongoing Game. Warframe was nominated and lost to Overwatch.

CS:GO vs Overwatch on the last 5 years

It's not at the hype it was before but still pretty high interest, driven by 2 major country South Korea and USA.

Honestly yeah I forgot about that. I remember being shocked but I guess Brazil didn't come out in full force this year.

Aw fuck really?

If we're talking of all time, then Flash would easily outdo him.


Diablo 3 and WoW qualify more than OW.

I think that realistically Faker only won it because the CSGO community was divided between cold and niko, 2 players. I dont think the West League fans care much about the Asian scene to go through all the voting process for Faker.

Wait, League didn't even get nominated?! How is that fucking possible? League is literally the reason why e-sports are being talked about on espn and news stations.

Warframe lost to this bullshit.

Best eSports game my ass lmao, what other fucking game fills up the Birds Nest in China?

This is a joke like the Grammy's giving Macklemore best album over Kendrick.

totally irrelevant

Game Journalism is a joke first of all especially the mainstream sites like IGN/Gamespot. Strategy games like League(mobas originated from rts) get ignored for most part. On top of that PC gaming in general is often ignored. Nobody in gaming journalism is talking about Star Citizen kickstarting 170million and still not releasing a proper game. They are to busy bashing EA.

TLDR: game journalist ignore online, pc, strategy games. Which league fits all of those.

He's actually a volunteer translator. His day job is at Riot Korea not as a translator. The players are probably comfortable around him due to familiarity and therefore chooses him to translate for them.

Pretty much this, in my opinion. Overwatch is a lot like Call of Duty in the way that it is received by the public and many “non-gamers” play it. 90% of my friends have never heard of league despite it being the most popular game in the world. They have, however, heard of and most play overwatch. League is just so hard for beginners to get into.

LoL's numbers are also heavily bloated by success in Asian countries, let's just keep that in mind.

If it was soley based off of popularity then LoL would win every single time because no one's come close to scraping the numbers LoL brings in.

Like most awards in general anyway.

That's likely because a lot of PC bangs (including the one I usually go to, thank god) declared that kids under a certain age were not permitted to play Overwatch (due to age restrictions I think but I've never really read the posting closely as I'm too lazy and it doesn't otherwise affect me) whereas before that took place there were tons of kiddos there every day playing it at full volume without headphones and screaming at each other.

OW is by all means a young game, it is still figuring itself out.

It wasn't until recently where they removed Mercy's team res for a single person res and removed multi-picks in both competitive and ranked.

It needs a lot of work but is still figuring itself out.

Everyone is pretending like as if League wasn't the most unbalanced trash during the first few years of its debut...

Brood war player. some players have fancy names, he was simply known as "God"

Except there's a solid chance Faker is still the best player in the world in 2020 lmao

I wouldn't say that Overwatch doesn't have value. It's still a very fun game, but not quite e-sports level just yet.

OWL hype barely exists tbh, since there was so little talk about it on their main sub most of the ppl hyped for OWL watched competitive overwatch anyway

That's just silly. Brood War is an infinitely more mechanically and strategically intense game, and Flash has been top 4 in the world since he burst onto the scene 10 years ago. Not to mention the fact that he was only 14 at the time. BW has been seeing a resurgence, and he's still a monster.

While it's kind of ridiculous to compare Brood War and League, I would certainly stand by the statement that Flash is the best gamer in the world, playing the hardest game in the world, and has been crushing everyone for 10 years.

I don't really care for awards that fans vote on regardless. I find it a pointless award because it becomes a popularity contest at that point.

Kenny was solo carrying titan at that point iirc, that was the high water mark for awping period

But there it says he was called Flash

The main sub hates anything remotely competitive so thats not really a good explanation.

Will it tho? Isn't the game on a steady decline? What amount of views do they get on Twitch?

the main sub hates anything that isn't the same ten PotGs with different nametags or "Ganjorpazorp needs healing xD!1" memes.


bless jim carrey

He also lost to KennyS in 2015 i think.

If it was the asian + western awards Faker or some chinese player like Uzi would win it always

Not easily. Flash wasnt the top Terran in SC2 and Faker has been the best mid laner of League for 4 years now. Its easier to look more dominant in SC because there area lot more tournaments and you dont have to carry a crap team.

the spectating system for Overwatch is very lackluster and high elo play in Overwatch is extremely repetitive even more-so than league. Making for boring games that are hard to watch due to the wonky-ness of the spectating function. It was even worse back in OWs infancy and it still won best esports award last year. Whole thing reeks tbh. Not saying OW isn't a fun game, I enjoyed it when I played, but it does not deserve best ongoing game or best esport over LoL.

I brought up Warframe since they also got shafted by losing the Best Ongoing Game award to Overrated.

yes comparable to other games it takes hours of play time to have a speck of an idea of what you are doing in this game. In 100 hours of play time i had csgo, overwatch, RL, and pubg down and was decent (better than half of playerbase) but it took me a year of consistent playing (700 hours or so) to get to gold in league and that was from what I saw a fast progression. Think that most games take 10 hours to finish and most multiplayer games 1000 hours is a lot while in league an average player normally has well over that.

I don't even know if it was nominated but Rainbow Six should of won the ongoing award. They brought that game back from the dead

He's a pretty terrible translator. As a Korean American I'm pretty embarrassed Riot keeps going back to him.

Overwatch lost 20% pc bang share this year, they had 30%+ in january and now they have 10-15%, even SK is losing interest.

Oh. Yeah, in that case that's kind of a ???, especially with some of those nominees...

Like why the hell was Destiny 2 on there when it's only been out for a few months. Why not have some MMOs? shrug

Seems in general like it was just a masturbatory award. At least Warframe was an actual nomination though.

was it even in question considering its a fan vote?

Overwatch has massive clarity issues which inherently makes it hard to turn into esports. Compared to other games it is very very confusing for spectators.

LoL: oct 27 2009

DotA 2: july 9 2013

CS:GO: aug 21 2112

All the fps mentioned in the parent of the post you replied to: way before that.

So Yes. Recently.


Nope, the nominated games aren't chosen/voted in by fans they are handpicked by the individuals that run the show. It reeks of OW bias, but again I may just be salty.

Watching Overwatch is so monotonous. It's definitely not as spectator friendly as League, CS:GO, or DotA.

Absolutely. There is no captain like Kuro. His team can be 30 kills down and still pull out a win or at the very least, a close game. You cannot demoralize him. He will keep his team going and not give up until the "Nexus" goes down. The man's childhood dream was to be a garbage man, and if you give him the smallest foothold, he will take out the trash.

Why do you think it runs so well?

Hell yes. In all likelihood he only won because two CS players were nominated and that split their vote


And sites like IGN not covering mobas plays a part in this, where league and dota are unknown to mainstream gamers partly because their gaming sites didn't talk about them. it was the same with WoW and mmos when they were huge.

Leagues western population still super high..

Wait didnt Faker get an absolute majority >50%? No situation could have eclipsed this.

Not sure but it seemed like sarcasm. The Game Awards are kinda bs

Value in terms of getting orgs to invest millions into their league. The 20m buy in and the fact they need to build stadiums. It's very clearly not sustainable unless they match league in terms of international viewership.

Cold has been good for 18 months or so, Faker has been good since 2013. If Cold can still be a top 2 player in 2020, then maybe he might come close.

Yea... not sure how Overwatch wins that one.


Game of the year too, lmao and some people agreed with that.

I mean, EA deserves to be bashed. Its good that their shady bullshit is being called out. Everything else you said is true though.

Breath of the Wild definitely deserves Game of the Year

If Cold has been good for 18 months, that means he is similarly as deserving of the "yearly" award, since it is a yearly award.

Brood War is an infinitely more mechanically and strategically intense game

the hardest game in the world

SC is a much "faster" game than League of Legends, but I think it's going too far to outright call it a "harder" game than League of Legends. Speed or pace of a videogame is not at all everything. People who have been pros at each (or SC pros who went on to be LoL coaches/analysts/high elo/semi-pro players) have commented on this before, Last Shadow as recently as like a couple weeks ago.

SC is much faster than LoL, but that's only one aspect of "difficulty."

Flash is a strong contender as best gamer in the world, and I think I'd call him the strongest contender, but Faker makes a stronger and stronger case every year.


Definitely saved some of those replies in the twitter thread.

Agreed. Doesnt make sense to choose a best player from such different games also, its like trying to pick between Lebron or CR7 or shit like that.

ya i forgot riot is small indie company who could never pay someone adequately as a freelance translator for major international events who is actually skilled /s

I thought their main sub hated esports?

League has never been and never will be balanced and accepting that fact has been quite enlightening

That award show has always been a fucking joke.

That's not a very nice way to talk about the ChoBro


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Yeah but like he wasn't even the Domino's streamer of the year. /s

i know it's not the subreddit to mention it , but man, this year was for Kuro.

It has to be, Overwatch is not doing so hot within it's own serious community so giving it best Esport game is laughable