Confirmed: Stipe Miocic slated to defend title against Francis Ngannou at UFC 220

Confirmed: Stipe Miocic slated to defend title against Francis Ngannou at UFC 220

Cain died for this. These motherfuckers will be throwing nuclear bombs at each other for our entertainement, my hype is off the charts.



I will root for Stipe Miocic as long as I live.

Has there ever been a card where the LHW and HW belts are being defended? DEM BIG BOIZ GOIN THROW DOWN

Good call having DC/Volkan as co-main. DC is a legit ppv headliner but volkan is still fairly unknown outside the hardcore fan base. Heavyweight champ vs exciting contender who the UFC has really been pushing plus DC should get a few more eyes than DC alone. Both are great fights, i love it.

We'll find out one day. Father Time is undefeated.

If you wanna see Stone Cold Stipe break that heavyweight title defence record and pull the emergency brake on this hype train GIMME A HELL YEAH!

What? Cain Velasquez is still alive. His knees are kept alive by necromancy though.

If Francis gets the first round KO, who the fuck is going to stop him? Will we ever even know what his gas tank is like?


God Bless.

The Croatian Sensation 🇭🇷 takes on the Pride of CamFrance🇨🇲

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Holy shit this is happening at UFC 220. In Boston. 45 minutes FROM WHERE I LIVE

DC fighting the top contenders like a true champion

If Stipe can pull off the win he'll get a hero's ovation from Boston. This is like a classic WWF monster of the month storyline.

All I'm saying is look into it.

Imagine if they both end in decision 😂

Frankie Edgar might out-point him.

Well, he's gonna try.

Back to back wrestlefucks

And somehow Cain is still ranked in the HW division despite not having fought since the Civil War.


We're going to get a LHW and HW title fight on the same card? What the fuck.

Back, knee and shoulder injuries, the unholy trinity. Aka the AKA deluxe package.

Such a shame how his career has turned into. I just looked at his record and he has only fought twice in 4 years.

Oh Stipe is def wrestling Ngannou


First Miocic, then racism

With a double leg he learned watching a brawl in the audience on his way to the octagon.


If only the UFC wasn't getting behind Francis to make him a big name, Dana should get him coming out in African gear, give him a manager who does all his talking because he doesn't want to talk to filthy American journalists, cancel his open workout, have him jump Stipes teammate backstage. This might make seeing Stipe get flattened a little more tolerable :(

Only a 6 hour flight for me sick bro

I mean though, while AKA does get a deserved reputation for training too hard and injuring their fighters, you can't deny they do turn them into killers. Khabib, DC, Cain and Rockhold have a combined record of 73-6 which is absolutely insane.



UFC 220: Captain America vs Black Panther

There is a war. Some may say it doesn't exist or it is one-sided, but there is certainly something.

January 20th will be one of the best mma days in recent memory. UFC Vs. Bellator

Miocic/Ngannou & Daniel Cormier/Volkan


MacDonald/Lima & Sonnen/Rampage

Competition is good.

Ngannou vs Edgar and DJ for the catch-me-if-you-canweight title

Don't you put that on me Ricky Bobby

Fedor the GOAT

If it's not it certainly will be when they find out Francis has been leaving twitching corpses in the octagon.

Or traditionally the heavier title takes place above the lower

Do people forget when he fought Blaydes? That was a display of his gas tank. I feel like it's such a overlooked fight, it's good to watch because you see Francis doesn't deal all that well against a good jab. Since all his other fights are mega short this is the fight that shows the most about him.

Edit: Boy did people take this wrong. I wasn't attacking him in anyway I was just pointing out this matchup because it's the go to to see more of Francis and his gas tank.

Isn’t mma illegal or some shit in France? Cameroon 🇨🇲 up in this hoe

Stipe Miocic: Has not publicly denounced slavery, possibly pro-slavery.

Cain is like the Bo Jackson of mma. Maybe the most talented ever, but career cut far too short to be considered the goat.

Yeah they're all killers because they're all literally killing each other. Their gym appears to be kill or be killed so yeah if you can manage to not get your back destroyed in camp you're probably ready to fight optimus prime.

Because Conor is the moneymaker. They could probably have him fight the corpse of Muhammad Ali and still do 300k buys

More like UFC 220: Captain Croatia vs Thanos Ngannou

This is gonna be fun.

Wonder how the odds will look. Stipe definitely has the skillset to beat Francis, just comes down to can he avoid getting caught clean.

Stipe got paid, then ... good on him


BRO only 6 and 1/2 for me. WE MIGHT BE NEIGHBORS.

You make really good points but he's also improved a lot since that fight imo.

oh baby, gonna be a spicy card.

For some reason i thought you said Bojack Horseman of mma and I was pretty losr

AKA doing what AKA does best. Injuring their top fighters.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m a little drunk and this shook me a bit lol

Shout-out to the most underrated username/flair combination I've ever seen.

Sumerian Civil War

Yep. I was huge fan of his come up but I think his resume is extremely weak. In his prime a 4 fight win streak was against two guys, Bigfoot and JDS. IM A Stipe homer but I think it’s ridiculous to call Cain the goat.


Yeah it's odd. I end up thinking he's fought more due to watching replays on fs1

That's crazy. I'll definitely be jumping on Stipe +130.

That's wack. Francis KO's two legends in one round, all of a sudden he's the GOAT. Not only did Stipe knock out those same two guys in the first round, he also KO'd Werdum and JDS in the first round, TKO'd Mark Hunt, and beat Nelson and Gonzaga. Stipe is a fucking giant killer who basically swept the division (besides Cain, who is currently dead or something) but then this dude comes along and all of a sudden Stipe is David trembling in the shadow of some Goliath.

I know MMA memory is short and recency bias is real, but this is fucking absurd.

That's a name I haven't heard in a while

Loved the twitter poll too, see who of the top 2 contenders the fans want him to fight, then tell Dana to book it.

preliminary odds are already out and Francis is the favourite (-160)

Die trying

I am still sour that the Juicy little slut concussed DC.

We shall see.

Why? Because he's inferior in the stand up? The golden glove boxing national champ? The guy who knocked out top contenders time after time? Just because N'gannou hits hard? Yeah he hits hard. But if Stipe decided to stand with the likes of Overeem and JDS, I can see him standing with Francis.

I wouldn't watch Woodley. Even the corpse of Ali could out promo him.

This may be a sign that they worrying about Volkan's legal troubles and US VISA.

My heart can't take seeing him out cold like Overeem :(

Every sport has athletes that make us ask what could have been. Cain should have had a legendary career. Instead, he's had legendary sporadic fights.

And people still say he's ducking Gus.

To be fair I would pay to watch anyone fight the corpse of Muhammad Ali. Nothing against Ali but I mean, what a crazy fight!

Imagine Ngannou wrestlefucking Stipe lol

Did somebody say a March card in Vegas needs a main event?

Same reason, AKA.

4 champ caliber fighters in Cain, DC, Luke, Khabib. 3 combined fights in 2017 so far, 8 in 2016 and 2017.


Ngannous cardio is about as good as Tysons cardio was 1985-1988, as in it doesn't fucking matter because Stipe will be unconscious within 2 minutes.

More like Black Hulk

Woodley would probably win by decision

He'll watch a YouTube video of GSP highlights on the night and will become an all star wrestler, proceeding to wrestle Stipe to a 50-45

Herb will be warning the corpse for timidity.

UFC 92 had Forrest lose his belt to Rashad, and Mir take the interim belt from Big Nog.

I'm going to have to say that Overeem died for this tbh.

Putin needs the public distracted, so...

Igor Vovchanchyn is brought to The Facility. His brittle hands are fixed by adamantium bone infusions. He has a new, state of the art biologically engineered organ transplanted into his body that produces testosterone, trenbolone, and dianabol at a rate of multiple grams per day. He joins the UFC hitting the heavyweight limit at 265 with an 8-pack and proceeds to literally kill everyone in the division.

Gotta hand it to the ufc for striking while the iron is hot w making this fight right away. Good move.

France is Ngannou's

Dana should have women throw rose pedals at his feet during his walkout. Francis should also come out to “Coming 2 America/Roll Out” by Ludacris.

If Ngannou beats Stipe and then Werdum taps Ngannou that makes Werdum the most bizarre yet dangerous heavyweight of all time in my mind

The event is also in 45 days

I read this in a Joey Diaz voice, am I correct!?

Unless it’s Conor

who the fuck is going to stop him?

Whoever is scheduled three fights out from then.

Calm down, Ariel.

The American guy vs. the Cameroonian/French guy? I don't know. Gun to your head, how would you answer that question?

I was gonna watch bellator over the UFC ppv that night, now I have to watch the UFC ppv first. This main event is insane. I'll just DVR bellator.

You crazy if you don’t go

129000 UNITS!

Reminds me of the Monday Night wars