Common sense isn't very common these days.

Common sense isn't very common these days.

She almost choked on a corn dog stick? Her neck game prolly amazing, so I'd get her pregnant too.

She let a corndog nut in her? Smh

Not really, cuz she ended up choking.

No wonder she pregnant. Swallow game weak af


She was probably done giving that corndog the ride of it's life and only afterwords she noticed a tickle in her throat.

So which is it...

Did she choke on a stick she'd been holding in her hand, or does she eat her corndogs from the fuckin' middle?

My Nana been had a saying about this: common sense been downgraded to sense about 30 years ago, cause it ain't common no mo'

Yes, but first she let the corndog stick it down her throat.

This ain't the first time she chokes on wood.

I'm not telling a pregnant woman to eat slower unless it's over the phone.

“Don’t go to Sonic unless you eat like my girlfriend, who is apparently half pregnant, half vacuum”

Why? You want a kid that gives good neck? Think before you speak man

This is why you'll got autistic babies! You cannot eat hot dogs while pregnant because of the risks associated with bacteria and/or nitrates as well as listeria! Then drinking cola probably destroying that baby brain.