[Comic] Just a Baby

[Comic] Just a Baby
Comics are back. Bonuses are back. I'm back. Shady's back.



Did you know that Laura Bailey also voices Trunks?

Comics are back. are back. I'm back. Shady's back.



Did you know that Laura Bailey also voices Trunks?

What sick man sends babies to fight people?

Robin is giving me soccer mom vibes in that bonus.

"That's a bullshit call! My Lucy had an 80% hit chance to KO but missed. Instead she gets crit by a 2% chance??!"


Hey at least those kids wanted to fight to save their future.

Meanwhile Corrin is sending sheltered kids that look 12 at most (Percy/Kana/Midori etc.) to wage war on an innocent kingdom so that his dad can sit on a chair.


Female Robin, best mom. Also best tactitian, waifu and scale-tipper.

Fight me.

love these TFS references

"Kiran, we're going to have to start over from the beginning. I don't care if Selena is having her best game, Cordelia can kiss my ass."

I feel like if anyone would completely forget that there are two Lucinas and one of them is an adult everything, it would be Robin.

Wow that's a flat one

Or to get his dad off the chair. Fates Corrin is really sadistic, isn't (s)he?

Meanwhile, in M!Robin alternate universe:


Meanwhile, in M!Robin alternate universe:

The one from the future has a badass voice though.

Mighty Midori is not a child. She is a force of nature.

Hey, Double Dragon is a brilliant strategy!

I'm sure Robin(F) knows what she's doing.

It's all part of the plan. Now Chrom will fight 200% harder.

The same one who puts dragons on dragons and calls it a strategy

Why would I fight you when I agree?! I don't want to fight!

Well that joke fell flat

I feel like if anyone would completely forget that there are two Lucinas and one of them is an adult, it would be Robin.

Because fighting is fun.


Rein on the other side of the field gets cavalry buffed

Robin: "Hey, so, I can't sense power levels but I can feel THAT. Does that mean anything?"

Chrom: "We're fucked."

I think its moreso that people have heard Lucina being flat jokes more than a Comedy club has heard about airline food.

It's made by a master tactician, after all


Wow, who stole my dumb meme?

This is perfect. Robin is partially responsible for another one of Selena’s insecurities. She’ll probably suck ass if they restart ruining her self esteem

Why not both :P

I do know! I'm actually a fan of Laura Bailey's voice before I discovered FE franchise through Awakening/FEH.

Btw when's the finale of Masked Marth Unmasked comic

I can't wait for future lucina to go into the hyperbolic time chamber with chrom to swol up for her fight against a monster alien dickhead in a costume.

Wonder how many jokes we can borrow from DBZA.

Wow, dunno if joke is really bad or Lucina fans got triggered

I would love if someone made a comic of bartre as Yamcha in the opening of the tfs tree of might movie Fir: Dad, why did you spend all of your arena earnings on this horse instead of buying gifts for your friends. Bartre: Fir, the only gift they need is the gift of bartre. Fir: That’s a non refundable gift isn’t it. Bartre: Just like this horse.

It's written, delayed cause tablet was broken

I've been marathoning it recently.


All according to keikaku

Robin doesn’t want her baby girl in danger.

Robin is worried about baby Lucina fighting because she's literally a baby, then she realizes Chrom is talking about the future Lucina, but still doesn't want her to get hurt because she's her child (referring to her as a "baby" affectionately, because she's comparatively young, rather than literally).

Robin: "Can you sense that, Chrom?"

Chrom: "I taste that..."

But its a magic chair. How in hell did the writers take this plot point seriously?

This reminds me of that comic where Chrom sent Lucina to her room and she pouted next to her baby-self

A lot of her fans don't care that she's flat.

Some might even like it

I go for the sadistic freak on all my subs if possible so I can get away with saying sum fucked up shit.

You mean the Hypersonic Lion Tamer?

Anna!Morgan best Morgan. Hands down.


This is not a reference to that snippet of text from the game, but a reference to .

Sees Valter flair

You did that on purpose, didn't you?

Laura Bailey and Yuri Lowenthal also voice the sibling heroes from Soul Calibur 5.

At some point my hatred for Bartre began to turn into admiration. I've began getting resources for the ultimate Bartre. I believe there are a few great ones in these sub, I aspire to follow their steps.

WOW. You're so LAZY. I want my free comics you SLACKER

( props for using red head morgan btw )

Yes... Thats what they were referencing...

You know I just realized, I've never heard the airline food joke in it's entirety or unironically.

"We are hilarious and you will quote everything we say" - TFS probably

(They're actually really humble folks)

They aren’t even so bad. I’m guessing they are really only hated so much because they are the physical thing you can hate about the new generation coming in and taking out some dan favorites due to a time jump

Also sending them to smash each other (or him/her).

That just wrong.

Metroid has ruined the word "baby" for me so much Im just imagining FRobin as Samus and Lucina as a Metroid.

I love this!

I can feel the meme running through my vein