Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation.

Comey Memo Says Trump Asked Him to End Flynn Investigation.

Wow, Comey treated Trump the way I treat the horrible bosses I've had in my life. Document everything, including every conversation and get all orders in writing if possible. Say yes sir and follow orders, but when they fail and try to turn it on you bring out every piece of evidence to prove your point.

Basic CYA.

This creepy paragraph, that isn't even the meat of this article, would dominate news cycles for months if it were any other POTUS:

Alone in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump began the discussion by condemning leaks to the news media, saying that Mr. Comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information, according to one of Mr. Comey’s associates.

"Mr. Comey wrote the memo detailing his conversation with the president immediately after the meeting, which took place the day after Mr. Flynn resigned, according to two people who read the memo. The memo was part of a paper trail Mr. Comey created documenting what he perceived as the president’s improper efforts to influence an ongoing investigation. An F.B.I. agent’s contemporaneous notes are widely held up in court as credible evidence of conversations."

That's tremendous forethought. Really bigly on Comey's part.

Recently got screwed by a corporation. At least, they tried. Lawyer sent them a list of all their fuck ups over a long period of time, and they immediately settled.

If there was video evidence of Trump holding a gun to Comey's head and saying this, barely anyone in the GOP in Congress would react.

So now that this story is out

WH will say one or two explanations

Press Sec or someone else who sold their soul gives another, separate explaination

The next day, Trump Tweets "You're damn right I asked him to stop the investigation, Flynn is a respected General! Sad!"

GOP is very troubled or worried. Rubio says "It is what it is." No further action (That's not a joke, he really said that today)

Next scandal!

Yup, my old company tried to screw me over my severance pay. I sent their HR a list of shit that was fucked up and asked them if they wanted to go further or if they'll be sending me a severance check.

I had my money 2 days later.

Mr. Comey created similar memos — including some that are classified — about every phone call and meeting he had with the president, the two people said. It is unclear whether Mr. Comey told the Justice Department about the conversation or his memos.

and also

An F.B.I. agent’s contemporaneous notes are widely held up in court as credible evidence of conversations.

Well then. That ought to about do it.

Never go full dictator.

Yep, but instead of basic protections for workers we get "right to work" laws. Thanks republicans.

Man, I never thought after October that I would appreciate Comey. Is it redemption to save us if he also condemned us?

The sad thing is that Trump voters will probably agree with putting reporters in prison. They seem to be the most easily led group of people you could hope to never meet.

I watched his most recent testimony. Could you imagine the shit show that would've come about had he not updated congress? He had two choices, discuss or conceal. One option sucks. The other option wasn't even viable. Looking back, I was livid. But after hearing it in his own words, I feel for the guy. It looks like he respected his job and his people above all else.

So much is wrong with this. That you have to threaten to get your severance and that there is enough to threaten with. Then the fact that they will continue their bullshit and do the same thing to others. I wish people could just out these bastards and their dirty laundry but I cannot blame you for just taking what you were owed.

Keeping memos is not unusual for Comey. He has a track record of this. Ya'll remember the NSA wire tapping issue when Alberto Gonzales tried to get the Attorney General to sign off on warrantless wire-taps while he was in the hospital?

It was Comey that called bullshit on that. And it was his meticulous memos that made it stick.

Comey's memos tend to be pretty solid. This is it, ya'll.

This is the moment. This is obstruction of justice.

James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

12 May 2017 - Donald Trump

Donald Trump better hope that there are no "memos" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the Russians!

16 May 2017 - James Comey

Cause half of Americans (republicans) think that seizing the means of production or getting a fair trade off for your labor is out of line with capitalist principals and starts toeing the line of evil "Socialism"

I am so looking forward to his testimony.

Trump fucked up bigly.

They really are "pick and choose your amendments" kind of people...

It's not pick your amendment. It's pick your people.

They want to spew hate. First amendment. Journalist does his or her job? Jail

I would bet any amount of money if you asked TRUMP VOTERS, should liberals be banned from buying guns they'd give an overwhelming yes.

They don't give a fuck about the constitution or laws or anything. They want to fuck liberals and this country and fuck everything else

Is that a smoking gun I see? Seriously, this seems like a really big thing to me, or am I over blowing it?

On a side note, I agree with your username :)

I think the Trump admin is foolishly forgetting what the 'I' in 'FBI' stands for, it's these guys' jobs to piece together facts. They're not in the business of straight up not documenting their own.

Please....someone...anyone....for fucks sake just impeach him already...I'm ellipsis are tired..

So, if this sticks to the same pattern...

Press: "Trump told Comey to stop investigating Flynn"

Whitehouse: "Trump did not tell Comey or anyone else to stop investigating Flynn. This is fake news!"

Trump: "I told Comey to stop the stupid fake investigation."

I wonder how much this president is costing the country in terms of workplace efficiency. So much time spent dropping what I'm doing so I can read up on the ultra-drama of the day.

As an Australian I cannot understand why people put up with this.

Without first actually being the full dictator.

So true, like other comments I can only think...oh this ought to do it...

but I guess that's it for this week. CYA NXT WEEK FOLKS!

Edit: I know we're on a daily rollover, just kinda praying I don't have to keep getting a CNN alert on my phone that will shock me. Fingers crossed, let me live a day in

Edit EdIt: I installed BCC, will see how it works out, ty for the unexpected advice lol.

I mean - I vote, I protest, I write letters and postcards, I'm a science educator - I don't know what else to do. You can't reason with these people. At some point, what else am I supposed to do? Get violent? Maybe that's what it will take. But the people naturally inclined to solve things that way aren't on my side. lulz.

Normally, yes. But none of this shit is normal anymore.

Which blows my mind, because almost every major company is setup like an oligarcic communism. "Protect shareholders! Blah Blah Blah, but don't do the EXACT same thing with the government... that's socialist."

There are some rumors floating around that the letter was marked classified and that is why chafetz is acting all strange.

Comey wrote a letter to Congress where he detailed that he had potentially new evidence to evaluate in the Clinton email investigation. Comey didn't release that to the press. Chafetz, a member of Congress from Utah and staunch Hillary anklebiter did.

Then, all of a sudden he "can't contemplate more nights without his family" and a bunch of other BS and suggests he might not even finish his term. Went from "bulldog" to that classic "need to spend more time with my family" line in a single day.

Chafetz, professional sleezeball, leaked the letter to Congress from Comey to the public. If it was marked classified (I haven't heard those rumors) that's illegal. He's saying he's not running for Congress again and generally acting odd.

This is what you get for attacking the FBI. What an idiot

"So he held a gun to his head. So what? It wasn't even loaded. At no point was Comey in any danger whatsoever. Did he shoot him? Did he pull the trigger? No. So this is FAKE NEWS. Literally a non-story. You liberals are so oversensitive and this is more spin to fit the narrative."

"Trump reportedly also suggested that Comey condemn leaks and consider imprisoning journalists who published classified information. "

Some people were afraid Obama would come after their guns.

Here we have a president truly attempting to come after our press.

I hope the saying, "the pen is mightier than the sword," still holds true.

I'd certainly hope the director of the FBI would have the basics of CYA down pretty well. Then again, you'd probably think the POTUS would also have a reasonable understanding of this concept, but here we are.

This goes in line with a poll I read about recently (from a comment on reddit, so don't have the actual source). But they asked liberals and conservatives if they were ok with Obama (at some point when he was in office), and now Trump bombing Syria. Liberals changed their view by 1 or 2%. Conservatives were completely against it when Obama was in office, but now fully support Trump doing it.

The only court that matters is currently the House of Representatives. Impeachment proceedings can be brought with or without evidence of a crime, and don't have to be brought even if a crime was clearly committed.

next week? we're on a daily rollover here. remember when the president of the united fucking states admitted on twitter that he had leaked classified info, mere hours after his communications staff swore up and down that he didn't? would you believe that was only yesterday?

I'm a 47-year-old left of center Democrat. I really don't think anything matters anymore. I've never seen anything like this in the last 20 years that I've been watching politics. There is not a single politician that could have said or done what the Cheeto has done that wouldn't have destroyed him publicly and personally. It is mind-boggling. This guy is truly the Teflon Don. John Gotti was not.

Think back. Stuff like riding in a tank with a helmet they didn't fit your head or yelling like you were at an AC/DC concert ruined your career 15 years ago. Today you can say the word pussy. Make fun of handicapped people or insult war heroes and you still get elected president.

We are truly in a time that is unprecedented in United States politics

Not only that but, every time he made a new memo, he would also show it to ranking FBI officials as well to make sure that it was verified. This guy goes way beyond getting back at your boss, and it just makes me sad that he got fired for stupid reasons :(

It's only a crime if it gets prosecuted. Which it won't.

Americans talk tough, but the reality is that they're willing to get fucked in the ass by their governments and thank them once they get ass-to-mouthed.

Except the smarter of the two, seemingly holding the cards, isn't the one making silly threats on Twitter.

Nothing matters anymore.

Big if true

I really understand this. This is everything I've been saying. But I refuse to to be any part of violence (well, except in my head) but anyway- I think that Trump would want violence because then they can do martial law and we'll be sent to FEMA camps. If you think that's a stretch I disagree. We cannot get violent . We just have to keep pressuring . I found a way to text resist and within 90 seconds it types up a formal letter for you and sends it to your representatives. I just keep doing stuff and keep sharing stuff with others so they'll do stuff. I'm just going to keep the pressure on- that's the best I can do. It's more than I've ever done. I would just encourage you to keep at it.

In 70 years, he's never had to before. Why would he know that?

I actually think Comey may have recorded his conversations with Trump and the FBI is keeping that card close to their chest for the time being so that Trump and his associates unwittingly incriminate themselves. DC is a "one party consent" locality and Trump is extremely (and reliably) vulnerable to self incrimination. When it comes to this shit, Trump has brought a demitasse spoon to a bazooka fight. He should not have pissed off the intelligence community.

Democrats: We'll impeach if we find evidence of obstruction and treason!

Evidence: here, high crimes, obstruction and treason!

Republicans: The president made a decisive action, no impeachment!

Democrats: Trump better watch himself! Hey look! The budget bill!

2018: crickets

I'm am in no way a Trump apologist. I despise him and genuinely feel sorrow for how scandal-ridden the White House has become in less than 120 days. He's an embarrassment not only as President, but as an American.

"Conceal" is the word Comey used in his testimony

He also explained his actions in the above transcript. I genuinely feel for him as he was stuck between a rock and an even harder rock.

CNN is reporting that trump press aides are saying they don't know how to spin this new story...

Hahahahah!!! They are losing hope!

I don't think Trump has had any experience working with actual smart people before.

I want a memoir!

That's it! We got him!...Oh wait..never-mind. We don't have him because nothing matters anymore.

Democrats answered 38 and 39 percent in favor for both presidents. Republicans went from 20-something to 82

At this point I'm not sure if anyone can truly prevail.

I'm just hoping they can bring down Pence and Ryan, too.

I haven't heard those rumors but it wouldn't surprise me at all considering how shifty this whole ordeal is.

They care so much about the 2nd amendment but don't give a shit about our very first.

Comey, clearly the smarter person of the two will prevail, right?

Which part? Comey sends a letter only meant for a select few people regarding new emails found on Anthony Weiner's device. Chaffetz leaks this letter just before the election without context, which is used by republicans to convince the public that the investigation had been reopened and Hillary had been hiding emails. Turns out that's not what actually hapepned but the damage was already done.

This brings us to now. If that letter was classified and Chaffetz leaked classified information, it may explain his recent strange behavior. He recently announced he would not run for reelection and is rumored to step down. There are even some who believe his not running for reelection may be a part of a plea deal, but that's obviously something that can't be confirmed so please consider the last part only rumor.

Buried halfway down the article is this gem:

"Alone in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump began the discussion by condemning leaks to the news media, saying that Mr. Comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information, according to one of Mr. Comey's associates."

That right there is straight out of the dictator playbook.

That's the thing. I feel you can make an argument that the longer this anchor sits around their neck, the more likely we can drown the whole fucking GOP in this traitorous mess. If they impeach him quick, get Pence in then fire all the Jonesist crazies there's a chance the electorate's short attention span will let them pass off Trump as simply a aberration that has been excised. We want them to own the chaos they've wrought.

Also in this article, talking about how reporters should be put in prison for reporting classified information. Does anyone doubt his legacy of being the worst president in the history of the US?

Bush spent a trillion dollars on a war for weapons of mass destruction that weren't there, and he's not even close to Trump. Crazy.

Cover your ass.

I just hope that he goes down in history as the worst U.S. president for as long as possible.

He rapes, but he saves.

What Comey did to Clinton was scummy, and I assure you, motivated 100% by personal malice against Hillary Clinton. He's been trying to nail for something for two and a half decades. It just infuriates him that she's not the criminal he wants her to be.

Yeeeeaah Imma need a source on that.

This might be the turning point.

Fox was unable to get any Republicans to come onto their show to talk about it:

almost every major company is setup like an oligarcic communism

I've always assumed I'm one of those people who knows a lot about economics, but I've never actua...

Can you please describe what you are talking about?

I believe they're talking about the Clinton's emails back in October. The little evil beaver was the one who leaked it to the press since he gets a hard-on for unneeded investigations.

More likely self preservation. I'd be hella uncomfortable if the Prez asked me, as FBI director, for a loyalty oath. That is probably when he started memorandizing his meetings. Bet he ends up with a tell all book deal and movie after all this . . .

"have you checked the bushes" LOLOLOLOL I'm dying!

True statement.

Source: Am American.

As with everything in government, if you don't document it, it never happened.

I stopped reading after that. That's as baseless and unsubstantiated as 99% of the shit on T_D.

GOP is looking at approval ratings. As long as voters at large brush away the scandals, they will remain "concerned".

But Trump generates crises at such a rate, that it must erode confidence in him, even if gradually. I am genuinely starting to believe something will move sooner or later.

The only time the 2nd amendment should become necessary is once we've lost the first.

He's the commander in CHIEF. Of any American, HE holds the highest right to bear arms. He was completely within his rights to draw a gun on someone he felt threatened by. Castle law. It is what it is, nothing more needs to be said here folks. Fake news.

(mostly) White Christians were sick of being called names, even if those names were accurate descriptions of their behavior (they call liberals snowflakes, but they're the ones who can't get over being called bigots)... Enter massive amounts of projection and victim complexes, and you get this debacle, where they're so upset about democratic "success" and so staunch in their "no" to everything stance, they refuse to even consider that their candidate might be flawed, because that means they're no better than the people they've hated for the last decade (or 3?).

Really, the limelight was on the wrong things - it should've been on his fraud with Trump U and his money laundering through Trump Taj Mahal. Instead we got people complaining about his "grab her by the pussy", which while terrible, you can't pretend lots of his voters weren't wishing they were the one doing the grabbing. It's similar to most Republican voter's ideologies - they want to be the rich person with the power, and act like they're just temporarily disgraced millionaires, so they vote according to where they wish they were, not where they are not, forgetting they can't get to where they want to be because of how things are now. Sure, it's only some, but it's enough.

Alone in the Oval Office, Mr. Trump began the discussion by condemning leaks to the news media, saying that Mr. Comey should consider putting reporters in prison for publishing classified information, according to one of Mr. Comey’s associates.

I almost think this part is worse, honestly. It's one thing to bash media and talk about cancelling press conferences from the White House, but throwing reporters in prison? Two guesses who's giving him that idea.

THIS is why the special elections in Montana and Georgia are so important. Not only will it send a message to Republicans that they'll be held accountable for facilitating Trump's obstruction of justice, it will also put two more democrats in the house, reducing the number of Republicans needed to cross party lines to keep Trump in check.

Yup, Republicans are already falling in line behind Trump. They'd rather see the nation burn while the idiot Trump plays the fiddle as long as it means keeping their party in power. Party over Country.

Check out t_d no ones talking about any of this. Not a damn peep. Not even to dismiss it. Nothing.

They're all too busy trying to blame hillary for the seth rich murder. I guess pizza isn't on the menu anymore.


Well, and the Senate, where we need 2/3, not just the House's simple majority.

Nixon got close, but never did. Trump tried to go full dictator.

Never go full dictator

Yep those were the numbers I saw. Absolutely ridiculous.

Trump gave a speech yesterday pledging that his administration will ensure that law enforcement is "finally treated with honor and respect that they deserve." Does this pledge not also extend to the FBI and its ability to conduct investigations without outside interference?

Are we only supposed to respect law enforcement when they shoot black people? But when they're investigating your unlawful ties to a foreign government it's totally cool to obstruct? It's totally cool to pressure them to drop the investigation, fire the guy leading the investigation, publicly threaten and smear the guy you fired in a tweet, to lie about everything? The goddamn hypocrisy.

I'm going to add the pee pee tape to the list of things that will flip support among his base.

In descending order of likelyhood it would matter:

Declaring he's pro-choice, beyond rape and incest.

Declaring he's an atheist.

Declaring he's a Muslim.

Video of Trump wearing a burglar mask being handed a sack of money with a dollar sign on the bag by Putin directly. But only if there's video that says, "You take bribe, da?"

The Pee Pee Tape.

This is why Republican politicians go on about RINOs now and then. RINOs are their Achilles' heel. If the masses on the right were led to think a communist is a republican, they'd immediately flip so far left that they'd make the color red mean what it used to in politics. All anyone needs for their support is a little tough talk that's insensitive to someone, and the GOP brand.

It is no longer unclear

The DOJ was given these memos and now it must come to light they did nothing.

We got him, is it all over... Wait, we didn't? Nothing matters? Absolutely nothing matters anymore? All right.

Until this manchild is held legally liable for his sheer ineptitude and casual dismissal of objective reality, 'rule of law' is just a mere suggestion as we slide into dystopia.

You application of one party consent here is wrong, while that is typically true, there are a variety of other considerations here, because these are government employees and also it involves privileged, confidential, and classified information.

"Conceal" is such a loaded thing to say it makes me think you're a Trump apologist. Comey broke precedent by discussing an ongoing investigation into Hilary's emails while simultaneously maintaining that precedent by "concealing" the active investigation into Trump et al.

And strangely, continue to vote to make it easier for private corporations to fuck them just as hard, if not harder.

I still don't really understand how he got elected. I understand the Russian interference, the Comey letter, and the fact that neither his GOP challengers nor Clinton were what you would call good candidates (for the record a good candidate is different from being a good potential president), but none of that should have been enough to get Trump elected based on his campaign scandals and his obvious general unfitness for the job. After the election though, I think it shows how you can creep to the edge. Republicans got heady with power, and thought the few foibles of the new president could be dealt with in exchange for being able to steam roll through their agenda (they got a SCOTUS Judge they like and Trump has literally signed everything put in front of him, often without reading it (by his own admission). The fact that he did wacky things just took attention away from things being done in Congress (selling your internet history). They would make a show of hand wringing, then go back to business at usual. But at some point his wacky antics became truly dangerous to the country, but Republicans in congress feel like they are already in too deep. If they pull back and call Trump out, they have to face their own enabling and those who still support Trump. On the other hand, I really think they are following him down the drain at this point. I think the Republicans in the really red areas and the moderates who are breaking right now will survive, but I think (and to some extent hope) that the party goes down with him. If nothing else, hopefully people will remember the price of not being vigilant.

Start burning lower case ts on their front yard while theyre at it.

And that's why you always leave a note! [Insert Bluth GIF]