Come back Uncle Barry

Come back Uncle Barry

People are going to genuinely celebrate in the streets whenever Trump passes away

Well I sure as shit won't be sad about it. Human dignity is nice but I don't apply it to people who thrive off of dehumanizing others

I do miss Crash Bandicoot.

I remember staying up here in the UK until I'd watched Obama's final farewell address and I probably never felt more depressed in my life than for those few minutes. It's weird, I realise that every President has like max two terms, but for 8 years of my life, Obama was a constant...presence? Like even for me, he made the White House palatable and feel shared, like voices would actually be heard. I just miss the fuck out of not fearing for the United States' economy, military and everyday people.

Trump even makes me miss George W. Bush. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.... Can't get fooled again"

Oh my god I cannot believe the memes that my hick ass people from back home share about how Melania is "finally bringing class back to the white house"

Like I don't care what you think about Melania, but seriously? Michelle Obama is practically the epitome class, beauty and brains. She was, imo, best first lady.

And he did it all classy af

At least he could laugh at it. He's pretty open about having said plenty of stupid shit and thought immediately, "oh that's gonna be on the news later. Great."

I'd be amazed if Trump ever had that self awareness.

They're not worried about class, they're worried about race.

I remember during that speech when everyone started cheering for four more years and he was like, "No, I'm sorry. I can't do that." And then he was telling everyone how proud of them he was.

Felt like shit, man. I can't imagine Trump in 100 million years even having the empathy or humanity to say anything close to that.


everyone talking about obama but i miss michelle


I cry every day

She had a fucking LAW DEGREE from FUCKING HARVARD. Hell, she's more qualified to be president than Trump and his entire family combined.

I'm sinking to his level by not being upset by his eventual death? Nigga, please. I'm not calling for banning anyone that doesn't look or think like I do. I'm just going to be happy when a man who thinks like he does and empowers so many others to adopt similar ideologies won't be around. This "If you don't tolerate them, you're just as bad as they are" crap is absolute bullshit.

Just to save y'all some time:

This is a the_donald poster. This poster, 62 days ago, made a post in the.dastardly calling Obama a welfare queen. In typical t.d fashion they are also vehemently anti-liberal. In short, yes, Issa racist and don't waste your time.

For future reference anytime y'all see anyone talking about drone strikes like this whenever Obama is fondly remembered check their post history. I find that like 8 times out of 10 it's a t.d poster.

And I have to lol at their faux concern for black people.

I have my issues with Obama, but he was a saint compared to Trump and his administration

"Should we try and go back, Retired Barry?"

"I don't think we want to, Pres. Barry"

"Sure do miss getting to hang with Joe everyday, though, Retired Barry"

"Sure do too, Pres. Barry"

Oh shit I didn't get it without the exclamation point

I mean I did intentionally avoid saying I'd celebrate. I'd probably feel more relieved than celebratory.

Although my main reason for not wanting to celebrate would not be out of any respect for Trump's life, just that it wouldn't negate the loss that occurred when he was elected in the first place. I wouldn't go as far as to say anyone was celebrating in bad taste, I just think that celebrating Trump's death would be incorrectly identifying the cause of evil. Trump spreads evil but he's not the root of it, just a symptom.


He would be too busy blaming Hillary or Comey

issa trump joke, dude says "sad!" pretty often

"If a plane crashed and it only killed his lame ass, I'd be glad it's that nigga"

June 30th baby!

It's so fucking obvious too. Like JFC, if you're gonna be a racist asshole just come out and say that you're glad black people aren't in the white house. At least then you aren't being a coward and trying to use "code words" to show to your white supremacist friends that you agree with them.

I'm sure he's aware, but doesn't have the humility to admit it so he just doubles down against anything he perceives as an attack

Except lowering unemployment, being part of the biggest worldwide agreement for global climate change, insuring millions of people who otherwise wouldn't be...

Yea nope nothing he was just a prop.

They killed him in the Resurrection F arc but it's Dragon Ball so that means nothing

hundreds of millions of deaths

a wee bit of an exaggeration there

Hold up what they do to my nigga?

Are you forgetting the part where Eric Holder literally told departments to calm down on drugs related arrests? Or how Barack Obama gave 1900 people clemency for non violent drug offenses?

That while poverty did increase, it was due to the economic recession caused by the Bush Administration? And that by 2015 it was trending back down?

pence doesn't care about the climate

He wasn't a draft dodger, but he was an amazing shoe dodger.

He wasn't a draft dodger, but he was an amazing shoe dodger.

So much

Never bought into this ideology

Yo, right? This pious holier than thou bullshit on the left has to stop. There's some shit that deserves our vitriol and our anger. Taking the moral high ground doesn't work when the people you're competing with are filthier than sewer rats

Also, fuck your talking point. Drones. Literally the one thing people always go back to with "But Obama". There is no but Obama. There is no equivalence. Drones are part of an ugly war in a region destabilized by the president before him. Its a stain on his legacy but if it's one thing people can cling to as a rebuttal in 8 years, that's fine with everyone else with some sense. Trump has been in office for less than 6 months.

Michelle Obama was not disbarred, rather, she voluntarily inactivated her license. By voluntarily inactivating her license, she avoids a requirement to take continuing education classes and pay annual fees. She could practice law again if she chooses to do so.

Why? He and his friends cheer the deaths of everyone their policies kill. If you were covered only because of the ACA, they literally cracked a keg to drink because they could deny you health care. Fuck every one of them. We would all be better off if they dropped dead tomorrow.

Yeah, fuck every Allied soldier that celebrated on the day they heard of Hitler's death...

You realize the main reason people miss Obama is because Trump is such a shitty substitute, right?

u ok there bud?

Make no mistake, Obama had massive flaws, but overall, he beats the hell outta Trump any day of the week and seems like a classy, respectable person.

What are you talking about? You've been watching too much FOX news. Obama started his presidency at the height of a financial crisis and ended it with record employment. Obama's failure was putting trust in bipartisanship and Republican good will. He did have two years of a Democrat majority, but he wanted to be the leader of a nation, not the leader of the Democratic Party. Instead of steamrolling his bills through congress from day one he reached out to the Republicans, who stalled and obstructed and riled up the masses so that never again will a president make the mistake of trusting a Republican's honor.

That's why we got an ACA so watered down and battered as to be unrecognizable from the Democrats' vision. Even so, it enrolled millions of previously uninsured people. MILLIONS! Many of them Republicans (if you don't believe me or the hard numbers, you can even search the phrase "I voted for you" on twitter to see just how crucial the ACA was).

The rest of your points are just FOXisms. You actually think ANYBODY from the Mid-East could ever waltz into the USA, no questions asked? When has this ever been the case? Customs agents have repeatedly reported that their vetting process couldn't be more aggressive if they tried.

Obama was not perfect, any Democrat would tell you that. There was the NSA, Gitmo, and he didn't deliver on the change and hope TM he campaigned on. But he was respectable, he was intelligent, hard working. He was a man you could be proud to call president. He will be remembered as one of the greats, no matter how much Republicans continue to attempt to drag his name in the mud.

Let's not act like Obama was the first or the last president to bomb people. The difference is Obama could go more than a day without talking shit about Mexicans or Muslims and how they're the cause of the white man's plight. He didn't rile people up towards hatred. Bombing is awful, but its log-term consequences still pale in comparison to fueling America as a hate machine. Historically, telling a nation that all of their problems are due to some visible minority ends in some pretty awful shit.

It was also right after 9/11. I don't know if you remember it but America was out for blood after that. Put him in charge today and none of that would have happened. Put trump in charge back then and it could be even worse.

To be fair invading the middle east was a massively popular move... Sixteen years ago. At this point I'd like to stop invading the middle east.

The first 3 Crash games are being remastered and released on the 30th

He's living in a universe of alternative facts. That's what happens when you stop taking your medication.

Because Trump is literally committing mass genocide right

Compared to Trump he looks like the the best

Thats all this post is.

Good one

A high class prostitute vs an ivy league graduate, hmmm... Now which one has more class? This is a real brain teaser.

In case anyone wasn't #blessed with seeing the racist memes they made about Michelle:

Racist garbage 1

Racist garbage 2

In case anyone wasn't #blessed with seeing the racist memes they made about Michelle:

Racist garbage 2

No she wasn't.

Should've been a pro csgo player


I'm gonna be sad af if it's the next 4 years. I'll take incompetence any day over targeted homophobia and racism

Hell, I miss Bush. At least he wasn't a raving lunatic. Hated his policies but he didn't destroy all decorum of the office.

The recovery act put me to work building roads after the company I was working for went under in 2009 due to the financial crash. Not just me either, probably 2/3 of the civil engineers in Massachusetts​were working on ARRA funded projects at that time. I imagine it was a similar situation in other states.

There's your corrupt bailout money. Most of the projects I was working on under that funding mechanism were schools.

Obvious troll is obvious

but climate and global relations

I wouldn't hate you for it. I would hate you for running for president and attacking someone who actually went, who won a purple heart, as stealing valor.

But celebrating is taking it little too far.

He was a George Bush-lite and i will not miss him, the drone strikes on numerous countires such as Yemen and Somali that killed innocent ppl

Fuckig hypocrites. You celebrate when helpless refugees drown in the sea trying to reach Europe for a better life (because they're all ISIS anyway right??). But when Obama is brought up you immediately bring up the drone strikes (which we are still doing under trump's administration by the way). It's also funny how you bring up Yemen since the US just signed another billion dollar weapons deal with the Saudi's who happen to be bombing Yemen 24/7. America first right? We don't need your crocodile tears.

I respect the dog shit I stepped in this morning more than Trump.

People say this... The dude was responsible for hundreds of THOUSANDS of deaths. He endorsed a totally unnecessary war. He ruined the economy. He's almost as bad we you could get

Wrong. Do some research.

Michelle was replaced with a thot. No two ways about it

I'd rather have someone competent dropping bombs than a senile businessman dropping bombs AND spouting hateful rhetoric AND taking a misinformed/ignorant stance on several issues

thousands of deaths in iraq invasion is some bad policy and good heart? you are aware that isis and todays mass refugee problem exists becayse of him right?

Yeah, I don't know about you, but I'd dodge the fuck outta getting sent across the world to Vietnam to get shot at by a country we shouldn't be at war with in the first place. Hate me for it, but I'm never going to fight in a bullshit war I disagree with.

I dislike the guy as much as anyone but celebrating anyone's death is in very poor taste.

...So every single President for at least the last 50 years, then.

Compared to Trump, which again is all this post is trying to convey, there is only positives. This isnt a greatest presidents list or a thorough pros/cons piece. Just a predecessor being compared to a child.

Source or GTFO.

You can mourn the loss of life itself but still be glad one life in particular is over. This can work both ways too, like if someone is suffering terminally.

Ok. Fuck trump and all that. But you're saying that mean words are worse than dropping bombs. That's absurd

They brought freeza back from hell yet again after that so...

It felt like a funeral. I have never been that upset at someone leaving the White House. We all collectively knew Trump was the next president at the farewell address but it still felt like a really bad dream and still does.

It's DBZ he'll be back

Even if he wasn't elected he would have still been a piece of trash scam artist.

Yeah that makes sense. It's sort of like watching that old roast. Wasn't much humor or back and forth. Him just taking shit with a look that made him look constipated like he was taking shit because he thought it was good for his image.

Like that guy gives a shit about drone strikes. Bet he loves Trump's foreign policy. In fact the 'attack on character' suggests that.

At least that turd will help the environment.

He faced the most obstructionist Congress in the history of the country. You want someone to blame for lack of progress? Blame the gop senators and reps


When I see people on Reddit talking about g w bush like he was some sort of love able idiot it makes me want to be sick. Trump hasn't done much, if any, good but to say he's worse than someone with the blood of tens of thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of people on his hands is ridiculous.

I chalk it up to most people on this site not having lived through his presidency. They'll get theirs when the next generation talks about trump like he was a silly goofball

He had some bad policies, but at least he seemed to actually and a good heart and gave a damn about the country.

ive seen melania naked

that aint class

You gonna celebrate Obama's death? He killed hundreds of civilians over seas with drone strikes and other military ops. Saying you want people to die does absolutely nothing about the situation, go out and make a difference if you want change by informing your community in a peaceful way.

Eastern European

I'm taking a big risk here

Your homework today is to watch any Trump speech ever. For extra credit, think before you post anything else on the internet.

yes i love how he invaded iraq

You were the one drawing the comparison moron. You Godwin'd the shit out of this because they made a general comment about not hoping for peoples deaths just because you dont like them

If you're being sarcastic, this is a Poe's law situation cuz lots of people still say that and mean it. Gotta use that "/s"

If you're not being sarcastic ... Nah.

He has 5 pages of comments and you read every single one? Wtf are you doing with your life man

If I was on the same plane as Trump when it crashes, I'd think "well at least that asshole is on board as well". It would make my own death a little more bearable.

Obama didn't open a keg with Hillary on national television over that.

Race relations grew worse because all the racists didn't like that a black man was the most powerful person in the world and that people were openly talking about the fact that race was still an issue in America.

Many people didn't want to talk about or believe it to be true but many people are just racist and ignorant.

Source: live in racist rural America

Please tell me what exactly Trump is in it for.

I don't think "circle jerks" means what you think it means

We have a secure border.

Trump definitely pumps up the jingoist juices at his rallies.

Imagine this scenario. Barack Obama is at his campaign rallies and goes lists off all the murders by white people on minorites for the month like a police blotter. Imagine Obama actually doing this while his crowd boos and yells after he lists each incident about how evil these white people are.

That's what Donald Trump did in almost every single campaign rally except the roles where reversed. You don't think that type of rhetoric pumps up hatred? I mean the dude in third person proudly boasted about banning an entire religion from migrating here and his crowd massively cheered.

Ya, Trump supporters don't hate Muslims. They just cheer when their god emperor declares in third person a ban on Muslim immigration.

Comon dude. We aren't that naive.

That's not happening here

True, you're probably right about that. Certainly doesn't redeem Bush at all but he'd definitely be way better as president right now than Trump currently is.

This makes me feel sad. Poor Joe and Barry.

Worst ever? You need some better world history education. He is far from the worst and far from the best. He will almost certainly be remembered by the historical community as a fairly average president.

You know what, I got some free time. So give me a sec to refute basically every claim you've made.

Racism against white bullshit? Yeah I think we all know your motive on this one. I'm not even going to stoop to your level here. But let's suffice to say that no, we aren't facing the largest racial divide since the 50s. And no whites aren't being targeted en masse in record numbers either.

Worst leader? Not even close. Pal Pot, Jackson, Mao, and a few thousand others are far worse than Obama.

Obamacare managed to insure millions of additional Americans without accelerating cost growth beyond the background level. Healthcare costs grew more under Bush than Obama. It was far from perfect but it helped solve some major issues. Not sure what your weird focus is on black people and Obama being black. It makes your whole comment really weird.

Apparently you missed the Iran Nuclear deal completely. Guess its hard to follow the news when your head is too far up your own ass.

And what war did Bush win in Iraq? Because last I checked it was a cluster fuck when Obama inherited the presidency and it was a cluster fuck when he left.

Be smarter. Its not acceptable to be this misinformed.

You know, that's one thing I actually don't disagree with. It doesn't justify his shortcomings as president. But, by all accounts, Obama seems like a pretty cool guy, a loving father with a beautiful family. I would probably enjoy grabbing a beer with him and talking sports. Unfortunately, I just don't think he was a good president. A good man? Yes. Good president? Nope.

Melania doesn't even live in the WH...

And then there was the patriot act...

Honestly, I find the people that try to promote tolerance of those who stand for intolerance more repulsive than the people with intolerant views themselves.

There will always be stupid and evil people. But the people who should know better? The people who care more about maintaining the status quo than about doing the right thing? Who don't want to "disturb the peace" in the face of growing racist and xenophobic sentiment? Those people really make me sick.

Because someone of that character isn't interested in rational debate.

Not sure if a troll or a retard

I'm gonna bake Trump-is-dead cookies.

Being a crypto-fascist is also in very poor taste tbh. I know I'd be hosting a party if he and his gang dropped dead tomorrow. At the very l least I'd be celebrating a better future for all of my friends who are people of color.

I keep trying to figure if Pence is worse than Trump and I honestly don't see how he could enact any policy worse than Trump's. He's homophobic but he can't repeal DOMA or anything on his own or pass laws making homosexuality illegal. Trump's SCOTUS picks are straight from the so-called Freedom Caucus anyway.

The bailout was started under the bush administration, you no-recent-history-remembering bullshitter.

It wasn't trillions of dollars.

And it's mostly been paid pack, with profit. Yes, the US government profited off the bailout. Directly. From interest, dividends, and shares of stock.

I think his point was rather explicitly to CUT the holier than thou act but nice reading comprehension bro

Yeah there's a difference between showing up at the funeral and taking a dump in the casket and...actually no, I think given the chance I'd probably just do that. Fuck this Cuck-in-Chief

Ngl that was a helluva dodge my respect for bush just went up

He wasn't a draft dodger


He was a privileged son of a politician who caught a cushy position as a national guard pilot. And he didn't even take that seriously, going AWOL during it.

He shouldn't get credit for not dodging the draft. And fuck him for swift boating someone who goddamned went.

Never fucking forget

He wasn't a draft dodger


He was a privileged son of a politician who caught a cushy position as a national guard pilot. And he didn't even take that seriously, going AWOL during it.

He shouldn't get credit for not dodging the draft. And fuck him for swift boating someone who goddamned went.

like man, i'm a teen, i remember very little of bush, except fear about the iraq(i believe) war. then it was 8 years of just calmness, and smiling when i thought of the president, and now 4 years of people i can't stand

You've said it yourself. You wouldn't be celebrating his death so much as you're celebrating the end of an era of government you disagree with.

As I said to an antisemite on worldnews not long ago, the progress of the world will take another step forward when you die of old age.


He'll be back June 30th.

"Hillary fans"

Hillary lost, she is irrelevant. Defend trump on his own merits.

I know thats damn near impossible because trump is basically mentally ill but the next time someone criticizes try to defend him without pretending that the election is still on.

I never said it was a good move. Just a popular one.

Hey that's an old saying in Tennessee, I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee

and sixteen years later you have ISIS and massive refugee crisis

Ah i miss bush too

This is an idiotic talking point. The fact that all trump supporters seem to just barf it up without spending one second thinking what that means is disheartening.

Objectively, yes, he was a helluva lot better.

also, the record numbers of deportations. Bailing out corporations and then turning them back over to the same idiots. Zero push for single payer healthcare despite majority support. No real pushback to stop Israeli actions​ against Palestine, no action on gitmo.

Would McCain or Romney have done all of that or worse? Absolutely, that's why I voted for him. But that doesn't make it less disappointing or, frankly, appalling

edit: I can't believe I forgot everything with NSA, he continued and expanded Bush's unconstitutional programs. And the treatment of the heroes who blew the whistle on these programs, especially hypocritical given his campaign emphasis on transparency

Is it? Someone in a position of power (namely, the highest station of office in the United States of America) is telling people to be afraid of Muslims on a daily basis, and that they're some enemy that has to be kept out. That has repercussions. The president lying has sweeping repercussions, like how the US launching a war on Iraq over claims of terrorist ties that turned out to be totally false. You underestimate the political sway of the president. His words have power, power that can motivate people to war, lifelong xenophobia, institutional discrimination (which would already be the case if the judicial system weren't stopping his Muslim ban at every instance).

I mean what I say. You should think a bit harder about the repercussions "mean words" might have when they come from the wrong person.

There are too many people who think that for real. It needs an "/s".

If you read it with context then it wasn't anything special with that comment.

DBS* dragon ball super

I was never the biggest Obama supporter. I was raised republican (though highly turned off by the last few years, my parents have been as well) but holy hell are you right. Michelle is classy, she is a dignified and brilliant speaker, and she is so smart. Policy aside, the Obamas had a lot of class and seem like the did what they did because they genuinely believed it would be best for the American people. It seems most presidents have had their heart in the right place like that, agree with them or not, but I just can't see any of that in Trump. He is self serving only.

You're on a sub called fucking blackpeopletwitter

Has the entire country seen your wife naked?

On issues like LGBT rights he was truly progressive, but on things like drone strikes and surveillance, he was disastrous. He was still better than having McCain or Romney or god forbid Hillary in office.

Every day I seriously pray that I wake up to the news that he's dead.

no 😇

How was the war in drugs escalated? He oversaw legalisation of marijuana in many states.

And as far as poverty increasing, that was due to the economic crisis that Bush oversaw. And you prefer Trumpcare? The moron made a a complete pigs ear of it. Trump has no positive points; he is a complete sack of shit.



How do you function throughout the day being as ignorant as you are?

Ad hom are fair game here because OP's particular line of 'logic' is essentially character based. A circle jerk, if you will.

You clearly didn't live through Bush. Yes.


His source is some bullshit from chain emails and downtrend.

He was middle ground and sometimes that's enough