combing furry horse.

combing furry horse.

she‘s losing her winter fur 🤗

More satisfying than seeing somebody shave a guy’s back...

I had no idea horses were this furry.

i can feel the hair in my mouth just from looking at this.


Can you come do this to my two German shepherds that are blowing their winter coats???

Yes to both. They also roll around on their backs like your typical household pets. I call them giant dogs because that’s what they remind me of.


edit: i just realised you didnt mean you'd like to eat it

How do horses in the wild handle this sans comb? Do they just scratch against trees etc? Or does it fall out naturally?

No, but it‘s called „furminator“ 😁

I actually have one! The hair is just never ending!

Close your mouth

Hairy Horsey!

Hairy boye

Crazy. Thanks for the info.

She's losing it