Column: U.S. Republicans sharpen knives for retirement program cut

Column: U.S. Republicans sharpen knives for retirement program cut

Raising the age at which full social security benefits kick in does one other damaging thing to the U.S. economy. People wait longer to retire, which means those jobs can't be filled by younger folks. It's a hidden version of wage stagnation.

Can't cut taxes for the rich unless you cut social programs elsewhere.

Old people need to die on the job so CEOs can afford another yacht. It's what Jesus would want.

So they're planning on reducing their own generous govt retirement plans, right?



Yeah I didn't think so.

I have been saying this for years.

They'll like what they're told to like. They'll tell you that they'd rather work themselves to death than be a "TAKER"

Good! Let's see how those Trump voting morons in the rust belt like this.

While federal pensions are seen as a luxury today, they sadly used to be the norm for many companies. That said, I have a feeling they'll go after executive branch pensions (i.e. the middle class yet again) and somehow their own pensions will be left alone.

That said, the article speaks of raising the social security to 69. Wtf is that shit? We can't take care of young OR elderly, but these dickheads get tax breaks to buy another fucking boat. It's disgusting.

Former radio talker Thom Hartmann actually made a pretty compelling case a couple of years ago for LOWERING the retirement age to 55, for this very reason.