Colors of World Flags

Colors of World Flags

wait...I don't see any flags with the color purple...I just noticed I can't think of a country with the color purple.

It's probably because purple dye was VERY expensive (made from snails or slugs) in the pre-industrial age, making it affordable only for royalty. It was the royal color, so to say.

And this completes my daily satisfying content quota. Kreygasm

That entire website is beautiful. The posters that visually represent 10,000 digits of irrational numbers (pi, eulers number, etc.) struck a special place in my heart. Quite brilliant.

Quick link for those interested:

Here ya go

Dominica has purple! It's the only one to feature it prominently. I believe El Salvador has a rainbow which involves purple as well.

Is there a correlation between continents?

Or former Empires?

Make it a historic progression gif, and people will have la petite mort right here.

As a flag geek, this is awesome. Is there a correlation between continents?

Excellent presentation. Loved it. Very informative, very aesthetically pleasing. Haven't seen a presentation that good in this sub for a while.