Coloring between the lines

Coloring between the lines

I can see the yellow now has green tip

it wont be for long. prismacolors have alcohol based ink so its really easy to clean it up :)

I bought a set of Copic alcohol based markers many moons ago and I love them. The alcohol, which evaporates after application, floats the dye ink onto the paper, reducing coloring lines. As we see in the gif, you can then use the blending pen filled with clear alcohol solution to smooth the gradient between colors or “erase” color in order to lighten or remove it completely.

If you're into coloring, or just have an obsession with writing implements, they're great to have in your arsenal.

Oh ok, Didn’t know it. guess I will stay anyway on my 0.99€ “multicolor” highlighter.

I miss being able to do that, doing it is even more satisfying than watching it. Fucking hand tremors, argh.

Yeah Prismacolor or Copic markers, are super expensive.

12 Neutral grey Copics are over $100 some of these are just blending markers, to mix colours together

Did anyone see top left, didn't quite make it in the lines at the end.

the purple at the end ruined it for me.

Ugh, sorry to hear this. My tremors are genetic and will get worse as I get older. I’m functional now but by the time I hit 50 I’ll barely be able to hold a glass that’s more than half full. It’s utter bullshit. Hope it doesn’t impact you too much on a daily basis.

This gave me anxiety.

They're like 4 or 5$ apiece at my local art shop. As great as the few I've bought are, I just can't bring myself to throw down for a decent sized set of them.

My set of Prismas is so old, and I want to replace them so badly, but my wallet cries every time I even go look at a listing for them.

I thought it was going to be a plumbob.

The red ruined it for me, and then the purple made it worse.

Colour scheme is a bit off

Thank god the purple border saved the day.

Ahh the pilling on the paper between the first two colors ruined it for me

Did anyone else scream "RUINED!" after seeing the red?

My wife bought me a set of like 25 about 8 years ago for Christmas. I have slowly added on and replaced one by one using the 40% off one item coupon in the hobby lobby app. Anytime I stop by I grab one. Didn’t take long to build up an arsenal that way and for half the price

This belongs in /sub/mildlyinfuriating, colours don’t blend, THE DESIGN ITSELF ISN’T EVEN SYMMETRICAL... as an artist and general perfectionist this bothered me a lot, sorry OP.

I’m sorry you have to deal with this too.

Hope it doesn’t impact you too much on a daily basis.

It’s pretty annoying. Weakness and tremors make things like doing up buttons, zipping up zips, and opening packets really difficult. I imagine that you understand that frustration.

24 piece basic colors set


You're one of those people with the 72 color pencil in kindergarten aren't you? ಠ_ಠ

Yes, they can be pretty expensive as one-off splurges go. But I love them. They're a lot of fun.

I have the 24 piece basic colors set, and a few of the doodle packs that go for around $15. They're one of my splurge items. I will eventually work up to a larger set.

edit: corrected a word and adjusted for clarity

please recommend

How many prisma color for drunk

There aren't really any. Other comparable art markers are like pro marker or copic and they all cost around the same. Copic is nice cause you can buy ink refills.

Someone please post these amazing cheap alternatives

So far for me it’s mostly dropping small items and accidentally double or triple-clicking my mouse. Such is life I suppose. Best of luck to you my friend <3


Yeah, ruined the whole thing.

This exchange was so wholesome. Thank you both for being awesome people.


Wouldn't it be 60% since we're being technical?

I had art class with a guy in high school whose parents gave him lunch money every day. He would buy something super cheap and then buy a single copic marker from the art store down the street. I now recognize the genius in his plan.

Any recommendations?

I’ll barely be able to hold a glass that’s more than half full.

Well at least you said that, rather than being unable to hold a glass that's less than half empty.

If you're just starting out, artist loft. It's the Michael's generic brand. They're great for the price, though i find the specific shade "pale pink" to run out super fast compared to the others. Same with "spearmint green". Some colors are great but I've had issues with those two, but I have tons that have been amazing.

There's also ohuhu markers, sold on Amazon or wish. They only have the bullet and chisel nib but are great for beginners on a budget. I haven't personally tried these but a youtuber I really enjoy has used them for a while. She's using another cheapo brand but for the life of my I can't recall the brand.

I have prismacolor and I would say they're probably my favorite that I've used. The softness of the brush nib is my favorite of all the brands I've tried so far, though currently in using a 5x8 book right now so I've been using the bullet nib as much as I can because of the size. The downfall to my personal prismacolor collection is I have a lot if primary colors that I don't use a lot. I wish I had more pastels or greys. The only Michael's around me that sells them is one I hate for many reasons so I haven't purchased any in years. I haven't tried hobby lobby or ac Moore for markers tbh.

I have a few COPICS and I do love them, but I'm still starting to learn markers do the artist live is better for me to learn. Plus Michael's offers more color packs of the artist loft than Copic so I can use the coupons and save more that way. All the Copic packs I've seen at my local stores are colors I already have in artist loft or colors I'd never use. I also hate that you can't put the one cap on the end of the other side of the marker. All my other brands allow this except Copic. The Copic sketch, to be exact. The Ciao do this but I haven't seen those in decent colors I'd use in my local stores.

I can't remember the price point of each but a ballpark in usd. I've noticed the prices vary per store and I have no idea why since I'm shopping all in the same city

Artist loft - 2-4$ per marker

Artist loft sketch (only comes in multi packs that I've seen) - around 40$.

Prismacolor - honestly I have no idea since they're so hard to find in store here and I bought the ones I have years ago

Copic sketch - 8-10$ per marker

The ohuhu markers are dirt cheap I think like 20$ for like 40 markers or something insane like that. I want to order a pack once I get a better storage/work area to take them for a spin.

There's also spectrum noir. I've only seen them in one Michael's store. They're pretty expensive, I only saw them come in packs, and the color options available there were minimal. I also heard they have a stronger odor than other brands. I didn't notice it when I was looking at them in the store but I also wasn't drawing with them.

I hope this helped at least a little bit!

That's ok, all your points are valid 👍 I personally hate the purple too.

You too <3

Following for recommendations

If you have trouble coloring in your line work, trace over your lines with a thicker pen.

-Helpful art teacher

I thought they were going to draw the Skyrim logo.

This should be the top comment. This gif is like fingers on a chalkboard.

Pro tip, once the pen runs out of ink pour some melted crayons and vodka into the back. Best results occur after having had drank half the vodka

Copic is super premium. I wish I could afford a set lol

I found an art store a while back that sold used Copics. They didn't have whole sets, but I was able to find a few in the same family to mess around with.


Me too

This reminds me of the sims

Didn't even bother to correct the janky angle either; if he'd corrected the mistake then it'd've been fine (prismas blend like you wouldn't believe), but nope, he just leaves the proverbial fly in the figurative ointment.

Your post gave me an idea for an anti tremor pen so I googled it and found one that looks promising. The tech is so new I'm sure they'll be a lot better in a few years.

I thought this was going to be a Sims plumbob until they started drawing with the yellow

Actually it's the purple lining

Really? The purple ruined it for me.

Following this following of a following for recommendations

Only because it was crooked

If I was rich, one of the things I would spoil myself with is a super big set of Copic markers. I don't drink coffee, so when my friends from work would go out for coffee, I'd go buy a new Copic marker :)


I have literally never seen anyone use a blender to actually blend. Everyone I've talked to/watched on yt/read guides from say the name is misleading. I tried it myself when I didn't know the name was misleading and ruined some hard work by trying to use it to blend lol.

I've seen people use it to add lightened details though, or to loft up color if they went over the lines. I would be way too afraid to try and ever blend with it again lmao

Everyone says this but good artist markers are all the same price basically.

So much! I was constantly terrified the tip was going to just barely cross over a black line. Only made it 5 seconds in.

This don't seem very impressive.

They seem that way, until you realize the colored pencil colors match up perfectly. Makes any shading that much more in depth and details a lot easier to deal with. That's why I get the brand, anyway.

I used to have a pretty bad drug problem and it’s part of my post acute withdrawal syndrome. My doctor said they can’t really do anything to help it, and it can last for years depending on the person. I just got my license in November, so I am still really new to it, and it has definitely made it really hard for me. It’s starting to get to a point where I’m super discouraged and I feel like it will never get better. I never thought there would be so many problems after sobering up, especially since it’s been a little over a year now. :( I had to buy an iPad to help me draw because I can’t draw on paper anymore. I wish I knew the repercussions before spending so much on school and choosing this profession. Plus, the main reason I wanted to turn my life around was so I could tattoo. Sorry for the sob story!


Thankfully Ebay also has loads of Chinese alcohol-based markers that only cost a fraction of that. They are evidently lower quality than the big name brands, but for quick sketches and use on cheaper paper they're worth looking into imo.


might cheer you up

The speed is the most impressive part

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