Colorado's investment in IUDs and other fire-and-forget birth control produced a "miracle." Teen births and abortions dropped by nearly 50%, and the birth-rate among teens who were already mothers fell by 58%; there were also dramatic reductions in high-risk births

Colorado's investment in IUDs and other fire-and-forget birth control produced a "miracle." Teen ...

Fire and forget birth control is absofuckinglutely amazing. Source: have Paragard.

I'm not at all surprised. Comprehensive education and access to control is always a winner. Study after study, locale after locale, this proves true.

Now we just need to figure out how to get conservatives to shut up about "God's plan" and "abstinence is the only solution" for five seconds so they can see that this type of access works wonders.

Exactly. Birth control is only good for deciding your future, sexual freedom, and bodily autonomy.

And none of that helps punish sinners for having sex, so that's obviously no good.


Except reducing teen pregnancies isn't exactly their goal.

Fiscally conservative:

For ever dollar spent on the activity, the state spared $5.85 throughout the following three years in decreased family advantages and help installments.

I also vouch! I have had Mirena for just about a year and my life has become so so much more convenient in many ways lol. The ONLY qualms I have is the insertion of my particular iud was painful, but I can whole heartedly say it was worth it.

What's missing from this extremely short article is that the program is over now. The Colorado Family Planning Initiative privately funded the effort for 6 years to prove its efficacy and to demonstrate to lawmakers that if the state adopted it as a publicly funded program Colorado could save over $5.00 in social services and medical costs for every $1.00 spent on the program.

But republican lawmakers are apparently more anti-women then they are fiscally conservative, or anti-abortion because they killed it.

“We’re providing this long-term birth control and telling girls, ‘You don’t have to worry. You’re covered,’” said Representative Kathleen Conti. “That does allow a lot of young ladies to go out there and look for love in all the wrong places.”

Alright Republicans. How do we play this? Does it destroy traditional values, empower women too much, or is it Kenyan style socialism?

If abstinence didn't work for the virgin mother of god what chance does the average American have?

You're not supposed to /s their actual position.

If people who are against abortion do not support universal access to contraceptives, they are not pro-life. They are anti-sex.

I should move to Colorado. First marijuana and now reproductive health? Common sense is so abundant there.

I have mirena too, and it's amazing! And no mood side effects like with the pill, I can't believe I went all of those years without it. Stress free birth control!

Getting it hurt and my period was pretty exteme for 6 months or so. But I can't even feel a difference now and I have another 8 years on it.

Hmm; as a male I never really thought about how much we just expect woman to fuck up their hormones; no wonder woman are moody; I'm sorry for just now coming to this realization.

So you mean to tell me that birth control Stops people from becoming pregnant. Didn't see that coming.

Yeah, how else are you supposed to keep feeding your angry, racist base? Gotta have a steady supply of underprivileged people to disenfranchise

Have an IUD(Mirena) and it is AMAZING. I've had it for over a year now and have had absolutely no side effects(besides not having a period which I LOVE). I've successfully convinced many of my friends to get it and it's changed their lives for the better as well. I never have to worry about remembering to take a pill and it is one of the most effective options of birth control out there. I would recommend it to anyone.

Maybe they all secretly own stock in Gerber/Pampers and not just "for profit" prisons.

Maybe for your god, but everyone doesn't believe the same things so public policy should be dictated by a motivated desire to see better outcomes for society. Ignoring the better outcomes because the don't mesh with your personal beliefs is, in effect, forcing your belief system into others.

My ob said my period went crazy because I had been on birth control since I started menstruating- more than a decade- and my hormones were trying to figure shit out on their own for the first time in forever. I got just a copper one, and mine went nuts for six months too! Still totally worth it.

The Abrahamic religions are mostly about denying yourself fun.

Check with your dr to be sure. Some women have irregular spotting for months.

Omg I upvoted you, but that politician's statement made me want to throw my phone at the wall.

Mirena is amazing. I'm due for a new one, but undoubtedly will get another of that brand.

Ahhhh true... I often (somehow) forget that very obvious truth. My father has wondered whether the real goal of the right isn't actually promoting the birth rate of "American" babies. But that's a whole other topic... :p

I have a question if you don't mind, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. I got Mirena a few weeks ago and it was the single most painful experience of my life, but now that the insertion is over it's been fine, except...I've been bleeding/spotting nonstop since then. I heard that it's normal to bleed for a while afterwards, but it's been 3 weeks now, almost 4. I don't know at what point it stops being normal and I should ask my doctor about it. Did this happen to you too?

But Colorado probably used those savings to do something like provide health care to children, instead of tax cuts for the rich. If that's all the State is going t do, why even bother?

Whoa there. Let's not be too hasty. altitude is brutal... And its pretty dry... Cory Gardner is about to rip away your healthcare... All this sunshine gets annoying... Just for the love of God. DONT MOVE HERE.

We've had a population explosion for the last decade made worse by our legal weed. Housing is impossible, unemployment is minimal and you can't go into the mountains without hundreds or thousands of "implants" wandering about. Rush hour is starting to look like los Angeles. Please... I'm begging you. Don't move here.

Oh who am I kidding? Get over here little fella.

They are pro-birth. If you're going to have sex, especially outside of marriage, then your 'punishment' is having a child. They may not say that, but that's what they think. I really have a problem with old testament Christians.

Three years! Not even a five-fold payout over the life of any potential children. Three lousy years to pay for itself again and again.

Anyone arguing against this 'because money' is full of shit.

Just making a joke. It's ironic that for some people wearing a condom is evil but forcing yourself to resist sex is totally okay. You're basically doing the same thing, just with less fun.

Something many people don't realize - IUDs (both copper and progestin IUDs) are the most effective contraceptives available. IUDs are even more effective than bilateral tubal ligation surgery!

source: med student who just finished their ob/gyn rotation

Edit: Below poster is correct. Implant is approx 99.95% effective, IUDs are approx 99.8% effective, and tubal ligation is approx 99.5% effective. Implant has been reported to have some systemic side effects which are absent with IUDs, which is why my teaching hospital pushes IUDs over the implant.

It is a struggle-I want to upvote the material, but the article is so poorly written it feels like validating an unreliable source (even though I know the conclusions are true).

Hahahaha classic!

Isn't abstinence against god's plan? Technically.

I'm a libertarian and don't give a fuck about god, but I do care about government spending. Spend a billion this year to save tens of billions in the next decade? Sounds like a great deal to me. Plus people will be generally happier and social problems will decrease as unwanted pregnancies decrease.

Conservatives refer to this phenomenon as "white genocide."

You know, abortions, minorities and women having lines in Star Wars movies, that sort of nightmare.

I have family that are fundamentalists and push for abstinence-only and no abortion under any circumstance (even life or health of the mother).

They literally believe that offering free birth control is condoning sin and that if a woman is hurt because she was sinning then that is just the cost of sin. They don't care about the positive effects of free birth control. They care about whether or not their god will get mad at them for condoning other people's sin. Similarly, if you point out that women die of illegal abortion when you make abortion illegal, they simply respond with something along the lines of "sin should be dangerous". They think it's a good thing if "sinners" get maimed or killed because it should scare everyone else into doing the right thing. They think it's a good thing if a teenager's life is ruined by an unwanted pregnancy because it should scare everyone else into waiting for marriage before having sex, plus it's the punishment that god gave them. The fact that men can escape the same fate for the same sin is just the natural order of things, apparently.

It's a remarkably cruel belief for people who claim to value compassion and forgiveness, but it is a genuine one. They really do believe the world would be a better place if everyone was forced to follow their rules.

I know this will get buried, but I really want people to know that you can get a local anaesthetic when you get your IUD in. In my case it was a numbing shot to the cervix. Insertion still hurt, but it was more along the lines of a really badly subbed toe.

"If you're happy and you know it it's a sin!"

Yes! Fellow Paragard haver! Best decision I've ever made in my life!

This needs to be embraced everywhere.

Not a Republican, but I've debated them on this topic. The general argument is: "why should taxpayers pay for this?"

Well, it saves money on a million things, reduces abortions and generally makes people's lives better, we say.

"Taxpayers shouldn't pay for any of it, if you can't afford medical treatment (or deal with consequences) don't have unprotected sex. If you can't afford contraceptives, then don't have sex at all".

It's a very simple, blinded worldview: "I've never needed help paying for contraceptives/food/education/etc. therefore no one should need it. Only lazy people need and ask for such support and they're leaching off those of us rugged, independent hard-workers".

Yes. Mirena lasts for up to 5 years or whenever you choose to have it removed.

I live in Colorado. Here's what I heard:

It encourages young women to have sex. It costs too much (funding will have to be picked up by the state and other agencies now). It encourages people to to have casual sex because there aren't "enough" consequences. The government shouldn't be in the business of handing out birth control. Reducing babies born to teen moms is unethical. They should be forced to have those babies and then those babies (really only the white ones) will be adopted by rich people who want them.

Ugh. It's exhausting to type all that bullshit.

How long do IUDs last? Is it something like 5 years?

Let's not get carried away now, we have a mad pooper running around dropping hot loads that made national news recently. Grass isn't always greener... Well, it actually might be.

Yesyesyes. And mine didn't even hurt! And it was free under my insurance! And it probably kept me from having a kid with my crappy ex husband who would have been the world's worst dad so the value of that non-investment was basically infinite!

/justquotingidiots,notmypersonalbeliefs doesn't look as good though.

People need to stop seeing abortion as a problem and more of a reaction to problems. Women don't go out and get pregnant just to get abortions.

I had an IUD for 7 years and it literally was never checked like that, or at all except for my periodic pelvic exam where my dr literally went "there's the strings and it's not sticking out; you're good to go."

Additionally, the implants are pretty great. I have one now and it doesn't really move.

You all do understand that there's a quiet subversive thread of ppl who don't want this. They don't want women to be this free. They don't want this freedom to succeed

The younger/earlier we have kids, the less likely we are to finish higher education. The less likely we are to achieve higher success at work. The more we are consumed with raising kids and the minutiae at home the less we have time to delve into the workings of what is being decided for us in government.

Women delaying childbirth until WE are ready benefits society as a whole, we are better educated and have the opportunity to participate in our community and government. However there are plenty who rather we don't.

Remember that.

Same thing happened to me. Things evened out after 6-7 months and now I have absolutely no period symptoms.

Though fertility often takes up to a year to recover after removal, or even longer in some cases. There was some evidence multiple mirena uses can effect fertility long term.

I LOVE the mirena. I have one myself. But we need all the facts to make an educated decision.

Yeah, but that's just it. They ARE anti-sex and nakedly express to women seeking abortion that they deserve to experience the consequences of their actions.

Nothing at all to do with the offspring.

Well, here's what they argued when they canceled funding for this: "We believe that offering contraceptives to teens, especially long-acting reversible contraceptives, while it may prevent pregnancy, does not help them understand the risks that come with sexual activities. We should not remove parents from the equation — equipping teens for safe sex without their parent's involvement bypasses this critical parental right and responsibility. Parents need to be the primary educator when it comes to sexual education and the primary decision about healthcare choices for their children. Lastly, Colorado taxpayers should not be paying for the 'Cadillac' of birth control for minor children."

Translation: "Fuck the poor" (cloaked, as always, in religious self-righteousness with zero appreciation for any kind of irony).

maybe we should stop referencing "experts applied their learning and we got results" as "a miracle".

Maybe I'm just being a conspiracy nut, but I think conservatives use this to grow their voter base long term. Typically people who don't get sex ed are from conservative families, so having kids early and often just makes more conservatives.

Now we just need to figure out how to get conservatives to shut up about "God's plan" and "abstinence is the only solution

They will never shut up about that. We have to beat them at the ballot box at every level of government.

Who would have thought that doing something recommended by experts who dedicate their lives to the research, rather than doing the same thing humans did for thousands, even tens of thousands of years with no evidence of effectiveness, might actually work? It's a miracle!

I've never seen anyone else say it was painful for them too! The doctor told me that most people thought it was painless but also failed to mention that I have almost every risk factor for a difficult insertion... The pain was fucking blinding and didn't subside entirely for days.

That's not to say it wasn't worth it... but damn.

I don't think the current crop of GOP have ever been fiscally conservative. They just use euphemistic buzzwords to trick people into thinking that they're not completely evil:

Right to Work - Policies that completely undermine worker's rights and unions which protect worker's rights. It sounds good but it does the complete opposite of what it's meant to sound like. Pro-Life - Y'all know what this is, but their pro-life stance ends at childbirth. Pro-life politicians and organizations spend little to no money at all taking care of people that are already alive. All Lives Matter - Just read this. Election Integrity - Actually focuses on voter suppression, i.e. destroying election integrity rather than protecting it. Fiscal Conservatism - Favors policies that waste money and fuck over everyone other than the wealthy who benefit from massive tax cuts. The complete opposite of what fiscal conservatism should be.

Not to mention that birth control helps with SO MANY other things! Getting an IUD almost completely cured the symptoms of my bleeding disorder. Many other little girls won't have access to this kind of help because of their ultra-religious parents :(

The cramps are probably the worst thing about having Paragard, at least for me it is. That's a price I'm more than willing to pay though, Paragard is just too awesome for my boyfriend and I.

If I found out that the GOP was heavily invested in baby products and that's why they were so pro-life it would not surprise me in the least.

From what I've read, the arm implant is more effective than IUDs even.

It's almost as if teens are going to have sex no matter what you teach them, what with all the hormones.

ObGyn will check for strings, if she can't find them, a vaginal ultrasound does the trick!

My tinfoil hat hypothesis is that implementing policies that increase the birth rate among the poor and marginalized puts downward pressure on wages. Scabs, undercutting, minimum wage staying artificially low, etc. Plus it means they get to slut shame and act like they have moral high ground, which is something no conservative can resist.

Just for comparison Texas which is against doing this has the highest rate of repeat teen pregnancy in the country. Girls under 18 can be denied birth control by their parents and of course kids won't stop having sex.

"Teen parents have medical authority over their children, but they don't have the ability to make decisions about their own healthcare. That means they can't get birth control without their parents' approval, even though they are already parents themselves. This policy defies common sense and creates an unnecessary barrier for them to prevent repeat pregnancies."

Edit. Added link.

I've got the Nexplanon implant. Had some issues at first, but now that I've got it all figured out, it's AMAZING.

I'll never understand that mindset. I consider myself fairly conservative and also religious. But I'm also big into common sense and the idea of leaving people to do what's right for them as long as it doesn't negatively affect others. I have my own opinions and beliefs, and I do my best to live by them. But it's not up to me to judge others or dictate how they live their lives. If I were ever a politician I wouldn't shy away from how I felt about things, but I would do what makes sense and separate my beliefs and try to do what's right for everyone I represented, not just those who feel as I do.

This is genuinely the way they see it. They don't want to end unwanted pregnancies, they want to end birth control and abortion, because they think if you have sex before marriage you deserve to get pregnant and have your life ruined. Contraception to them is a get out of jail free card, which ain't gonna fly, you do the "crime" you do the time. Talk about that old Christian forgiveness eh.

Set it and forget it! I have Paragard too. It's magical. Especially because I have 2 kids under 2. That's plenty for me, thank you very much. Lol.

God's plan involved giving humans curiosity. That led to science which led to birth control. Birth control is totally within the plan otherwise He isn't all knowing.

I personally had awful cramping and spotting for about two months, but I haven't had a period since, so it's been absolutely worth it.

I will be using this, thanks.

This is amazing I wish more states would adopt this. Also I wish people would stop shaming those of us adults who don't want children. The world is overpopulated and there are people starving in it. It is okay to not want children and to be smart about birth control. Pick your own path kids it is your life to live. Live it to the max and enjoy it.

Well, it's complicated. Here's why:

IUD's may prevent implantation. If you think that full moral personhood begins at fertilization (the same reason you'd be against embryonic stem cell research), then you think that a prevented implantation leads to the loss of one human life. And we can all agree that the loss of human life, on balance, is a bad thing. So suppose you grant the republicans just that one belief about when life starts. I'll keep writing with that assumption from here on forward. Here's some data:

I just did some research on pubmed to find out what the scientific data on IUD's preventing implantation is, and the best I can tell is: We don't know much. Here's a sentence from a 2008 study (

"IUDs also interfere with implantation but the extent to which this contributes to their contraceptive action is unknown."

I couldn't find anything recent that even attempted to settle this. The best evidence that it really does prevent implantation are a bunch of studies from the 60s -80s in which mice, hamsters, rabbits, and so forth had IUDs placed in them, they were mated, and subsequently dissected to figure out what happened. And, they found an increased rate of fertilized eggs that were prevented from implanting. (here is one such study: - I found this by going to the pubmed database,, and searching for "implantation IUD")

So, we don't know the rate, but we do seem to know that IUD's can lead to some prevention of implantation, and if you add the premise that life begins at fertilization, this means that it leads to some loss of human life.

And if a policy leads to some loss of human life, you do have a prima facie reason to be opposed to it. So at least you can't complain about the position being inconsistent.

However, if you believe that life begins at fertilization, that still isn't enough reason to oppose the policy on pragmatic grounds. Since abortions dropped by 50% and the rate of implantation prevention is unknown, it is reasonable to believe that, on balance, high IUD usage reads will lead to less loss of human life.

So then it comes down to whether you're a Kantian or a Utilitarian about ethics and what you want your laws to be. Do you care more about objecting to all intentional loss of human life, even if an unintended consequence of that objection is greater net loss of human life? If you're that kind of Kantian, than it isn't at all inconsistent to keep railing against IUDs. On the other hand, if you care more about less net loss of life, then on pragmatic grounds high access to IUDs is a good idea, because it probably leads to less loss of life than abortions (Again, I'm just talking with the assumed hypothetical premise about when life, in the relevant sense, starts).

Furthermore, this report isn't by itself any reason to change your mind about when life, in the important sense, begins, so there is at least some room for still objecting.

Also, just from the way pro-life people generally argue, I think it is consistent with that for them to insist that it is better for the laws and the government to never intend or make it legal for (innocent, cf death penalty) human life to be lost, even if on balance this causes more loss of life.

So, you probably have two disagreements with this view. One metaphysical about when moral personhood begins, and one in ethical theory, about whether it's better to cause less people to die or intend for less people to die.

So, all the vailed bigotry and what not set aside, there is at least a rationally consistent reply available.

They told you it was painless for most people?? Maybe they're working on a different definition of "pain", lol. My doctor said most people describe it as a very intense, painful pressure/cramp lasting several minutes followed by a few days of slightly worse than average cramping.

That was accurate for me but I didn't really mind since I went in expecting it. I can't imagine going in thinking I wouldn't feel anything.

It's weird to me how they can consider children a "blessing" and the whole purpose of womanhood, yet also treat having children like punishment.

If having kids is so great and wonderful, why is it "inflicted" on "sinners" as punishment? Why all the pressure to do it?

Well would you look at that; it's almost like offering an affordable and easy to use form of contraceptive has practical positive benefits and hasn't ripped apart the fabric of society. Who would have suspected that??

Vouching again for mirena! Insertion was incredibly painful for me but after a couple days everything was all good. Everyone I talk to is nervous about the pain buts it's just one day of pain and then five years pill free! SO worth it!

Technically. But they get around this somewhat by saying abstinence is only for unmarried folk. Those married folk can have sex but they must be "open to God's plan" or some such nonsense, which means not using birth control. Because apparently an all powerful entity can't figure out how to sabotage a pill or condom.

My doctor was pretty clear about how painful it would be and told me “it’ll probably hurt a lot, but less than having a baby would”. They were right, it was really really painful weird feeling (I’m only 20 and have never felt anything touch my cervix before so it was a new feeling) and the pain lasted days. But I’m wildly happy I did it.

I’m sorry you were blindsided by the pain! That totally sucks, I’m thankful I was prepared for what I was in for.

The ultimate irony is that contraceptives have been used for thousands of years throughout the world. If Jesus or God had a problem with them wouldn't there be a precedent against the use of pennyweather tea and intestine-based condoms? Nothing is mentioned.

Same. That was almost a guilty upvote.

omg, imagine that!!!! /s

I hate that forcing someone to bring a child into life is used as a punishment. It's disgusting. How is that good for the baby or the parent?

This is why abortion rates always go up under Republicans and down under Democrats.

Because Rs just want to eliminate the symptoms.

Dems approach gets to the heart of the actual disease.

SAMMMMME and I love it. My boyfriend’s ex grew up in an extremely conservative household that is against abortion. 6 months after leaving him she’s in a high risk pregnancy and doesn’t know who the father is.

I come from a “liberal” home and have 4 sisters. We are all educated in different forms of BC and have complete control over our reproductive health.

Education and empowerment truly are the answers

Yes!! Nexplanon user here. Best decision I ever made. I haven't had a period since I got it. It is heaven.

(Serious question) Male here willing to acknowledge I don't understand...if you're sexually active do you ever worry that you're pregnant and don't know it (since you don't get a period)? My less than stellar education leads me to believe no birth control is 100% effective?

I had a youth pastor once give a classroom full of highschoolers a presentation on how we need to out-breed the muslims. Best day of bible study ever.

“We’re providing this long-term birth control and telling girls, ‘You don’t have to worry. You’re covered,’” said Representative Kathleen Conti. “That does allow a lot of young ladies to go out there and look for love in all the wrong places.”

Well that is an absolutely horrible person who has no idea how the world works.

Perfectly republican.

Is there anyone here who can vouch for the Copper IUD?

They don't understand the economics of the whole thing. Lower birth rates, especially to single mothers, save them a lot more in the long run than they're spending on PP.

It's more that its super cost effective for the government to provide them. That's the big story... But the problem is it contains numbers and facts, not feels, so it must be dismissed.