Collins considers changing vote on tax bill over amendments

Collins considers changing vote on tax bill over amendments
Collins considers changing vote on tax bill over amendments

Maybe you should have opposed it from the start since it's pretty bad for your constituents.

Now let’s see if you live up to your word. You know, your word. It once meant something

"There's a real fear that the tax bill is going to trigger a 4% cut in Medicare," Collins added. "I am absolutely certain that 4% cut in Medicare that I mentioned will not occur. I have it in writing from both the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and also Senator Mitch McConnell."

I'm putting money down now there is a 3.5 to 3.99 cut in medicare that will happen, so they will be technically true. And as a chaser, that when it comes it won't actually effect how she's going to vote on the bill.

You know, your word. It once meant something

This is a party that supports child fuckers for the Senate now. I doubt Republicans care about their word.

Meanwhile, Ryan has promised to attack and cut entitlements. LOL

300 billion. With a "b".

Is this because of the 300 million dollar error or because she realized that in their haste to cram this shite through, they left out something she promised her financial backers?

Yeh she's just putting up a fake fight, she votes yes no matter what comes out.

Yeahhhh, should have voted no the first time. You knew they had no intentions of including your amendments and still voted yes. This is just more virtue signaling, so she should shut the fuck up because she's just as bad at the rest of the GOP.

Yeah, not getting my hopes up over her doing the right thing again

Seems like we're at a point that is becoming more shameful for them to not lie

for fuck's sake.. when I was writing this, I was like "nah it had to be million" because no one could fuck up that bad. Then there's the GOP.

That is the way most conservative women respond to men when they mistreat them.

She has it in writing? How quaint.

Like so many others, she'll stand by the idea that things will just work out in the end. It's not confidence, it's surrender.

And I’m considering running a marathon. I’m not going to, but I just considered it. Much like Collins with her vote.

Both houses have to pass an identical bill. Since the two houses passed different bills, it goes to a committee with members from both Houses to hammer out differences and agree on one text, then both houses have to re-pass it with that same text. (Presumably with a bare minimum of scribbled in the margin.)

How noble of her.

Well yeah, not lying would mean they’d have to admit how much lying they did in the past and how horrific their policies and ideology are.

Even if she does do the right thing and kills it in the Senate, the House might just say fuck it and pass the original Senate version, and probably will.

It's too late for anyone to think she can stop this at this point.

It drives me up the wall when they call social security entitlements.

A lot of people are shitting on her (rightfully so) or cynically (though not necessarily correctly) assuming she'd vote for it even if there were an amendment in that says Mitch McConnel gets to stab her dog. There'll be plenty of time to shit on her and we're all stuck with this monstrosity of a bill.

Until then, Mainers, please call her. Flood her office with calls. Don't hang up until you get a real human voice. The only things that move Washington are politics and money. You may not have one, but you are the engine of the other.

Right now "crazy town" is the majority and all the "moderate" Republicans are barely even lifting a finger. They're all complicit.

Well if they do that, then they have to pass the mistake in the AMT, which essentially negates the reduction in the corporate tax rate (i.e. one if the main reasons they're passing the bill)

8% cut, hey its not 4!

The moderate Republicans are all in the Democratic Party. The entire Republican Party, except for some governors, are all extremists.

nonono that IS them sticking to their word

Before Gay marriage was legalized they said it would lead to Pedophilia

We all thought they were trying to warn us, they were fucking threatening us!

I don’t even understand why she thought they would follow through on the promises to her

She didn't. She just wanted to be able to point the finger at Mitch McTurtle when shit hits fan.

So both houses vote again? Whew I thought it was just reconciled in committee. I guess there's a chance then...

She should have voted against it in the first place. So should have McCain and Flake.

I don't think it's fair to turn this into a gender issue. It's counter-productive. I don't like her politics at all but she's been the most progressive GOP Senator I see. Not saying much, but come on.

They would just continue to blame liberals and brown people

No shit. I literally paid into the fund, I expect to get something back. No sane person in this country gives a rats ass about the taxes they pay that have the benefits returned to them.

There are three factions in the GOP that would be three separate parties in a parliamentary system.

Neoliberals, social conservatives, and crazy town.

You know the tax bill she voted "yes" on does everything that the healthcare bill wanted to do regarding destroying the ACA, right?

In Alabama Republicans are going to vote for a child molester. Everything’s fair.

That would cause a lot of harm to a lot of people.


If they Change a single thing, the senate has to vote again. And since the senate fucked up with the AMT, there's 0 chance house passes thar version of the bill

She has it in writing?

It was scribbled in the margins

Maybe voting for a 500 page tax bill at 2am before you read or thought about the amendments tacked on in illegible writing was a bad idea.

Then again, she's an educated senator, so she knew what she was doing. She's just a shitty, evil human being.

The repeal? She was an important vote there.

I feel like people are hard on Collins for the tax bill but give Jeff Flake a pass for his donation stunt. He was the "yes" that gave them the votes.

Look at her record. Voted to repeal "Don't ask, Don't Tell" and supports gay marriage. Tried to get other GOP onboard for some kind of raise to minimum wage. Put in the deductions for teachers paying for classroom supplies.

Yes, she's supported a lot of her party's shit, but she's also tried to leverage her vote to make it more humane. Leverage she wouldn't have as a Dem. Collins is still the least bad GOP senator.

What a saint she is!

True. Just like her vote in conference for the ACA. She approved of everything the Republicans put in the bill to pass it out of committee and then voted against it. We're screwed.

For the salmon it sure as fuck is. Old smaller hydroelectric dams are more expensive to maintain than modern solar.

Because it's Susan Collins, and she will always vote on party lines when called to and then be outspoken to get votes later.

Bless her heart!

How ironic that they're such fuckups that they can't even bribe people with pork correctly.

I'm from Indiana. I grew up on a farm. I moved to the city (Chicago) so I got out of the whole hillbilly thing. My dad is a republican. 67 years old. Has had like 5 heart attacks and has diabetes. It took until the other day for him to realize he got hosed by Trump. Now his drug prices could go up and he gets his social security cut? It's fucking madness.

I understand your anger, but there are a lot of innocent people who would also suffer.

"A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you're talking real money."

She can put that promise note from Ryan and McConnell next to Roy Moores year book note. They can start a collection of documents that Republicans will just ignore the existence of.

How about a new saying, "If you're any age and vote Republican, you have no heart or brain."

She exemplifies why it’s impossible to be a moderate these days. Bet she wasn’t too keen on most of the tax bill, yet voted for it anyway. Really wish some of these more centrist Republicans had any spine .... at least to do what’s right for their own damn constituents.

The fact that pneumonia isn't brain cancer doesn't make it good.

She won't sadly. She's just providing herself cover so she can say she was looking out for her constituents and she was "lied" too or whatever nonsense she'll come up with.

I hear you, but the problem with this thinking is that for that to happen it means families being split apart from deportation, sick kids dying because families can't afford health insurance, curbing entitlements for corporate tax cuts, and doing nothing on climate change during some critical years. Plus potentially nuking the Korean peninsula.

The schaudenfreud would be awesome, and maybe even politically expedient, but it's not worth all the legit suffering that comes from giving up the fight.

Yes, removal of renewable energy sources is definitely commendable.

Yup. And if either house insists on amending the conference report before passage... back it goes.

I remember hearing somewhere.. “if you’re under 30 and you vote republican, you have no heart. If you’re over 30 and you vote Democrat, you have no brain”.

At least that saying is good as dead now.

That error may have killed it (saved us). Was expecting the House to blanket pass whatever came out of the Senate. That is now problematic. (Although still wouldn't be surprised if House passed it anyway; then just lie about what's in it.)

They realized their base are all about to die and are looting the coffers while there's still time.

That's not how any of this works. Look, I'm all for a single-player solution, but cuts to Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement isn't gonna help. As it is, the reimbursement rates are pretty cut-throat and require the deficits to be made up with private insurance filling the gap in many instances.

Not to mention it tends to shoot steroids into a fishery to remove one. Maine has had massive influxes of Alewives since we started pulling down some of the older less useful ones on our major rivers.

I would say probably better to go with non multiples of 4. Because 8 can be expressed as (4*2) so you get close to violating the deal. Let's shoot for 7% a nice prime number.

I will grin so hard if the Freedom Freaks end up killing the tax bill with their insane demands.

Delightfully pedantic

This will include Obama’s birth certificate.

No I’m not sick of it. I love my country and I’m mad as hell there are scumbags deadest in ruining the best parts of it.

Sorry for your dad hopefully he spreads the word to those who are willing to listen

The Republicans from California could kill the bill, not sure why they'd vote for a fat tax increase for their constituents.

Yup. But doesn't look like they have the votes in the House hence the reconciliation committee.

Million, billion, shmillian, what's the difference?

she will always vote on party lines when called to

Yeah as we clearly saw on healthcare.

Like they said, innocent 🙃

The House could just approve the Senate bill if reconciliation fails, but the Senate bill has some oopsie-daisies in it (to the tune of $300 billion) so it's not a sure thing either.

We have Republicans here in Oregon working on child trafficking laws and even removal of hydroelectric dams. Not all Republicans are terrible.

They're isn't sunshine between the best and the worst of the GOP. They are all traitors to the people of the United States.

And those who didn’t vote Republican

Or morals

I'm at "the age" when I should start voting Republican, but no way with the direction the party has taken in my lifetime.

You're never heard of that term being used negatively? Oh boy, time to learn some context my friend!

"Bless your heart" is typically used in a condescending context. Like "You think the moon is made of cheese? Bless your heart."

Alternatively, couldn't the House just pass the Senate version and then it goes straight to Trump for signing?

Too fucking late, she’s shown her stripes.

Come on now. So many don't even consider it. You deserve a big pat on the back.

"Considering it" is pretty much the same thing as "doing it". So pat yourself on the back. Congratulations!

By the way, what was your time? Certainly you did it in under 3 hours like Paul Ryan did, didn't you?

*Edit: A better analogy: "I'm considering changing my plans to rape someone tonight."

Plus, it wouldn't cause anything because the current GOP supporters would blame liberals and celebrate if one of the liberal states got nuked.

Honestly, this will get worse before it gets better. How worse is the question.

Maybe that's what it takes for people to realize that

Both parties are not the same Elections matter so get the fuck off your ass and vote


That saying has always been asinine, though.

People under 30 can be conservative and still have a heart. People over 30 can be liberal and still be smart.

The problem now is that the Republican party isn't conservative. Conservative people have to vote Democrat, because they're the only party that's demonstrated to care at all about the economy and deficit and not just enriching donors.

The Republican party is a reactionary theocratic oligarchic kleptocratic party.

The problem with this is their finely tuned spin machine has an almost unshakeable grip on half of their voters. The right wing talking heads have all pushed a very convcerted agenda with no thought towards facts or reality, to the point where anything else is instantly discredited simply by nit playing into their deep seated misconceptions about the world.

The republicans have had their way before, and it has ALWAYS fucked over the working class. But that's not how republicans remember it, because they are being spoon fed, for lack of a better term, fake news.

Exactly. I get so irritated with the, "if they really cared about xyz they'd vote Democrat all the time" shit. I hate some of their policies, but that does not mean every single good action should be shamed. I am 100% sure Flake was voting on this tax bill regardless. He is very much a conservative. He is not anti-the GOP platform. He is anti-the immoral shit the GOP under Trump has been doing, such as supporting known sexual predators. I have seen several interviews with him, and he always says that he will vote with his party when he agrees with them.

Also on Collins: the fact that she is even considering changing her vote is a good sign. If Corker stays strong, her vote will sink this monster bill. She very consistently shot down every ACA repeal attempt (and maybe, like McCain, voted it to conference so she could give it the "death blow") and is pro-PP among the other things you've mentioned.

4% is the down payment on what's going to happen to Medicare.

Her changing her vote would mean a tie for Pence to break, wouldn't it?

Ooh, what an admirable consideration.

I'll consider being impressed.

That's still just 4*1.75

In Southern, this means "You're as dumb as you look, aren't you?"

That saying was not tied to the R and D parties, as they are not institutions of idealistic consistency. It referenced conservatism (which the Republicans are not) and liberalism (which modern Democrats are not). The quote, normally attributed to Winston Churchill (but as far as I know, nobody knows the actual original source), is:

‘If you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.’

Now hold on there bud, fucker insinuates that some of them were willing participants. I think child rapist or at least attempted child rapist is the term we should be using.