Collins calls for review of Kushner clearance

Collins calls for review of Kushner clearance
Collins calls for review of Kushner clearance

I work for the government and if I EVER had allegations against me concerning a foreign government my clearance would get pulled/suspended immediately.

During a CNN interview today, the President's lawyer admitted that the Don Jr/Kushner/Manafort meeting with Russians involved "an email campaign". This is new information, and it passed without notice. Nobody else had claimed an email campaign was involved and the question was not asked. May be Freudian slip.

If you did a tenth of what ...

Wait, that's just applicable during campaigns to insinuate that Democrats are getting away with illegal activity. Now we Republicans are in power, so it doesn't matter if anyone in power is doing bad shit.

Jake Tapper: "Of the three people from the Trump team - that we know of - who were in that meeting with the Russian lawyer, only one of them, Jared Kushner, is currently in the White House with a security clearance. Given how many times he's had to update his security clearance forms, and how empirically un-transparent he's been throughout this process, do you have any concerns about his security clearance?"

Susan Collins: "That's an issue that we need to look at, but right now we don't have enough evidence. I don't know who advised him on the forms, I don't know how many meetings he had in total, I don't know whether most of them were listed, so those are issues that we need to review. And it's one reason why the intelligence committee's counterintelligence investigation needs to continue. It's on a separate track from the Special Counsel's investigation, which is looking at the issue of whether or not there's any criminal wrongdoing.

That's not in our bailiwick, but we do need to make sure we know the answers to Russian interference in the campaign, whether there was any collaboration, and most of all, we need to put into place safeguards to prevent this kind of interference from happening in the future, because the Russians are going to try again, as we know from their attempts to influence the campaigns in France and Germany and Montenegro."

It could mean the meeting was really about a microtargeted email campaign to influence the outcome of the election, sponsored by Russia and coordinated by the Trump campaign. I.E. what actually happened to sway the vote.

It's different when you have the magic R next to your name. Debts don't matter, economy doesn't matter, collusion with a hostile foreign government doesn't matter etc etc etc.

Grab a tenth of what Trump is doing and add Obama! or Hillary! next to it and RWers would be losing their ----.

How do they not have enough evidence to revoke his security clearance? Your not looking for a conviction... Just dodgy and shady activity, which is Kushner's specialty

Yeah anyone who (probably rightly) complains about Hillary's team mishandling classified material must absolutely condemn Kushner.

Assuming he didn't just misspeak, which it sounds like he might have, what would an "email campaign" mean anyway?

Why are you still in this fucked out political party, Susan? Ever ask yourself that simple question?

I live in Maine and I can't call and leave a message for Senator Collins. If you try to dial her line you can press 1 to leave a message but it redirects you to the main menu, it's been this way since the inauguration.

I told Senator King's office (also Maine) about this and they took it very seriously. Please call your Senator's office and tell them that Senator Collins needs to fix her phone so she can receive comments from her constituents.

Here it is. 0:45

It was quite unrelated, about why the campaign paid for his lawyer. I will try to find the video.


The voter rolls are said to fit into this because of “microtargeting”. Using email, Facebook and Twitter, political advertising can be tailored very precisely: individual messaging for individual voters.

“You are stealing the stuff and pushing it back into the US body politic,” said the former official, “you know where to target that stuff when you’re pushing it back.”

This would take co-operation with the Trump campaign, it is claimed.

Woah get out of here with your reasoning and logical conclusions, we're playing Trumpball now!

Well, look, I'm not involved in the discussions with the lawyers on who paid what entity, and I certainly don't represent Donald Trump Jr. But look, in a situation like this, this is not an unusual situation, where the individual that's being questioned, or subject to questioning, Donald Trump Jr., retains counsel, involved in an incident that involved an email campaign in a meeting when he was working, doing work for the campaign, so that to me is not an unusual scenario or unusual setup at all.

... wat.

This is what people don't seem to get. Kushner is totally defenseless on this one. Filing a supplemental disclosure doesn't make it ok either.

It is a total pain in the tail for the average state department employee who did study abroad or USAid to list all foreign contacts but you don't get to pick and choose who goes on.

Yep his multiple revisions of the SF-86 alone should be more than enough reason to imo, the meeting even more so

She's a piece of shit. That she's not a LePage, Trump, Kushner piece of shit makes her look almost human.

I gave up on "imagine if Obama/Clinton did (X)" scenarios. Don't get me wrong, I'm still disgusted (if not surprised) by the unabashed hypocrisy of the GOP, I just literally don't think it's possible to imagine how Republicans would react if a democrat did half the shut Trump does.

heeeeeeee's gonna wanna talk that back later.

Manchin gets a lot of unnecessary hate. He has one of the lowest "Trump Scores" in the entire Senate and he's someone who really could lose his seat in the next election.

Conversely, people like Collins and McCain get unnecessary respect for saying something vaguely opposed to Trump and then vote for Republican policies wholeheartedly.

Yeah. I'm starting to like her, she's also standing up to Trumpcare. She reminds me of what bipartisanship used to look like. Disagree with her on 99% of things, but she's not going to sell our Democracy down the river.

There's a 100+ other people in Washington that are way ahead of her in being called a piece of shit. She isn't one of them.

My favorite clown in the Trump clown car is Jared "OG Kush" Kushner, who is dirty AF.

Manchin voted with Trump 58% of the time this year.

Collins voted with him 87% of the time.

She's the GOP Senator in the second bluest state (some may argue she's in deeper than Gardner), that Hillary barely won.

Every county in WV voted for Trump. He won by like 40 points.

With the help of Cambridge Analytica and Brad Parscale.

Can you give the full context of this quote?

Thats a REALLY big slip.

I think the likely explanation is he's a not-very-tech-savvy guy referring to the email thread that was released last week, and using the word "campaign" to describe it.

At my work the execs drive me crazy talking about email "strings" all the time: "were you copied on that string about..." They mean to say "thread" but have all settled into using a similar term.

I'm convinced that tRUmp never thought he would win the election. The whole "the election is rigged" and "I'll accept the results if I win" statements hint at what his career plans were post election.

The phrase "that involved an email campaign" is just so unnecessary in that word salad that I have to wonder if it was a Freudian slip.

You can very easily buy zip code data to append to email addresses in your own list. Mercers already had a huge marketing database with dozens of other variables as well. If Russian-authored fake news was combined with Kushner/Mercer targeting parameters, then people will go to jail, because that shit is expensive as hell to commission here in the States.

Congress has no control over it. Classification is solely under control of the Executive. The CIA was the issuer of Kushner's clearance and it would be their job to revoke it. They're probably staying as far away as possible so they don't look political.

Drain the Swamp!

I mean, lets be honest, you probably also wouldnt be even hired in the first place with Jared's complete lack of qualifications.

What are your specific complaints against her?

I don't agree with everything she does, but she is, to me at least, one of the most reasonable members of her party.

There is strong deference to the President on classification access authority because the President is the classification authority. Information classifications at all levels is a presidential delegated authority.

Shit. Us scrubs would be carted off for a tenth of what it happening here. They make that very clear in our yearly trainings. I just lost my computer for a week because they had to scrub it thanks to an arrant "reply all" with possible compiled classified attached within the chain.

What does "an email" campaign mean?

That communications were conducted via email?

The Ruskies helped the Trump Campaign send out targeted emails?

The Ruskies were hunting down HRC's emails?

Why is Collins even a Republican at this point? If the Dems were smart they'd try to get her to flip sides. She's obviously one of the most centrist people in the Senate.

I think it's just a slip. As in he's foreshadowing the next story because he's been in meetings prepping to be responsive to it. It's on his mind. I don't see it implied that reporters are hot on it yet.

Maybe I'm wrong. No doubt reporters are reading this thread and they'll be chasing this lead now.

Are you referring to one half of the Ivanka&Jared Team, who everyone credit being a normalizing influence on Trump?

Oh wow, now that's sinister. Holy shit. And if he brought it up it probably means NYT is going to report proof of it shortly.

Whoever is responsible for security clearances should already be fired!!!

The entire department has utterly failed and needs a complete overhaul.

I just scanned the Wikipedia page for examples of a "microtargeted email campaign" and I can't find anything like that. I know Russia used astroturfing and propaganda on social media and blog sites, but I haven't heard of a mass email operation. Do you have a source for that?

Try to put the cat back in the bag? That's a tough one.