College decisions

College decisions

At least she knew that she made the wrong decision and fixed it unlike some people

You kids have it easy. I had to walk half a mile in snow to submit my change of major with a paper form after that first accounting exam.

The lack of procrastination is inspiring

I mean, changing your major because you're confused during one lecture though? If she gives up that easily when things get hard that doesn't bode well for her later in life.

Of course, if she's consistently having a hard time then, sure, change your major, but the kind of impulsive quitting that's implied here is not what we should be encouraging.

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You don’t know what goes on inside her head so you can’t assume she’s purely confused. Maybe she felt something in her gut and immediately changed it. I’d like to think that, kinda motivational

And that girl? Albert Einstein.

Was it uphill both ways? In the midst of an actual blizzard?

Sometimes it was two simultaneous blizzards.


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I'm hoping that this was a freshman class.

Or maybe she had been thinking hard about it it for months and had just gotten back from a meeting with her advisor where they made it final for next semester. Or maybe it’s made up.

The “when to stick it out and when not to” part of this thread is great, but we know dick all about the situation in the post. It’s one tiny unverified fragment of a whole story that may or may not be real.

It was ten miles one way, and 100 back the other! Things were much harder back then.


Yeah, it just depends on how you read it I guess. I read it like she was confused during the lecture and changed because it was hard. Maybe that's what happened and maybe not.

My point is that sometimes you just gotta stick with it, especially when things get hard. If you take the easy way out all the time you're gonna have a harder, or at least less satisfying, life.



This is more of a tweet than a meme

A guy in a senior engineering class with me changed his major to business last November. He wasn't a stellar student but had about a 3.0 GPA. We're about to graduate, he's got 65 credit hours to go. Not sure if he just loves college or what, but damn.

It wasn't a major change, but I switched out of an accounting class mid-lecture because I couldn't understand the professor. Got up and left because my new class was earlier so I had the rest of the day off

We also can’t forget how big the calculators were. Had that brick in a backpack. Weighed 20 pounds. When you’re walking uphill in three feet of snow during two blizzards, it may as well weigh 200 pounds.

me too thanks

Had to be two blizzards, otherwise the wind would be to your back one of the ways.

You guys had calculators? Boy, back in my day all we had to calculate our equations were sun, moon, and stars. And don't even get me started on the journey to change my major. I lost six friends on the way to change mine and then I had to kill three men in the admissions office... with a pencil.


You have no idea if it was just one lecture though.

This is honestly my internal dialogue in some of those classes:

"pay attention and write down the important parts"

"well I guess you can do the notes tomorrow off the lecture slides"

"pay attention though so the notes will be easier tomorrow"

"That girl has that same snack on her desk everyday, I've never seen her open it"


"I think she buys them in bulk from costco or something"


I'm two classes short of graduating and attempting to transfer. It's kind of a long story but I'd have to stay in my hometown and live with my parents until the end of the year and the prospect of that literally makes me want to kill myself, and I'm already a couple years past when I would've graduated had it taken 4 years so at this point I feel like the extra time aspect isn't a big deal. I'm not looking to change my major but I've transferred before and it can mess things up a good bit so it probably seems like a stupid decision. It's not a great idea on paper but at the end of the day I feel like I have to do what's right for me and if that ends up meaning I transfer again then so be it.

No, I believe some universities allow you to while logged in to your student portal

True, just gotta press the "switch major button" on the laptop, super obvious when anyone does it

Me af