[Coley Harvey] Lonzo Ball was booed vociferously during pregame intros in Philly, and now he's getting booed every time he touches the ball.

[Coley Harvey] Lonzo Ball was booed vociferously during pregame intros in Philly, and now he's getting booed every time he touches the ball.
[Coley Harvey] Lonzo Ball was booed vociferously during pregame intros in Philly, and now he's ge...

With all due respect that should be a compliment in Philly.

inb4 Lonzo hits the game winner and Philly on suicide watch.

That's the most Philly thing ever

Bruh that was close

feel bad for the kid

kobe gets booed a lot in philly

I wish I could ignore the balls like my wife does

Lonzo taking a go ahead shot late in the 4th would be extremely irresponsible unless Philly had 8 players on the court and double teamed everyone else but him.

No, Philly had 8 players on the court and double teamed everyone else but him.

Lonzo passed it to someone else and they hit a game winner?

Why? This is nothing.

Me too honestly. He seems like a good dude but his dad is making it hard for people to like him with all the foolery going on lately.

Guess what just happened?

Philly is one of those cities that knows how to boo with respect sometimes

I hope they never change.

"Hey dad, I know you raised me for 20 years and taught me basically everything I know and trained me for a career in the highest level of professional basketball, but this guy on reddit told me to say fuck off so I can get his respect sry k thx"

Never change

I nailed the second part that shot killed me lol. GG lakeshow.

We might hurt his feelings if we boo him too much, the Philly crowd should start cheering instead.

Why though? Was it because what his dad just did? Cuz that shit was funny as hell https://twitter.com/Lavarbigballer/status/938892276863877121

vo·cif·er·ous·ly vəˈsif(ə)rəslē adverb

in a loud and forceful manner.

We won't

Seriously, it’s fucking Philly. It’s amazing that it’s even “News” that Philly is booing an opposing player. It’s like ESPN and half the people on this sub have never heard of Philadelphia before.

Seriously, if you're on the opposing team and getting booed, you're doing something right.

worse than when I dropped the last piece of cheesecake on the floor

better than when I stepped on my 4-sided die

Don’t downvote the fan for saying fuck off about a guy who beat his teams ass for years. Downvote the ones who actually think that player is a bad person or a “bitch” or some shit.

First of all, you’re throwing too many big words at me. And because I don’t understand them, I’m gonna take them as disrespect.

Money ain't everything.

It's a lot, but not everything.

So basically every big city in America.

Close enough. Assist to Ingram game-winner who, according to /sub/nba last year and the first few games of the season, was a bust

Lebron can fuck off.

That is correct, yes.

This is my gut reaction, then I remember how much money he is making and I don’t feel as bad.

I honestly have no idea why they're booing, I just wanted an excuse to post that gif

How the hell do the people in /sub/nba not realize that this is completely normal for Philly? Do you fuckers not watch games?

Why would they care? Isn't Philly mostly liberal?

Shoot your prediction was almost close. Got the game winning assist instead

He's twenty and he's his dad. He might not have recognized he's an ass or he may not want to make it seem like he disrespects him...

Lonzo's already said that he just have sort of learned to tune him out when Lavar "goes overboard".

You can hurt my feelings for a couple million a year

Or “Dad, could you be slightly less of a jackass every time a camera gets turned on?”

No it’s cause Lonzo and his dad refused to work out for anyone other than lakers. So Philly isn’t good enough to house Lonzo a talent lmao.

I dont know why you would take that to heart.

Kobe didn't spend his entire childhood in Philly, and he moved to LA when he was 17.

He has spent more than half his life in LA

Tbh if the Lakers keep this up they'll be booing the Sixers soon 😂

this dude gilded himself

Damn, this dude needs to give his family an ultimatum, as tough as that will be.

you drop and leave a lot of shit on the floor

There’s a reason for philly fans not to like Kobe. People hating Lonzo is trivial


Oh my god seriously.

  Here I did a quick google search:


In the 2nd quarter, the 76ers started playing better. One thing that I noticed was that the Sixers fans weree really booing the ex-76er, Jerry Stackhouse, and the booing went on throughout the entire game. I don't know why Philadlphia fans boo ex-players (Stackhouse didn't ask to be traded). I always look at box scores in the newspaper hoping they do well.


Sixers Fans Are Dedicated To Booing Kim Kardashian’s Former Husband


Sixers' Covington unfazed by boo birds


Desiigner Got Booed Off The Court By Sixers Fans


15 Years Ago Today, Sixers Fans Booed Beyoncé


Philadelphia Fans Boo Santa Claus


I mean seriously this isn't exactly new or anything particular to Lonzo

It's philly. They boo anything.

I would be surprised if he did that. He’s all about his family.

This will either make him much better, or much worse. Kids dad really made it difficult for him.

No he didn't.. He said it during the 2001 finals.

Booing Santa Claus is up there.

how bad

Talking shit on Lonzo and LaVar in the nba subreddit. You're so brave.

He did take the go-ahead shot late in the 4th though...he missed it.

hey we experience the same thing in LA whenever any LA native comes to play the lakers. and there's way damn more than one star. harden, westbrook, kawhi, etc. even stanley johnson goes off in staples for no reason

that being said, kobe still reps the eagles bigtime

Already Are

85% democrats in the city but some of the suburbs are less than 50%

I mean seriously. As a bulls fan reentering thing world from years of mailing it and focusing on the NFL it’s just nice to know that Philadelphia fans are just fucking awesome enthusiastic assholes fucking everywhere


Lonzo read my comment?

Close enough

Agreed. I like the kid, but he needs to grow a pair and tell his pops to fall back and STFU.

Which is stupid.

Lonzo hasn't done anything to indicate he is a bad person. I hate the Lakers, but I hope Lonzo succeeds.

People were still calling him a bust till the start of this year.

Hit those floaters in Embiid and Simmons’ faces tonight tho!

As long as you’re not throwing batteries or ice balls at him, it’s a plus.

good one

Yes. NBA scouts were convinced to draft him 2nd because of his dad.

Give me a break. His dad got him hyped up in the media but I doubt scouts give a shit about that.

And he can thank his dad for how the public treats him.

Nah, he's getting booed because he was too special to even come and workout for us pre draft.

It's less trivial than that. Lonzo/Lavar said he didn't want to be the #1 pick because he didn't want to play for the 6ers he wanted to play in LA. That's some quality boo material if you ask me.

he loves the place, it had more to do with him saying he will cut their hearts out in the '01 finals

Lol he’s done that countless times. But he says in the same breath that he supports him 100% and if it brings hate he doesn’t care, he can handle it. Really what do y’all want besides a better LaVar Ball?

Because there are much, much worse parents in the NBA. Wade’s mom was a heroin addict.

As Snoop put it, "His father put him in a lion's den with some pork chop draws on"

The guy was trying to act like Lonzo didn't take the shot. I'm giving context for the dozens of people who will read his comment and didn't watch the game.

This isn't a thing exclusive to Lonzo, we do this to other "notorious" players on opposing teams, especially ones Joel beefs with, such as Drummond the other night

They said this on the broadcast but this really isn't the case. People mostly dislike lonzo because of his dad's trash talk as well as Embiid and Simmons's public dislike of him