Cody Rhodes to ESPN about the 10,000 seat show: “We’ll have a date and a place within two weeks...Some of the stuff that we’ve already got on board -- not talent-based, but as far as people who are involved with this and people who have put some confidence in us, it’s just crazy."

Cody Rhodes to ESPN about the 10,000 seat show: “We’ll have a date and a place within two weeks...Some of the stuff that we’ve already got on board -- not talent-based, but as far as people who are involved with this and people who have put some confidence in us, it’s just crazy."
Cody Rhodes to ESPN about the 10,000 seat show: “We’ll have a date and a place within two weeks.....

For a not unrealistic idea- if they can get Okada in this show and put him against a guy he never faced before (like Penta... just spitballing here), and keep up the media that’s rolling in just from setting this show up, those fuckers might get this done.

I find this easier to believe than them getting Punk and Bryan for the show.

I really hope its near me, even if they cant do 10,000 this show will probably filled with great talent

I’m not the biggest fan of Cody and the Bucks, but I really admire what they’re trying to do here. Dusty would definitely be proud of Cody.

I hear HBK is coming out of retirement for the show also.

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan are having a post-show first blood match with Sting as the special ref, too.

CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson as Main Event confirmed

CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson in Philly, NYC, and especially Chicago will probably get 10k fans. This is a match people would travel to go see.

Exactly, I want to be part of that 10k show, but even if it isn't 10k, they are gonna put on an awesome show to try.

There record is 3.5k from Supercard of Honor earlier this year, which was man evented by The Hardys.

Kurt Angle really is gonna tap out Jesus Christ on this show

I reckon they could do it between RoH/NJPW talent and some special appearances.

Lol if CM Punk main scented an Indy show in a metro area like a Chicago, Philly, New York, they would fill any arena they wanted. You think watching CM Punk wrestle for the first time in 4 years wouldn’t sell out?

It's completely possible too IMO. They're starting the hype early, they're basically hoping/asking for 10k, and to be part of that audience feels like you're making history. I've only been to one live event in my life but this seems like a cool enough thing where you really want to make an effort to see it no matter what.

I bet it’ll be at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, a 9,500 seat arena plus floor space

Please be California please be California please be California

I love how short-sighted and close-minded some people in here are, like they know the future beyond any doubt whatsoever. A few things to consider:

These guys have probably been planning this way before we found out about it, and the fact that we even know about it now suggests that their early planning went well.

They're wrestlers, so will have access to plenty of talent via work relationships or just plain old friendships. This is important. I'm sure many 'favours' could be called in etc. Perhaps talent are gonna work for a lower rate just to see if this thing is viable and get in on the ground floor of potentially something special. Maybe if all goes well it can become an annual thing? Maybe ROH, NJPW, someone like Punk/Bryan have already verbally agreed to contribute? Point is, nobody knows the exact machinations of this except the people planning it, and I doubt they're gonna throw their cash on the line if they didn't think they had a serious shot at it.

Dismissing it out of hand as impossible is incredibly foolish. For example, if you said in 2008 just after The Dark Knight was released that Marvel would release Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 let alone the fact that it would out-gross a Justice League movie you'd have been laughed at then committed to an asylum. Hell, it's looking likely we'll see the X-Men and Fantastic 4 in the MCU soon, and we already have Spider-Man who people said was impossible. You'd think wrestling fans would know better. Same people said AJ would never go to WWE and he's WWE Champion right now, and Chris Jericho is getting ready to wrestle Kenny Omega at WK12 in 2018! Stranger things have happened, especially in wrestling!

To the people saying, "outside WWE it's been 20 years since a wrestling show drew 10k fans". First of all, how many have even tried? Second, were the circumstances the same? There's not really a precedent here.

And WWE may not let Bryan ever wrestle again, so it's really not as far-fetched as some believe for one of them to show up.

I really hope this succeeds. There very much seems to be a a vocal group of people on this sub who are against it for some reason that isn’t at all clear to me. Competition is only ever a good thing for wrestling.

If it’s in Chicago I might just make the drive to see what these crazy bastards are up to

ICW had some really big shows

The Bucks are good friends with Punk so wouldn't put it past them to try and get him to make an appearance.


Okada vs Penta? Please sir. I need to change my pants.

I don't know why people doubt they will sell out. They won't do the show in the middle of nowhere and just by getting Okada and/or Naito, plus Kenny, the Young Bucks and the top indie guys, they'd have enough star power to fill the venue. This without considering the very likely chance that they get Jericho and maybe Brian or Punk for a special appearence.

Wrestling out of wwe is in the best shape it's ever been in this century and this show will do well because it'll have a card you won't be able to see anywhere else maybe ever. There's enough star power avaivable for them to get this done.

I mean, his dad's never won a match, so obviously Jesus will lose as well.

And even if wwe were to let Bryan wrestle again, there's no reason he couldn't go do indies for a couple months to a year then go get paid in wwe. It's not like after a few months of killing it on the indies wwe would be like "nah we don't want Daniel Bryan anymore".


Gah, I'm just thinking about the teasers for it. Ugh, just a faint "do I have your attention now" with the date and name of the show.

Man, I love Okada and would pay some high bucks to see him. No way him against Penta fills up a 10k arena.

Because it's been like 20 years since a non-WWE promotion drew 10,000 people to a wrestling event in the US?

Some of the UK indies have done it. No American Indy has done it in a very long time

Why though?

Fuck yeah I’d travel from Boston to see that.

CMLL has existed longer than WWE. WWE should be paying royalties to CMLL

According to Matt Jackson, Punk said if he ever wants to get back into wrestling they're the first guys he'll call

Jesus did stab John Cena tho

Yea I might make a road trip out of it as long as it is a decent trip distance.

Cody vs okada rematch, cody goes over!!!

no way unless they have CM Punk's first time in a ring since WWE wrestling or not. Has to be Chicago or NY or forget it.

I'm really excited to hear about it and hope they do well. Hope they can get some top NJPW guys over as well as top indie guys. Make it like an even bigger PWG show. Would be really cool to get some interactions you may not ever get anywhere else like Naito/Penta