Coca-Cola grants permission to two men In Beaumont, Texas -- a city with no water -- to steal bottled water from the company's warehouse

Coca-Cola grants permission to two men In Beaumont, Texas -- a city with no water -- to steal bottled water from the company's warehouse
Coca-Cola grants permission to two men In Beaumont, Texas -- a city with no water -- to steal bot...

I don't think they understand the definition of "steal."

Going in to a Coke warehouse to get bottled water, I can imagine how the conversation went.

"Touch Nothing But The Lamp"

"Take" but stealing gets more clicks.

So "coca cola gives water to people" ?

Can't be stealing if you tell them to take's donated.

I suppose there could be validity to the title though: "We're telling you we're not going to bust you for breaking and entering or trespassing if you break into our locked building to take the water we told you to take".

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I would say it's more permission for breaking and entering since that's really what damage Coke is taking.

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Then that's not stealing.


I shouldn't be saying this. Irma's about to fuck my ass.

Edit: Houston: Man this storm is bad Florida: Hold our beer you pussies

As with every thing on Reddit. especially /sub/jokes

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Yah cause if I tell my friend he can have my Xbox that doesn't mean he can break into my house to get it. They're getting permission to break in

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I could buy 4 liters of coke for the price of a small bottle of dasani

One aspect, water needs to be stored in a food grade warehouse. Food grade warehouses have a ton requirements. I am betting that even minor flooding meant all of the product in this warehouse could not be sold to consumers. And while this was certainly a good gesture on the part of Coca Cola, they would probably be happy to get the contents of that warehouse removed for free.

The click-baity way the article words it, it almost sounds like entrapment.

Tell people they can "steal" Prosecute them later for knowingly stealing.

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It's not B&E if there is no intent to commit a crime. They have permission to take the property so it's not a crime.

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Basically, whoever made the decision isn't a complete idiot. A few hundred to a few thousand dollars of damage in exchange for feel good advertising to tens of millions of people, and sidestepping a potential backlash had they said 'no'.

poor man coca-cola

I don't think they understand the definition of "no water". Texas has a lot of problems right now, but "no water" is not one of them. "No drinking water" ... ok.

No, it isn't stealing. They still had to break in though, granted with permission, still newsworthy.

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The word "steal" gets more clicks on /sub/jokes?

Someone in Houston "man, I'm thirsty."

Hurricane Harvey "I got you, fam."


But most likely they will have to break in. The warehouse isn't just unlocked.

Can't tell if shilling ironically or for real

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Well technically a repost is stealing, and they get the most clicks on that whole sub.

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If you "Give your friend permission to break in" then by every definition, they are not breaking in.

Except its the absolute literal definition of breaking in. Not the legal definition, but out of literally all the literal comments on reddit this is the most literal.

Nope not even that. Article says that Coca Cola told some rescue workers there was a shitload of water in there, but couldn't get it themselves due to flooding surrounding it. Told them to go get it. So yeah

CC: uh guys, we have a shitload of water for you guys Media; guys stole Coca Cola after cc told them to get the water.

I figure it's a way to sidestep liability. If Coca-Cola sells the water then they're responsible for its quality. If the guy steals it then he takes it "As-is" and also gives up the tight to sue. Coca-Cola also gets to write off the loss at full value even though the water is probably worthless as a commercial product now. They probably gave permission to enter their property.

I jut left Beaumont Texas and couldn't give water away.

They got the water restored on Saturday night/Sunday morning and because of the news that their water went out every dude and his brother showed up w trailer loads of water. I thought I was going to have to drive all the way back to New Orleans with the 6.000 lbs of water I brought over there because I was literally being turned away.

The Canned goods and baby stuff went super quick tho.

Guessing you live in South floruda

That probably saved them more on advertising than two full warehouses of bottled tap water.

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But is it still a B&E if they are given permission to be there? It literally is breaking and entering, but is it legally? I think not, but I'm also not even kind of a lawyer.

Yeah... Okay.

If coca cola didn't give permission they should take it anyways. When you are in a disaster zone and people will die without water, the [insured] bottom line of a multi billion dollar multinational corporation is beyond irrelevant. It shouldn't be any concern at all

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But they wouldn't be prosecuted because entrapment.

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If you "Give your friend permission to break in" then by every definition, they are not breaking in.

Even if, for example, they bust down your door. IF you gave them permission to enter your house and get the Xbox, then they technically are not breaking and entering (but they are a dick for breaking your door... unless you told them they could)

"soda company buys PR for the bulk cost of some water" gets even less. Given the toll that weight and diabetes has been taking in texas it's pretty obvious they want any good PR they can get.

Dasani typically does score high on blind taste tests. Evian and Arrowhead suck.

Fun fact, Coca Cola will have their own water treatment plants to ensure consistent taste regardless of where their products are made.

That also assumes people knew it was there, to ask for it, for Coke to say no. Knineteen's right though, they were never bringing that to retail anyways, but offering it up to the desperate was a good thing to do. They haven't even lost a few hundred to a few thousand....their insurance was going to pay for everything, including the door/window/locks, so might as well break them.

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Jokes on them, it was really Pepsi executives providing authorization.

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They probably did it retroactively. Those guys stole the water, coca cola company heard what happened, and they told the police (and the press) that they give them permission.

need to keep the customers alive if they're gonna stay customers.

No one in florida knows what part of the state they live.

well excuse me Mr Bill Gates

Anything companies do is pure evil, amirite? Good thing about capitalism, though, it causes evil people to do good actions by making them in their own interest.

only time entrapment is a defense is when the trap was set by a govt agency. a private business can do it all they want

If coca cola didn't give permission they should take it anyways.

Agreed. if I'm on the jury for anyone stealing food, water, hygiene, or survival supplies from a store or factory I would never convict.

Stealing non-survival goods? I'm much less lenient and lean towards shooting on sight.

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It's sort of a play off the "F.U.N." song mixed with the discovery channel commercial or it could be Himmler's lullaby. It's kind of a grey area.

Playing the semantics game and missing the flooded city described as "a city with no water"

Good job.

Hmm. I see. But how well would that hold up in court? "We told them they were welcome to go to the plant and take what water they wanted. Prosecute them, please."

The best kind of correct.

Nice try, Mr. Coca-Cola rep.

but I'm also not even kind of a lawyer.

Don't worry. 90% of reddit isn't either and is just filled with /sub/badlegaladvice gold most of the time (see: this thread).

I've given up trying to educate people anymore, I just post the stupid shit they say there and we all have a good laugh.

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You're an awesome human being. Thank you. People like you are a huge reason these storms aren't a lot more catastrophic.

if you give permission to something, you can still be held reliable. at least lawyer will try. best way is to just not press any charges. writing it off as a loss is also problematic cause it could be considered fraud

That's because most original jokes are pretty shit. Occasionally we'll see an awesome OC but it's pretty rare.

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It wouldn't at all. If coca cola went to press charges there would likely be perjury charges for any person's involved, any DA who actually filed the charges despite knowing that they were granted permission would be in seven kinds of shit, Coke would get sued to shit, and the persons charged may be able to get a case for malicious prosecution. There's also a non zero chance that any lawyer involved gets their ass disbarred.

Also it would likely get dismissed before trial in most places.

Texas actually has laws about this kind of thing in emergency situations. They likely could have just taken the water anyway without consequences as long as it was strictly for survival.

But I needed this computer, satellite internet, and a generator to post dank memes on reddit. It was a matter of life or death, your honor.

Because that is all that could fit on the boat? I would hope they go back and get more.

Or did they take 14 pallets of water? The writer doesn't know what steal means; maybe the doesn't know the difference between a case and a pallett? If the stuff was sitting in the warehouse, waiting to be shipped, they may have been sitting on pallets (which could hold many many cases) Though pallets usually require a forklift so maybe not.

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Seriously? I love Coke products but Dasani is the worst bottled water! I prefer Poland spring.

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Half of what motivated me to go do that was a late stage capitalism meme that asked if we should rely on socialism or the free market to fix Harvey.

What I found to be amazing was the half of Beaumont was carrying on as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile a proverbial army of surrounding states country boys were there digging the neighbors out. I was just really surprised at the amount of people who would allow other people to come and dig their own neighbors out of trouble while meanwhile offering no help.

Doubt they would have been able to sell that stock anyway. Why not turn the loss into a gain of PR. Plus the actual helping of people of course.

Yeah, this is not theft. They have permission.

What a lousy headline.

You can still get dirty water in the threads under the cap, if the warehouse floods. People put their mouths on that part so they have the potential to get very sick. Better not to sell that stuff and risk the lawsuit.

tell your friend "keys are in the ignition. take the car, insurance will pay me so i can buy a new one" would maybe be a felony insurance fraud. i'm just saying they can say "doors are open take the water" as long as they don't try to involve insurance and get paid for the "stolen" goods

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