CN vs NA Allstars - Sneaky saves Baron

CN vs NA Allstars - Sneaky saves Baron
CN vs NA Allstars - Sneaky saves Baron

Jesus christ why the fuck do Sneaky and Hauntzer play so well together

they were both on the "who's the most attractive" question on This or That obviously

He plays Jhin so I guess he preferred the quadra more /s

Play of the tournament in day one holy shit.


Leave it to C9 to carry NA out of groups. <3 Sneaky

This shit had my screaming. That Q 4th shot on MF was disgusting.

only to have TSMs jungler drag the team down

Hauntzer's GNAR set that up pretty well. Both of them have been playing like absolute beasts this game.

I was drinking tea but now it's out of my nose and onto my keyboard.

Jhin players who get penta = bad Jhin players

Hauntzer/Svenskeren/Jensen/Sneaky/Smoothie is actually such a nasty team wth

DL: "Sneaky in lane lul"

Sneaky: "Doublelift in groups LUL"

if he hit that W twitch chat might have had an aneurysm

Don't worry he's on TSM soon he will become a passive jg that only wards for mid

Bjerg doesn't know when to engage

Mike Yeung doesn't know when not to

Couldn't - that W would have given him a penta, and the Jhin Gods would have frowned upon him.


So C9 hauntzer next split confirmed?

Sneaky too into his character he left it at a QuadraFOUR!

both of them has been outside the spotlight too until the past year where they cemented themselves as the best of their role

Yeah he definitely would like some words, like " I wish I could be better than sneaky " or " I cut my own hair while sneaky is beautiful" or " wow he is the most accomplished ad in my region"

more like:

Sneaky in lane lul

Doublelift in game LUL






You mean TSM midlaner? That was an awful performance by Bjergsen.

MikeYeung had no clue when to engage and when not to.

That game was too hype to pause and re-heat my tea, so I'm fine ty for asking.

Yea MikeYeung was way too aggressive that game and cost NA a couple of big deaths. He had a good gank botside early but after that he was very meh on J4

if he hit the classico sneakyw maybe

We made the right call guys.

He just welcomed all of China to his butthole.

With their powers combined....

They both feed!

Jhin: qaudra > penta

one of the best plays of the year honestly


hot tea?

is your nose alright?

Shut up dio

Recency bias for sure here. Sven has been great on carry junglers his whole career, ardent meta eliminated his best champions and severely limited a junglers ability to snowball a game due to games going upwards of 40mins on average.

the exact same thing should be said about bjergsen.

what is a malz other than a walking flash ult?

Whats he gonna say?? Admit sneaky is better??

Bjerg plays like he's afraid of everything when he's not against a bottom tier NA team

Yes /s

holyshit sneaky

Agreed but sneaky is the real sung mvp. That guy has just gotten better and better and better, it's kind of scary lol.

Yea, I know what you mean, Sven is MUCH better than Svenskeren...

NA always shows up really well at all stars.

If he hit that I might have had an aneurysm.

Fuck if he landed that W for the penta


Sneaky showcasing why he's the NA rep.

Mike "Ward bot" Yeung

please continue to ignore every international performance of the two

I was watching in my math lecture and just did a little silent clap

And people always kept voting for Doublelift, lol.

Bebe's penta then this... What a way to welcome Jhin back into the meta.

Not to mention, that it was hauntzer who set this play up

Classic NA with the good-looking plays but when you're all hyped up, they throw :D

Didn't do him much good against international teams that have actual team synergy...

Nose looking like garden hose.

he doesn't play exciting picks. Where's the zed? Where's the talon?? It seems like its only syndra/orianna/galio