Clock Clock

Clock Clock

Gross this makes me uncomfortable.

This makes me oddly frustrated. I think because it moves so slowly. Like, just fucking change time already.


No no no no I hate this

Why does the bottom half of the 8 take so long to get organised?!!

It looks like it wants to be a 7 but then changes its mind to be an 8. why?!

Surely if it changed every minute it would have already been a 7 before and wouldn't need to be a half a 7 when it changed would it??!

TBH I would have preferred a 7 to see how the diagonals worked.

Also obligatory /sub/gifsthatendtoosoon.

01/58. Would not watch again.

Readable for just 1 second every minute.

Eugh, made me anxious for some reason.

What is this I don't even

Good human

The mini clocks form numbers

How does one read this?

Wow, totally didn't see this was animated. Thought it was a still photo. Thanks!

How my clock looks after I take an Ambien...