Cliff diving or jumping but either way...

wouldnt be surprised if that killed him

What brains?

Eleven could have saved him...

I had a friend fracture vertebrae off a 50 ft cliff. This dude is probably looking at a lot worse...

The way they hit the water kinda sideways near the end makes me feel like their brains would just shoot right out the other ear

this looks like the spot where Stranger Things was filmed

Feet first with toes pointed is ideal.

I feel like your understanding of free-falling objects is much better than your understanding of hydrodynamics and anatomy.

Actually, it looked to be about halfway between diving and jumping. Couldn't tell if he hit on his back or his front. I timed his fall 10 times and came up with an average of 2.7 seconds. This calculator site states that based on that time of fall he fell from a height of 117 feet and was going almost 88 feet per second (60 mph) when he hit the water. If he stopped in a distance of about 1-2 feet, he experienced a force of at least 200 g's, which is easily sufficient to make mush out of one's insides.

The lady that took the video said:,vYJ7xYp,XdWmxLw

he didn't come up on his own
his friends pulled him up
he was alive and breathing on their boat
she called 911
he left in an ambulance and she didn't hear any further updates 
she watched the news and no reports of his death were published

The lady that took the video said:

he didn't come up on his own his friends pulled him up he was alive and breathing on their boat she called 911 he left in an ambulance and she didn't hear any further updates she watched the news and no reports of his death were published

I know a guy who jumped from a 131 foot cliff. The impact pretty much ripped his calf muscle off of one of his legs and gave him a compound fracture. It looks like a shark bit a chunk out of his leg now.

Here's an article from 2003 about it:

Yup, fatsupreme is correct. Especially from those heights. I will usually wear water shoes in case I land flat footed so I don't split my feet open. I've received abrasions from hitting the water wrong. When my buddy fractured his vertebrae it was because he landed flat on his back. As far as the cannonball situaton I would be worried about knocking myself out on my knees. The force from hitting the water can knock ya pretty good, and I imagine even if your back is rounded you could still get the wind knocked out of you....not ideal when under water lol

He bothered to sit there and calculate all that, then just pulled the 1-2 feet out of his arse and ruined it

If you have to use your hand to plug your nose before going under water, you probably shouldn't be jumping off 100ft cliffs.

The best decision Ive ever made was not making my first cliff jump ever the 70ft one that all my friends were doing. Fuck that shit.


I think you've mixed up different incidents. is the original video posted 8/31/13. In the runup to the disaster, his friends are talking to a male. In the YouTube comments the original poster says that he didn't come to the surface on his own and friends had to pull him into the boat, after which they took off to meet an ambulance. She doesn't know whether he lived or not. The article you posted is from early July, 2013 and clearly refers to a girl being taken by paramedics in a boat.

I always wore water shoes too when we were jumping the bigger cliffs. I cannon balled off about a 40 footer one time and kneed myself in the face busting my lip wide open. Would not recommend.


Literally just finished the season. It still hurts stop.

He needs some onion soup.

The loudest splat you ever heard.

Video linked to time.

Before you criticize him on his understanding of hydrodynamics and anatomy, listen to the smack.

You would have gotten to make out with Kelley O'Reilly if you had. Pussy.

He ain't stopping in 1-2 feet though.

I'm sure it broke bones, collapsed lungs, ruptured organs and shit, but it didn't "Make mush out of his insides" , it just damaged them, badly.

those YT comments ...

"anyone know what happened to him?"

"yeah his friends put butter and maple syrup on him and ate him"


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Not to mention, a super enema is extremely painful, and can cause severe rectal damage with water being forced in at high speed.

He had no business doing that... Clearly someone told him that you have to go in straight and stiff but he stiffened up WAY too soon.

I did that once when trying to cannonball into a pile of leaves... It looked a lot more fun in the cartoons

If you like enemas on an industrial strength scale than yes ...cannonball

The other first timer had bigger balls than me and almost died. He hit the water about 15degrees from verticle. His swim shorts got completely shredded and he had huge bruses down one side of his body for a few weeks.

Everyone else had been jumping off tall things into water for most of their lives so they were all fine.

I should add that there is a list of 20 or so names of everyone that's died jumping off that spot posted along the trial as you're climbing up to it.

Eleven and she was gone....

...Alternate ending?

Or your dad's erection

Same, finished about 20 minutes ago... I am a broken man.

For your answer to #4 see #5

Geez...more like cliff dying

Hahaha I forgot about those... or not keeping your legs closed.... people will think you're dead, but really you're just trying to will your balls back into your sack.

Eleven is when we waved goodbye

There are only two categories in cliff diving. There's 'Grand Champion' and 'Stuff on a Rock.'

-Norm MacDonald

She also said "Reports suggest that he maybe did die in hospital but that the wrong lake was reported, I have no confirmation on this. I hope that's not the case and he somehow survived and recovered."

"Various people said that the paper got the location wrong but that he did or that he just simply could not have survived it and yet others say no didn't or no one knows."

So who knows -

It's not an enema. it's called a holistic deep cleansing.


Eleven is standing still. Waiting for me to free him by.....coming home.

When I see someone swim underwater with their nose plugged with their fingers, I assume that they don't swim much at all.. Not nearly enough to be jumping 80 feet into water

He pizza'd when he was supposed to french fry.

I was told by a lifeguard when we were jumping off of the pier that you do not want to cannonball. The water displaced by your butt can rush back in and impact your skull hard enough to give you a concussion. And that was from a much lower height than in the gif.

So I'd say no cannonballs.

did he dived?

El didn't make it there in time.

Spotted the guy whose never been swimming

Here is an article on the incident and here is the video

(She) lived

He need some milk.

was it Barb?

was it ?

Blow air out of your nose, nancy

Bingo -- you have to flail a bit and stabilize yourself. This guy had no business trying this jump.

He dint haz a shoe at top. Is died.

Spoiler alert!

Especially if there is a fire hydrant under the leaves. It leaves a mark

You don't seem to grasp how swimming works.

Yeah he stiffened up too soon, so the wind resistance turned him over.

That's just too much drop unless you're a highly trained diver and as fit as an Olympic athlete. Not being injured would be sheer dumb luck for an average Joe(sephine).

Do you mean that he was a stiff before he got the water?

Sailors are trained to do this in order to protect the soft vitals (femural artery, genitals, colon, etc.) from being damaged from debris or objects in the water. Most of the time, you wouldn't be jumping off the ship unless something bad happened.

Appears I did! good catch

15m my ass, look more like 35-40m

at great enough speeds water isn't much better than concrete for a human, newspaper or not.

The best decision Ive ever made was not making my first cliff jump ever the 70ft one that all my friends were doing. Fuck that shit.

The worst decision I've ever made was doing that very thing. Ended up in the hospital with a fractured sternum and T-12 vertebra. Stupidest thing I have ever done. I'm usually not the sort to be a thrill-seeker, and now I can guarantee I never will be. I take every opportunity I can now to tell people to take a hell of a lot of care when considering cliff jumping.

I am sorry but you are not understanding. I would ignore it but for the fact that you've gotten several upvotes which probably mean that others are making the same mistake that you've made. It also appears that someone, mostly likely you, has downvoted a reply to your comment from U/oh_shaw.

That comment is correct. The man was falling at nearly 60 mph and stopped all but instantaneously when he hit the water because he landed on his front or his back instead of nicely knifing in. That's all we care about. How much speed was lost in how much time? That's all you need to know to calculate how many G's the man's body experienced. The more velocity is gained or lost and the shorter the time it is gained or lost in, the higher the G's experienced by whatever object has undergone the change in speed. Your approach is to ask where that energy of motion was spent when that doesn't count at all. Think about it.

Man like........ That dudes dead, alright. Did you hear that smack? He may as well have dove into the sidewalk from two storeys...

oh man i cringed at that sound. There's no way he isn't fucked or dead from that.

Lol, you referenced squattypotty.