Clever stop motion animation movie

Source if anybody is interested

There was a time when I wanted to do claymation. Then I looked up how it's made. This guy probably spent months on this 30 second clip

It’s such a great hobby. You toil all weekend and then Sunday night you get to sit back and watch twenty hours of tedious work go by in 3 seconds.

Parks and Rec had a too-real scene about how fun and rewarding animation is as a pastime.

It should be against every sub's rules to not include a link to the source in the text of a post. Thanks for doing the right thing, imDezii.

See ya later. Going to look up a video on how these are made.

I spent four months animating the whole thing. There are a few more sequences than this, but yes, it took me a while :(

Probably twice as much,its 56 seconds long

Or to post entire videos in gif format. This person spent an absurd amount of effort on this clip and out of the tens of thousands that will watch the gif maybe a few hundred will click through and watch the source. Anyone that's seen the gif will be less likely to watch the video in the future because they'll see the thumbnail and already know they've seen it.

Dude probably started this a few days out of the womb

Yass I finished it three days ago!! Thank you very much. Means a lot

The video is actually 3.5 minutes long :O

Views on Youtube is the most important thing for me right now, yes, but a few thousand views here and there doesn't matter at all. I am just super happy to get posted, and that people enjoy my work!

I compared it to Avatar!

This is what a Tool video would look like if they played in major keys.

What Ben Wyatt expected his claymation to end up like

You made this? Thats awesome!

The handle on the well turns as the ground shakes from the tree chopping. Subtle details are great.

How do they do the pieces in the air? Like when he chops wood, it's in the air for quite a few frames. Unsure how that works here.

This is so fluidic. Don't even want to think of the number of pictures taken to do something at this level

I'm sorry I didn't immediately cite your wonderful work, I saw it on an instagram post basically in gif form and didn't know who created it. You are insanely talented!

This was 3 weeks of my life...

I love how he moves, he had to swing and drag the axe around like it's so heavy. Nice acting from just some fingers and clay!

Tell me about using the hand/arm. The smoothness of its movement made me consider if the whole thing was CG.

Maybe you filmed it separately from the other props and reduced the framerate to fit the stop motion style?

Stand in the place where you work.

Means a lot. Thank you so much :)

I animated every day for four months! I've never worked for so long on anything before, but I kind of liked it. It was torture, but I loved it.

Thank you!

Fuck that. I want to know how he caught such a big fish in what was only a buckets worth of water!

I've seen a lot of behind the scenes videos of stop motion. Lots of times they will have scaffolding or third hand tools that they photostop out afterwords. Fishing line moves too much and is very visible with close shots like this.

Could just be held with fishing line and hung

You shouldn't have converted the whole video to a gif with no watermark or source video or anything.

There's no credit to the creator that likely spent a month creating this.

Here's the source video:

lol this is one i had to look up-- was not disappointed

You will get through these dark times. I'm glad I could take the pain away for a few minutes!

Tbh I just meant 'smooth'

Ironically, "gifs" nowadays are really MP4 videos without sound. There's no such thing as a gfy or a gifv, it's really just HTML5 playing back mpeg videos.

And how could it not be longer!!!

Stand in the place where you live...

Requiem for a Tuesday

Did you pause it?

"I loved to be tortured"

- u/guldies 1/13/17

Thank you ever so much :)

I made everything myself. Five or six sound effects were downloaded from Freesound(dot)org. You can read which ones in the youtube description. But other than that I recorded everything myself in my laundry room. Perfect sound isolation!!

The same guy who made this animation has made several walkthroughs and tutorials on how to make these. I didn't have time to watch it again but I remember it to be something like this. He first takes a picture where there's nothing in the scene. He then animates it until the object should be in the air and then he puts clay or something under the object. After that he erases the object(s) you shouldn't see and edits the shadows etc. so it looks like it really is in the air.

Thank you so much for posting source. I didn't know I got posted until now!

Can we get the link to the actual video? I’m fascinated by the detail he put into the bounce of the weight of the axe, the ripples in the water... To take that level of physics into account in “claymation” is Godly.

You just meant "fluid" and tried to adjectify it.

“fluidic” ... did not know this word. It is a noun.

of, relating to, or being a device (such as an amplifier or control) that depends for operation on the pressures and flows of a fluid in precisely shaped channels

Well done my friend! Your animation calmed my anger and depresive toughts, thank you really much.

Those sound effects are orgasmic.

Stand in the place where y...

I love how he gave weight to everything.

I've fallen in love building miniature stuff recently. This was a true passion project, and I'm so glad people enjoy it!! To mix it with my experience in stop motion is just surreal. I love it.

I made a promise many years ago that I will never ever ever stop. I will keep animating and creating things forever <33

Oh I made it! I will upload a behind the scenes video as soon as I can!

That was a whole month of my life

I'm far less likely to watch a video, though.

No, it's not OK! This took me two weeks!

Bad bot It's 2018

I compared it to Avatar!

Can I ask how much time this took to make?

The water coming out of the well was amazing.

Amazing that people have the patience and creativity to do stop motion.

Stand in the pl-

And finished it days before he turned 100

Yes it was! Different colored paper :)

I love the attention to detail with the axe bounce

I also found it very relaxing and it brought out childlike feelings of the imagination I use to have building happy little scenes out of clay and pretending they came to life.. it's a new feeling for me watching that, and I hope you do more!

sometimes it's a major deal, sometimes minor

You’re right, that was blatant adjectification.

Given that a few hundred people upvoted the link to the source, I think we can conservatively estimate that at least a thousand clicked it. And those are first order views, not counting the people those viewers will share with, and those people, and so on.

Also, it's not the entire video.

I do think it sucks that so much stuff gets shared around without giving credit to the creator, but I also think it's better than if it weren't shared at all.

Who deserves the priority, the person who makes an awesome thing and publishes it to a platform you can freely view it on, or the person scrolling through reddit complaining about the free media they consume not being in a convenient enough format? No offence to you personally, just making a statement.

Everyone's saying fishing line. I think it might be easier to have some sort of strut holding it, but positioned so that it's invisible from the camera's point of view. A simple pin would do it.


Lil bit of clay maysh

OOOH thank you!! So fun to keep seeing love for magic water <3

Now if only I didn't have to load an entirely new website to view the one with sound. If they would make links available to watch the original in a format like this, people wouldn be losing views...but noooooo...everyone wants you to load their site, so they can plant their tracking cookies, and serve you their ads.

HTML5 soundless video is a much easier form of media to consume.

I actually sort of like it. Feels weirdly happy, but quite uneasy at the same time. Especially in the context of how dark the original song is.

It's like walking towards an event you know is going to be horrible, but having a positive outlook regardless, knowing what you have to do. Making the best of a bad situation. Bizarro world.

Nice spotting, I had to go back for that one.

I had to look it up too. This is pretty fucking cool.

That’s really awesome! I’m glad it’s getting praised, because it really deserves it. Was it all just you or did you have any help with foley or anything?

Man, that Major/Minor theming is a big deal

Tool has creepy music videos, at least one of which was stop motion: , and their music is usually in a minor key.

It's a comment on the style of this animation which fits Tool's style, except it's happy.

The creator Guldies actually has some really well made tutorial videos in his channel as well! Shows the process and how he uses the software to aid in keeping everything aligned and consistent!

Thats all?! You see in my head, this was really cool!

Oh thank you! Means a lot :)

Nice job! The texture of the clay reminds me of W&G :)

Sounds like an adjective to me.

You have a real talent for making stuff that's both entertaining and relaxing at the same time. I hope you keep making more!

It's super difficult with a human body, but I tried to minimize the frames where things had to be animated and my hand had to move at the same time. I often animated things moving and my hand seperately, to easen the pain! videos are the fucking worst for this. Why can't I load just the video instead of this bloated enormous page full of comments? I go to the comments to view the comments, I click the link to watch the video. Why are you resizing it down so small? This video was originally 720p, why are you putting it in a little box? Just give me the mp4 and let my browser play it natively! Let my browser, which knows my screen resolution and dpi, window size, etc, render it for me instead of your shitty lightbox?

Anyway, to be fair, gfycat and imgur's gifvs both load a html page with javascript tracking shit on it. They've just got enough sense to keep it simple and not put a ton of other bloated crap on the page.

Look up guldies on YouTube

Also /u/guldies

Ya it's amazing how he managed to make it look like it had weight to it

likely spent a month creating this.

4 months -

I will try to show how every sequence was made!! I'm taking my time making videos tho, but it will get uploaded sooner or later <3

RuneScape tutorial island!

Got more impressive as it went on.

I've been watching your YouTube videos for such a long time. I can't believe how talented you are. I just wanna say thanks for your content.

Edit: a word

PES is my hero forever. I can't thank you enough. Much love!!!


While it's entirely possible it was intentional it only moves once and could easily have been a mistake from it getting bumped between frames.

I’m not 100% who this is but if you guys want to see good stop motion videos look up PES on YouTube. He’s pretty amazing with his work

He probably meant "fluid" in its adjectival form.

It definitely makes the cut.