CLC - 7th Mini Album 'Black Dress' (Concept Images #1)

CLC - 7th Mini Album 'Black Dress' (Concept Images #1)

This is like the classy version of 'Crystyle'. Elkie is so gonna slay me. HYPE.

wow they're out to slay

i'm so shocked at Seunghee tho.. i didn't completely recognize her

OH SEUNGHEE!!!!!!!!!!! She looks amazing without bangs! I'm loving the visuals and I'm excited for this comeback. Let's hope this brings CLC's first win!

Seunghee does seem to have lost a bunch of weight, but these pictures are also probably heavily photoshopped.


Is it me or does Sorn and Seunghee look slimmer than usual? Also, Elkie is elegance.

Gosh, they all look beautiful

But Elkie, Sorn and Seungyeon in particular

So excited!

Yeah, same here! She’s my bias and I wasn’t certain who she was until I read the comments. She looks great but quite different