Clathrus Archeri, a fungus straight out of a horror film that appears to hatch from an egg sack is 🔥🔥🔥

Clathrus Archeri, a fungus straight out of a horror film that appears to hatch from an egg sack is 🔥🔥🔥

indigenous to Australia and New Zealand

Because of course it is.

They’re stinky too, like decomposing corpse stinky

Stranger things, definitely stranger things

What continent is that from so I make sure never to go there?

"Stinky" is a bit of an understatement. This odor might be the most awful thing I've ever waffed. These things smell like Satan's asshole. They grew a lot in red mulch, and if you get that green shit on you, it's worse than a skunk and just as hard to get off.

Oh, so it's also both poisonous and venomous?

Probably likes to rape then eat it's pray too

Edit: This creature does bless the rains prior to it's rape tendencies. I believe it's called the "Roy Moore" in American science communities.

On a yearly basis, how often do you smell Satan's anus?

Here's a video of it... Hatching?

Every day, as a Satanist it is a form of worship for us. Ass worship if you will, it's very meditative.

They should definitely check to see if Will is in there.

I like to eat my prayers as well.

I'm just glad they can die.

The black stuff is probably spores though...

Do they just...shrivel and die?

Sooo, edible?

Good idea, although having an entire cultivated field of these things on your property sort of screams "murderer" in and of itself.

Every day, as a Satanist it is a form of worship for us. Ass worship if you will, it's very meditative.

It's the sweet, gentle music continuing to play while that fucking HORRIFYING thing emerges and swells.


We have them in Florida. They smell worse than shit 10 fold. We call them stink horns. If you cut them they will slowly ooze out a even more noxious odor.


So a murderer could theoretically sow a field/small forest with these to keep dogs off of the scent of a mass grave. (Not a murderer)

in maturity it smells like putrid flesh

Of course it does...

So yeah. That will be haunting my nightmares for the next month. 🔥🔥🔥

Looks like a baby Graboid!!

It rapes, but it saves.

Used to have a few of these on my coffee farm in Hawaii ~5 years ago... always tripped me out and they smelled like a dead fish. Glad they found a new home 😧

I can still hear the Winona screams from episode 1 "WILL!! WILLLL!! WILLLLLLL"

Looks like it probably fucks you.

Obviously that's what Stranger Things meant by the "upside down"

i hope next season is all about will being perfectly safe, taking long naps and finding a cute boyfriend/girlfriend (idk his preference)

I always imagined Satan's asshole smelled like burnt marshmallow.

By "always imagined" I mean just right now.

A Marker from dead space

Calm down there, pastor

Yeah, the black goo on the tendrils contains spores and the smell attracts insects to the fruiting body. The primary purpose of the fruit above ground is to spread spores which are spread pretty effectively by flies.

From orbit. Burn it from orbit.

protect him

Bout tree fiddy

Finally getting some action.

This actually made them more terrifying.

It works so well.

Stick...stick your dick in it?

Fungus hatches from eggs and has tentacles.... I am sure evolution is random now.

I had some in California, they didn't stink and they'd be gone by the afternoon and my garden seemed to benefit. The first time I saw them tho, I wasn't sure what I was looking at, maybe a dead animal or a dmt leak in the brain.

What about if you burn it?

Georgia too. They show up often in my mulched beds. Disgusting!!

Throw some Swans over that and suddenly it's the intro to a horror movie

Oblivion IRL.

ooh bb just like that

Yes, they're real. They're literally called Stinkhorns and IIRC they stink because they attempt to mimic the smell of carrion to attract insects such as flies and beetles to disperse spores.

Maybe that's why I love eating ass so much

That makes it more horrifying.


I see what you did there.

i’m never drinking coffee again

Florida: Where people dump invasive species.

Wtf is with this minecraft music? It’s freaking me out.

*Googles the Chris Hansen of serial killer investigators catch phrase

edit: I also assume your odds would at least improve, not sure if the stench can stop a trained dog from finding a dead person entirely though

Eating ass = Satanism

You mean "so I can plant a perimeter of these around my house"

But it rapes more than it saves

So it's a flower for the Upside Down then

So it's real life tentacle porn?

It made me flashback immediately to Tremors 2!

🤣🤣 no need to worry... they were always in the big grassy field in the center of the farm and not in the coffee orchards lol

Mmmm, tacos al pastor

And as /u/SSHeretic pointed out, indigenous to Australia and New Zealand. Because of course it is.

I was thinking the planes of Oblivion.


Por que no los dos?

Maybe Will's the sleeping giant romancer of the group. I mean, Dusty is fly as fuck with those new chompers, but Will the Wizard is a cunning linguist. He's the belle of the ball with the Drama Club.

I feel like at that point the smell would carry and the local town/county would get a court order to have the entire field burned or tilled.

So this plan might backfire on the murderer.


Florida: Where people are the invasive species.

This is some shit you find in the upside down

Rip I’m in New Zealand and I hope I would never step on those in my life...

I was thinking more facehuggers from Alien but I guess about every 80s horror flick has been referenced one way or another in Stranger Things.

What? No! How far north are you?

Many stinkhorn eggs are, in fact, a delicacy in parts of the world. That's actually where the tradition of Easter is said to come from.

And.... Christmas is ruined.

Of course they're also in Florida. It's pretty much the Australia of America

This reminds me of when I saw my mom give birth to my sister

Man, i miss dead space. Rip in peace visceral games :(

The fruiting body you see of mushrooms are really just their sexyparts. The heart of the fungus is below the ground. Little threads and filliments called mycelium branch out and make up a huge part of the planet's biomass. Some say the branching network of underground mycelium make some species of fungus the largest living organisms!

Makes you understand why Sylvia Plath wrote about mushrooms inheriting the earth!

I don’t like it.

Oh Jesus fucking Christ. Yeah, I'm NOPING out of sleep tonight.

Not very. Zone 8b

Ok, that makes sense. I moved away a couple months ago and I thought they turned all the counties into zones or some shit

Whew, I'm safe up here in 7a.

Play this at 2x speed for true horror.

It's so good to have Dave Chappelle back

Special chemicals are used to simulate the scent of decomposing human flesh in training Cadaver dogs. So if you ever figure out what those chemicals are then use them instead. Lot less conspicuous.

They must have shipped some to Florida because I've seen them here. Not that common but you know that smell when you're near it.

FYI they're pretty common in Florida now too

So it has an s&m kinda relationship with its religion. Seems appropriate for something straight out of an H.P. Love craft novel.

Well isn't that just the most horrifying thing I've read today.

Has to be black and white with background music that speeds up out of no where so you know shits about to go down before it fades into the movie.

I literally was planning to holiday in Orlando, Florida. No more.

Guardians of the galaxy much?


Step on it! Quick!