City Night

City Night

I dig it, but why is that wallaby jacking that guy off.

I can also see a love story blossoming between the man and the woman seen in these apartments. They are both seeking answers from their pets about whether or not they should go for it and fearing rejection again. Not knowing they both share the same feelings.

You must’ve loved English classes.

“Respectfully, professor.... but the curtain is just a blue curtain.”

“Yeah that’s a F for you”

By Pascal Campion

My favorite professor for Persuasion and Propaganda cleared everything up for me when it came to symbolism. It's not about whether or not the car being blue is meaningful to the author, it's can I convince someone else that or is meaningful, and to convince them that my meaning is the truth. Put a persuasion and propaganda bend in symbolism and it immediately goes from bullshit to bullshit you can leverage.

I figured out the bullshit in 11th grade. I hafassed a project in which I just drew a neat picture of a gun and a chair. I then spent an hour describing everything about it and how it was all symbolic about feelings and blah blah. I got an A

A wallaby has to make ends meet somehow.

Now my new phone wallpaper thank you!

I might be weird but I think I'd like it more without the lit up windows.