Cigarette packets in 15 years

Cigarette packets in 15 years

Fun fact: Thanks to large gains in the third world, there are more people who smoke now than ever before despite decreases in more developed nations.

That was fun!

Clearly you've never been to a construction site

Or Europe.

Or any small town.

If you can find a construction site in a small town in Europe, stay the hell away. The cloud that surrounds it has been known to strike birds out of the sky.

Or people who like smoking.

Bahahahaha third world babies smoking.

I thought this had something to do with the tv show Supernatural.

I'm a smoker, have been since 19, 14 years. Almost every single one of my friends, lifetime non-smokers, want a cigarette whenever I see them. A lot of people like smoking. Not all of them are "smokers" though.

It won't stop as long as there are rebellious teenagers.

Oh god another one of these threads. Reddit backs up any other vice but if you're a smoker you're literally hitler.

Edit: Think about this even, the picture is assuming "Dean" is the last smoker ever. Even in that situation they have to shove their beliefs down his throat.

As a gym rat my mind immediately thought of the third world suddenly getting super buff and picking up smoking.

And he'll still be trying to bum smokes. Buy you own pack Dean!

Aka the "just fucking buy a pack already, you've bummed nearly 30 smokes tonight alone" smoker.

As long as there is India and China

This is called the modern day smoker.

Coincidentally, today is my one month not smoking anniversary. Seems like 30 years though :(

Edit: a former 38-year smoker

I don't really get it. Why aren't alcohol companies required to put pictures of cirrhosis of the liver on their bottles? Or fast food chains required to put pictures of blocked aortas on their products?

Not defending tobacco companies or anything, but it feels like they're being singled out unfairly. They don't produce the only harmful product out there.

the original comment said "large gains"

It's not only construction workers actually. Even though indoor smoking was banned recently, about 20-30% of the population in Germany (my homecountry) still smokes iirc.

Social smoking is a gateway to sober smoking, trust me on that.


I also would have accepted Godfather Chubby Indonesian Smoking Kid.

I once watched a guy hanging out on a smoking porch of a bar bum an entire pack's worth of cigarettes from people in less time than it took for someone to finish a smoking a cigarette.

You could watch this guy go person to person asking for a cigarette and nearly every person handed him one, sometimes he even got seconds from people.

Wow, those are grim. Canada has some pretty gnarly labels too

Wheres sammy? Hell again?

That's not just Reddit, that's society in general. We're supposed to ostracize and ban smoking, especially in kids, yet we're expected to accept obesity and fatness. Both are equally unhealthy.

This means I'll either be dead or have quit in 15 years! 50/50 odds. Taking bets!

Nah, they'll probably look more like what Australian Cigarette Packets do now.

Nah, they'll probably look more like what .

I am so sick of the implication that enjoying smoking is somehow reflective of being a "rebellious teen" or having horrible judgment in life, while seemingly everyone in the country is perfectly happy drinking alcohol on a weekly basis.

I have a habit that I enjoy which could potentially lead to an early death. I accept this. My habit does not prevent me from doing the things I like and I'm never going to get super smoked and crash my car into someone or fall asleep in my own vomit.

Can confirm. Cigarette vending machines never farther than a block away.

It's been almost a year for me. Stick with it

Am I the only one who finds it weird that Americans consider drinking regularly totally fine while smoking is considered the worst habit anyone could take up? edit I know smoking is bad for you.

this video

This is true, explains it very well and is pretty funny too.

Pretty much me every time I go out. Something about a drunk cig tastes wonderful.

It's definitely a logical argument. Obviously smoking is more stigmatized but as you pointed out, alcohol can, and often does ruin lives.

All kiiiiiinds of cancer gainz.

I'm glad everything unhealthy or dangerous doesn't get this type of treatment.

so is apparently being a fat fuck and eating McDonalds and Wendys everyday when there's decent, inexpensive grocery stores on every corner and everyone's living spaces have kitchens but god forbid you ever talk about that.

It's a cruel world that we live in where all the fun stuff kills us.

He's overweight to make space for all the extra good health he has

Quitters never win, and winners never quit

Where do you live that people don't take breaks to eat food?

The anti smoking ads worked really great here. The anti drinking ads are pretty much nonexistent.

That'll be 1000 Marlboro points.

You accept it now, but after your third round of chemo for metastatic lung cancer or after your laryngectomy for throat cancer you might not be so blasé about your "habit", which is actually a chemical addiction. Don't try to fool yourself into thinking smoking is some pastime or hobby with risks and benefits, you are addicted to nicotine, not doing risky rock climbing or adventure sports.

oh youre right i forgot if you dont smoke cigarettes you live forever

Oh I definitely will. I've gotten past the hardest parts and already enjoying the perks (fresh smelling house, car, clothes, no burn holes, no annoying coughing, etc). Gl to you too :)

Then stay out of my damn air. I don't go near you. Don't come near me. If you begin to asphyxiate from being within meters of a smoker, then you're probably too sensitive to be outside of your hyperbaric chamber in the first place.

fuck you dean, you're not allowed to decide what to do with yourself

As a lazy guy, what's the connection between smoking and fitness?

Go to a different bar?

Don't try to fool yourself into thinking smoking is some pastime or hobby with risks and benefits, you are addicted to nicotine

And what's so wrong with that? If they enjoy it, then what is it to you, precisely?

We run on tobacco, whiskey, and energy drinks.

Not with that attitude

Or the US armed forces.

Or that coworker who bums a half a pack/week

So your lungs are only affected by cigarette smoke but not car exhaust.

Me too. I'm disappointed :(

Yeah I have friends who'll ask for specific images.

In Mexico, all of the packs have a picture of a deformed baby or an actual missing breast that was removed from surgery. They don't mess around. It's right there on the package.

Dean is the only one left? What happened to Robert?

It really does make you look cooler

That's like saying I should be worried about my habit of getting doctor's checkups every six months.

thin privileged shitlord!!

Yeah I know, especially if you're out drinking and smoking regularly every weekend then developing a serious addiction happens naturally

Or a college campus.

indonesian here.... can confirm...

but. it's only in less educated areas where the people are uneducated about cigars and it's dangers...

in big cities.... well.... it doesnt grows, or reduces.... it's stagnant

It won't stop as long as people have he freedom to do whatever the hell they want.

I suppose you mean in bars etc when referring to indoor smoking? Isn't that a law that states make so not a federal law? Anyway, it's still far too common for the youth to smoke. It's part of that whole "tough gangster" image that is so common here in urban youth, at least where I live. And yeah, basically everyone around the age of 18-30 is a "party smoker" who smokes when out and drinking

Or Japan.

The packs come with an ACTUAL missing breast?!

Or behind a restaurant.

Same. I almost took it as some sort've very vague spoiler. Almost got myself super pissed off.

Not sure how many other people will get that, but I appreciated it.

Lol. Then you better stop living because your waste, trash, car, and purchasing habits are effecting people on a much wider and dangerous scale than someone smoking a cig on the street.


But hypocrite Amirite? Just because you can't see starved overworked Asians building your things means they don't matter right? Just because the climate isn't ruined now means it doesn't matter right? Buying big brands means monopolization doesn't matter right?

I wish we still had those in canada. Im pretty sure they are illegal here since I have only ever seen one on tv or in movies. Its probably an age restriction thing.

The VICE show on HBO actually brought this up in their first season about 2 years ago.

Since then, literally nothing has changed.

And thanks to the legislation that the Tobacco Companies have been able to command after setting up shop in these countries, it's almost impossible for them to escape the clutches. I really liked how Oliver went more into detail on that. Lawsuits would cost more than some of the smaller countries' GDP.

Watching young children in Indonesia buy up packs of cigarettes on their way to 4th grade fucking hurt all the cochles in my heart. I'm surprised that wasn't more a focus with Oliver's segment.

I've never seen anybody cough because of a cigarette I've smoked. Ever.

Alcohol probably ruins more lives and families then smoking does. Should Definitely be under more control

People need shit to whine about...

In particular, domestic abuse and DUI involving alcohol hurt a hell of a lot more people than second-hand smoke. Smoking may kill me when I'm 70, but I won't take a whole car full of people with me.

"lifetime non-smokers" means different thigns to different people it would seem.

If I have learned anything in my 38 years it's that people prefer the world to change for them. Always.

I have a 2 year old (25 months...) at home. I couldn't imagine giving her a lit cig (I don't smoke either...) at age 18 months and expect the house to not burn down or worse burning herself with it.

Also insists the kid is healthy? He's uh, a bit overweight.

Despite everything, underage smoking has been pretty flat (some minor gains, minor drops here and there) in North America. Just because they are hidden from view doesn't mean kids can't still get someone to buy them smokes. Packaging doesn't phase many people. The fact is, most smokers know exactly what those cigs are doing to them and don't care.

Fat fuck me feels sad now.

The only way I'd get ripped while stoned would be if Doritos weighed 35kg each.

Lung cancer.

9 months here. It gets considerably harder, then the cravings go away. Fuck cigarettes, you can do it man.

But I walked by a smoker and coughed once, life is literally pain and smokers a hiterally litler.

Here's a study of the relative dangerousness of different drugs. Go to page 4, alcohol is way more harmful than tobacco. Not saying I don't drink, but let's get our facts straight.

As my high school art teacher said to me once...

"Rehab is for quitters"

And yet, there are still people for whom that it not a deterrent.

"That'll be $21.97. Anything else for you today?"

"Yeah, I'll take a carton of gangrenes."

Moderate drinking isn't nearly as bad for you as moderate smoking.

I envision a dude named Dean freaking the hell out reading this.

It can be handy when you and your mates buy the same smokes: "Oi mate can you pass me my smokes?" "Was yours the foot or Cynthia?" "The lady" "Righto"