Christian zealot ADMITS on camera that he wants to force all Americans to follow evangelical law and break down the barrier between church and state. Don't let anti-Americans downvote this to oblivion!

Christian zealot ADMITS on camera that he wants to force all Americans to follow evangelical law and break down the barrier between church and state. Don't let anti-Americans downvote this to oblivion!

"I'm a Christian, a Conservative, and a Republican in that order" Ok, so those come before being an American? Got it.

He's a Christian first but he ran on a ticket with President pussy grabber.

the American Military's new official theme song

DAE remember separation of church and state?

Edit: I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce , God bless.

That is the most pathetic, emotionless non-testimony I've ever heard. He's not a follower of Christ. He's a power seeking liar and I'm not surprised he feels no conflict attaching himself to Trump. That was pathetic.

Christian sharia law is fine! It's the moose limbs we have to worry about! /s

"I'm a Muslim, I'm a liberal, and a Democract in that order"

The American Christian Taliban is hard at work.

Y'all Qaida

yes but u see god willed i ally with this literal monster and embodiment of greed (because jesus loves that kinda shit?) to impose christian will on all those gay commie abortionists!!!!!

Just fucking imagine....

it's utterly baffling that so many people are tricked into thinking fucks like this are christ-like while helping the poor, the sick and just your fellow man in general is looked down upon

how the fuck does any of that work?

I don't think they got that far in the Constitution.

Sounds like the Gospel Of Supply side Jesus

It's the same as ISIS but without the beheadings. At far.

If he's so Christian, why has he thrown his lot in with donnie -

If he's so Christian, why has he thrown his lot in with donnie -

Abortion. I can guarantee you most of these people are single-issue voters, and have been taught that Democrats are the party of abortion while Republicans are the party of morality and family values, which the followers do not look any further because abortion.

CNN did an interview with some coal miners that Hillary Clinton met with, and they were hostile when they met with her, because they felt that she was trying to get rid of their jobs. CNN asked them, "If she was able to help your concerns about your jobs, would you have voted for her?" And they said, "No, because we're pro-life." No matter what she did, or what he did, they would not vote Democrat, because they are "pro-life." Not all of them are like that, but quite a few.

Because they feel morally superior "helping the unborn" than actually helping people that are already fucking here.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."

Donald Trump Upholding the constitution

Pick One

This was my exact thought... The cognitive dissonance of people who rail against the idea of sharia law and praise this man must be astounding.

Total shitstorm

The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.

John Adams

Let's be real. Conservatives are 100% fine with and even support forcing people to follow religious law, just as long as it's THEIR religious law.

I have no problems with God, it's his fan club that causes problems.

No beheadings. Just forcing gay kids to become suicidal and blowing up women's health clinics. Different actions with exactly the same intent.

Someone needs to do that parody. But, in a totally serious manner to point out the complete absurdity and lack of self awareness assholes like this man have.

And the same person also admitted in the same tape to trying to fuck a married woman "Christian values" amiright?

Because Islam is obviously wrong and it's believers are deluded. Allowing those people to force that nonsense on others is an affront to the very idea of freedom. Now Christianity is clearly true, so forcing it on others is merely being a good steward of the planet and ensuring that all of God's children hear his good word. Letting those without faith choose our laws and pollute the minds of others not only puts their immortal soul at risk, but the souls of our children. It would be the height of irresponsibility to allow that to happen. /s

Are you kidding? Instant assassination....

Nobody tell them about John Adams.

Ah yes, the people that support politicians like Pence would totally understand the irony. /s

but in reality he's a conservative that serves under a man that grabs women by the pussy. but like.. in the name of the Lord and Jesus, of course -- who died for our pussy grabbing sins.

Go on a YeeHaawd.

"Do not mistreat or oppress foreigners, for you were foreigners in Egypt" Ex. 22:21

"Leave [the remains of your harvest] for the poor and for the foreigner residing among you" Lev. ...

"You shall not take advantage of a hired worker who is poor and needy, whether that workers is a ...

"Cursed is anyone who withholds justice from the foreigner, the fatherless, or the widow." Deut. ...

"Anyone who has two shirts should share with one who has none, and anyone who has food should do ...

"Share with those who are in need. Practice hospitality." Rom. 12:13

"Let us not love with words and speech but with actions and truth" 1 John 3:18

Long-ass passage in Matthew 6 tl;dr- "Don't be conspicuously charitable- that isn't charity, it's...

Say it with me folks!


you have to call it what it is for it to magically go away!

It has zero to do with "helping the unborn," that's just the moral cover they use. If they gave a shit about life, they'd be anti-capital punishment and anti-war as well.

It has everything to do with having women submit to the control of men. Want a wife? Just go rape a gal and knock her up, and she's yours forever. That's as Biblical as it gets. It's not about morality, it's about power. It's about setting up the goddamn Republic of Gilead right before our eyes.

This is the same guy who opposed the holy trinity and signed a document stating “The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion.” mind you he's no Thomas Paine but he sure as hell wasn't​ as apeshit as the modern evangelical.

Man, could you imagine if I got up there like "I'm a secular American, a Marxist, and a leftist, in that order?" They'd flip their wigs.

Lord, save me from your followers.

Rush Limbaugh would have an aneurysm if Obama had ever said that

This made my day. I am totally spreading this around.

Lets pray

For I am a sinner in the hands of an angry god emperor VP. Bloody Mary, full of vodka, blessed are you among cucktails. Pray for me now at the hour of their death, which I hope will be soon, Ah'man

3oz vodka Must be Russian so use Trump gold vodka

6oz freshly squeezed tomato juice

1oz freshly squeezed lime juice

1/2 teaspoon freshly grated horseradish

dash of Worcestershire sauce

dash of hot sauce

dash of salt and pepper

They would not consider it equivalent. A Muslim woman in my city did a demonstration where she stood at our statehouse and did a "Ask a Muslim Woman Anything" type of thing. And she stood out there all day, talked, and answered everyone that came up to her.

I'm in a red state, mind you, so when this was posted by our local news source, the comments were all, "Muslims are told to LIE!!! They just want power to GET CONTROL OVER US!!! SHE IS MANIPULATING YOU TO GET SHARIAH!!!"

Like, you can't believe Muslims, because they are a cult that is out to manipulate, obtain power, and then kill others. But, Christianity does not manipulate others, does not have the goal to obtain power, and is not out to harm people, it is only for good kind-hearted people, thus it is okay for a Christian to do this, not a Muslim. Just laying out how I guess people would justify a Christian doing this but not a Muslim.

edit: fucked up a word

A story by Al Franken

No thanks to Mike Pence. I definitely know Jesus freaks (extended family) who voted for Trump because of skeletor here :/ They will vote w/ the anti-choice movement even if it means voting Trump.

The irony of christians conservatives who are so afraid of Isis, is that they want to implement policies that are almost identical to sharia law. They just wear $1000 dollar suits while advocating it. Just to be clear, I believe in god, and the value of being god fearing, but I have zero faith in the political cunts anywhere in the world.

He triggers my gut 'snake!' response every time I watch him speak.

Somehow didn't prevent the buffoon from getting like 80% of the evangelical vote. 😧

No, they really do believe abortion is murder. I grew up with Evangelicals and this really is the biggest issue to many of them. As long as Democrats are pro-choice, and Republicans are pro-life, they will ALWAYS vote Republican. The only chance for change is to convince these people life doesn't begin at conception.

I'm about as pro-choice as you can be, but it's important to understand what the other side believes. It's naive and convenient to believe Evangelicals don't believe what they say and are covering for their selfish beliefs. Unfortunately, the majority of them honestly, truly believe that abortion is murder. The first step to changing their minds is to understand what they believe.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife, unless she is at least a 9.

Apparently being a dad or a husband is not relevant to him at all.


Well he did say he'd like to "force" people to be Evangelical Christians. With the establishment of a xenophobic theocracy.

Like you said, that's what ISIS is but I can't see it as too much of a stretch that Pence, Trump, Bannon, or their fellow chucklefucks would believe beheading or castration or something else is an appropriate punishment for not following "God's Law."

Hell, knowing that these bastards have now shown their true colors, I can see them calling themselves gods as well. It's entirely appropriate that they'd not only do this, but a majority of their supporters would bow down to them in a heartbeat.

You joke, but the judicial branch will remember. They will carry this country for the next dark years while the executive and legislative branches continually try to drag us away from Constitutionality.

religious conservatives see the constitution as a divine document therefore Christianity is implied

"Yeah, but what would John Adams know about the American government?"

He's also in favor gutting many programs that help the poor while giving more money to the rich.

Just like Jesus commanded!

A customer can have his religion painted in any color, as long as its white Protestant Christianity.

It's hard to take reality seriously when you realize this joke is actually in charge of something.

imagine if a muslim said they were a muslim before an american

He wasn't talking about Pence specifically

You can't be wrong about the constitution if you don't read the constitution


They'll never admit it of course, but it won't be lost on them. Trust me, I live in rural Arkansas and have made this point quite a few times.

Yeehawdist, Vanilla ISIS, Yokel Haram.

"Suppose a nation in some distant region should take the Bible for their only law book and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited. . . . What a Eutopia – what a Paradise would this region be!" - John Adams, 1756

"[All persons elected must] make and subscribe the following declaration, viz. 'I do declare that I believe the Christian religion and have firm persuasion of its truth.'" - John Adams, 1780, Constitution of Massachusetts

"The Christian religion is, above all the religions that ever prevailed or existed in ancient or modern times, the religion of wisdom, virtue, equity and humanity, let the blackguard [scoundrel, rogue] Paine say what he will." - John Adams, 1796

"The Bible contains the most profound philosophy, the most perfect morality, and the most refined policy that ever was conceived upon earth. . . .The curses against fornication and adultery, and the prohibition of every wanton glance or libidinous ogle at a woman, I believe to be the only system that ever did or ever will preserve a republic in the world. . . . I say then that national morality never was and never can be preserved without the utmost purity and chastity in women; and without national morality a republican government cannot be maintained." - John Adams, 1807

"I think there is nothing upon this earth more sublime and affecting than the idea of a great nation all on their knees at once before their God, acknowledging their faults and imploring His blessing and protection." - John Adams, 1809

"I have examined all [religions], . . . and the result is that the Bible is the best book in the world." - John Adams, 1813

Or being an American. His allegiance is to his political party, not his country.

What I would give for Rush have an aneurysm....

Religion, ideology, and party.

But if we look at the brand of "religion" they follow and how they define their own party, it's just ideology, ideology, and ideology.

And yet no where in the bible or in ANY christian doctrine I'm familiar with, does it say "the ends justify the means", but I agree. I know several people who are all about that Supreme Court Justice to the exclusion of every other concern.

the movie version is great too

Mike Pence wants to defund planned parenthood, not encourage terrorist attacks against them. Do not get carried away and libel him; it only helps their cause.

He does, however, fully support what is the torture of gay children in practice. That is true.

They believe in Supply Side Jesus.

You know that they don't think separation of church and state is in the constitution right?

Both of my parents served, swore an oath to defend, yadda yadda yadda. Both think we should have prayer in public school.

"What about Muslim prayer?"

"This is a Christian nation."

My parents are college educated, loving, charitable, and otherwise completely reasonable people. It's not just the ignorant country bumpkins that think this way. They're absolutely wrong, but they're far from alone in their wrongness.

It's because they'll just blindly vote for someone who says they'll consider making abortion be illegal. It doesn't matter how many other un-Christian things the candidate will do, believe, or try and support.

Republicans: "All of my political positions are just post facto smokescreens and justifications for creating a White Christian Caliphate anyway, so I'm great with this."

And they're actually for this... While leftists are not for Sharia law

Except the president gets to appoint federal judges......

Nah, all it says is that thou shalt not covet. It doesn't say thou shalt not grab thy neighbor's wife by the pussy. God's just telling us not to be beta bitches that sit around coveting instead of taking what we want.

They're not reading it.

1:34 in the video.

He starts talking about repealing the Johnson Amendment at

They come before being a moral human being as well.

It better fuckin count cause the Jew part is what they're using to tell me my existence is sinning.

Ehhhh. They aren't going to support Methodist, Unitarians, Episcopals, Presbyterians, the many denominations that are more liberal and supportive of LGBTQ+ for the most part. I don't even think they support the other denominations that at least say that they advocate for those in need.

EDIT: To add, churches nowadays are even saying that they want to see more environmental protections, because pollution is sin that harms God's creation. Where is that in their theology?

The title is a parody of a post from t_d that hit the front page recently.

yeah well I just watched this great video where the guy is riding his bike singing a song about " get out of the bike lane you're walking in the bike lane" over a bridge...

and the people walking in the bike lane go right back into the bike lane after he passes and the dull sluggardly looks on their faces is is mind-boggling… There is nobody there behind those eyes.

The freakiest thing is that this is a huge group of people all slowly walking in One Direction with absolutely no clue... these are the people who voted for trump and the GOP.

That's only a problem because the GOP's order is

Wealthy - Christian - Conservative - Republican - American - ... Muslim

Seriously, as a former Christian, that shit is super common. They take it as point of pride that they put God above family. They're totally hypocrites to criticize Muslims when they're just waiting for the perfect time to make excuses for their own radicals.

"People who cherish life" no, you mean you care about birth when it fits your warped agenda, you don't care about life or you wouldn't be pushing healthcare that will literally kill American people. Insane.

"That doesn't count because it's the Jew part of the bible."

How is banning abortions and legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ people based on your own religious values not forcing your religion on anyone?

But Trumptards told me Donald is the most pro LGBT candidate in the race. He even held the LGBT flag upside down! Such progress!

They tend to skip over it because the 2nd Amendment is their fetish favorite.

I think we should start a gofundme

Well, to be fair, organized religion isn't known for its sex equalty.

And if that happens, we have the guy in the OP's video appointing potentially a couple more Supreme Court justices, who serve for a lifetime. I'm having more and more trouble seeing how we're not irrevocably fucked for at least the next few decades because of what happened last year.

Pretty much says the opposite more than a few times though. As a Christian I'll never get how I'm reading the same book as these people.

If they were anti abortion they would be pro sex Ed and birth control. They're not. They want to control women's sexuality.

It's fine to help people as long as the guberment doesn't FORCE you to do it. Then they can just not do it anyway while applauding other people and charities for doing all the work for them.

I'm so sorry to hear his heart was literally torn open. :( It seems that the loss of blood may have had a deleterious effect on his brain function.

Adams was a pretty cool guy, even if he is overshadowed by GW and TJ

It's in reference to a recent TD post.

I'm going to disagree with that. Capital punishment is because the person is guilty and has done something, unlike the unborn that is innocent. I don't really think I have seen enough conservative Christians talking about war to analyze that argument.

I do not believe that oppressing women is exactly the intent, but it is definitely something they do not have a problem with. They do believe the woman should be punished, they are not always willing to give that support to pregnant women and mothers, and there have been appalling Christian "therapy" stories about this.

But, I do not believe the sexism is blatant to them, but it is more insidious. They have these deeply ingrained ideas that they do not even realize are sexist, even though they are clearly sexist to us, and they are not willing to let them go. I truly believe that most of these people would argue more about "protecting the unborn" than "punishing the woman," and genuinely believe they were doing the former, because they are so blinded they are not even thinking about what that stance means for women, or they do not care because the woman is guilty. It's a mess.

What's more hilarious are the edgy internet trump supporters who say they are fine with having the christians take away our rights because the muslims would be worse.

They're as Christian as I am Jesus. Fuck these pigs.

i looked for where he said he like to force people into evangelical Christianity but I couldn't find it ...Where is it?

: )

forcing of anything is pretty risky business

Well, the second half of the Second Amendment, anyway. Note how they always start it with an ellipsis.