Chris Wilson interview with Zizaran Jan 13, 2018 Transcript

Chris Wilson interview with Zizaran Jan 13, 2018 Transcript
Chris Wilson interview with Zizaran Jan 13, 2018 Transcript

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Thank you so much for this, im deaf so i really needed it!

If I've ever seen him say something completely wrong, this was it.

Players are very good at identifying problems, and very bad at identifying solutions.

A lot of the points of complaint and contention on reddit are right. The things talked about a lot are bad elements and need fixed. Its just the specific offered solutions that are nonsensical.

short answer: i dont :)

[Chris] there's existing players, who right now are the people writing on Reddit what they want to see in the future, and it's very important to keep those players happy and to make those changes because they know exactly what the game needs, and they are right about most of the things that they comment on.

But does his comment make you right, which then makes him wrong? Which then makes you wrong??

The way I've heard it described is that the community is rather good at telling you what problems need fixing and rather bad at telling you how to fix them.

I know right, and in the meantime they just added 6 acts and revamped the atlas and added several uniques skill gems and mechanics. Like why do I care about that stuff if i can't play 150% chaos conversion vaal molten shell


Now we need the tl;dr version.

Deaf guy, meet blind guy.

How do you know when an exalt or something of value drops off screen?

That seems.. unfair.

An honest TL;DR?

We know your complaints, we hear you, and understand you... But we are a company that needs to keep our doors open and sometimes things like Gem updates, and rehauling masters, etc. take a much lower priority over new content (I'm sure MTX is in there too).

We are working on ground effects fps drops.

He likes stuff like Biscos being powerful. It's a chase item. There are very few chase items like it in the game, and it's equally as rare.

Bunch of minor stuff.

Everything else was kind of, 'yea, OK cool.' Basically everything reddit talks about having issues with, sextants, masters, gems, prophecies, whatever is a 'known issue by GGG,' they just can't devote half of their staff to fixing stuff that has, honestly, a much smaller impact on the game than the average person talks about.

Players are very good at identifying problems, and very bad at identifying solutions.


[Chris] ... And plus, I know if someone takes something out of context, the rest of the people will correct them anyways. It's going to be vicious out there.

It's not completely wrong. The hive mind often has a reasonably good point - the way it phrases that point and what it thinks it wants done are often completely wrong, but the underlying sentiment is almost always based on something that could use improvement.

Sounds so rough eh

Thank you for this

Edit: as a new player it's really awesome to see how involved and caring the devs are with this game. I can see why you guys sackride GGG and Chris so much. I wish other game devs conducted themselves this way

Maybe this game isnt for you.

Damn I hope they add some sort of visual cue that shows things in a distance. That sounds so unbearably rough :/

edited a word because my brain doesn't function properly

end of the league really shows

No no his comment is wrong, making /u/Redshirt__ right... So Chris was right all along!

i do play a RF/SR build :)

Cya :))

here u go tl;dr poe will lasts forever and will feel fresh.

I think it's also important to realize that it's still all filtered through GGG. Just because he's endorsing the community's ideas and suggestions as a general whole doesn't mean that's the end of the process.