Chris Cleary - WvW hacker’s excuse

Chris Cleary - WvW hacker’s excuse

Best part was the reply to him by someone else:

"As if anyone in WvW gets banned LUL"

I hate when that happens

Yes, I also had that happen, but they gambled away all my ectos. Could have happened to any one of us.

Understandable. Studies have shown that the first thing people worry about when their houses are broken into and robbed is that they haven't been banned on their MMOs.

That's why I put my desktop in the bullet-proof safe when I'm not at home.

There's a couple...choice people in any WvW player's head which boggles the mind as to why they're not banned, I imagine. Normally, we'll report, sometimes block, and report again eventually. But from what I've been experiencing, the report button may as well right to the bin. Never seen any names disappear off of that. What I have seen names disappear from, is sending in a ticket, through anet's website rather than ingame. If you give anet a literal essay, five paragraph format with cited evidence, that, I have seen work on occasion.

Built on top of another study that showed that burglar's first action after breaking into a house is to start the computer, look if the victim is fan of a game in particular, install cheats for that game and spend some time playing with them (just enough to make sure it's been reported and there is enough proof) ; before they finally unplug the PC and take it away along with other valuables.

It's a well known fact that thieves are mostly interested in logging in your MMO accounts to play the them and cheat when they break into your home!

Got a feeling the banned player was also taking the piss here. Funny either way!

Hahaha, that's hilarious.

Sounds like a Peter Madsen excuse. *thonk*