Chopping a log

That tree hugger is vicious.

oh yea ive piloted that thing for hours

in farming simulator

Is this a scene from the new live-action Fern Gully?

Big sexy machines:

Rice cutting


Harvesting sod

Rock picking machine


Combining corn on my home farm

Doing tillage on the home farm with an autosteer tractor

Sugar beet harvest at the home farm

Ya know why they call it a feller-buncher?

Cuz it replaces a buncha fellers.

Material for /sub/reallifedoodles for sure.

We called them Timberjacks. Might be a brand name for them? Can't remember.

Pretty cool rigs. I replaced the computer in one prolly 6 years back, had a hell of a time getting everything to talk. These things are crazy. Crazy in size, complexity, and coolness.

Diesel on the back revved to 9k rpm during work mode. Absolute powerhouse. Watching someone with talent operate this is really something.

The prototype of this definitely killed someone

There's something sexy about this

It's so much fun. But the maintenance costs are huge. You have to continually use it for it to be worthwhile.

How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could operate heavy machinery?

That's actually very accurate to real life, although in real life it's more the financing costs than just the maintenance.

During certain times of the year loggers will basically be cutting wood at cost simply because it's cheaper than just leaving the equipment sit.


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Ponsse Scorpion King

This is a .

Farming Simulator ftw! :D

Can't you feel its pain?

It's stops growth of the beet and it is also required for the next stage at the processing plant. They can't be delivered with the tops on. Also, the foliage decomposes into the soil for nutrients for next year's crop (usually corn or soybeans in our case - standard crop rotation).

It is a feller buncher, we worked with them in college. They are terrifying.

What do lumberjacks call Sundays?

Feller Buncher's Day Off

That is sawing not chopping.

Your mom's really good at working the wood

Super cool gifs! Why do the sugar beets need to have the tops cut off before they are harvested?

Do you think they tested it on people?

Technically, felling, limbing, and bucking. In one smooth motion.

Yeah timberjack is a brand but that is other brand called ponsse

It should be more loving, like

Damn, where can I get some tree like that?




Man, I legit love learning these weird little idiosyncratic factoids about industries/technologies/whatever of which I know nothing on reddit. Thank you!

It took one frustrated lumberjack from Vieremä, Finland to start developing these to ease up his work. They named their company Ponsse after a dog everyone knew in their village.

And yes, they're one of the wealthiest families in Finland nowadays.

and /sub/specializedtools

this is cool but also makes me extremely sad

As long as Tim Curry does the voice of Hexxus again I'm game.

This is very normal in many industries. You don't think your hipster barista is sitting there making the $100/hr lease of his coffee machine at 4pm?

It is a renewable resource. 17 years from now they will re-cut that same woodlot.

this looks way cooler

looks way cooler

There's been others further down that have said this but I think the more accurate term would be a processor or harvester. Please don't take this the wrong way, I am someone in the forest industry, excited to see something I studied about and work with on the front page! These machines can get really sophisticated especially for areas that have certain markets for different sized cuts of wood. Not sure about this particular machine but I believe some can be programmed to know and recognize different product specifications, know which ones are more valuable, and cut the tree appropriately to achieve maximum value from every stem. Really cool stuff!

That type of machine is an Harvester. Also, the diesel engine most likely operate at around 2000 rpm.

well he ain't callin him a truther

No this is not feller buncher. This is normal harvesting head. Buncher is larger head can grabbing multiple tree in 'bunch' before laying on ground. Buncher does not cut to length like this machine.

The second best cutting tool to come out of Finland after Fiskars scissors.

Every name you have for something sounds more dangerous than the last

I mean, probably small rodents first right?

My neighbors once hired a logging crew to harvest the trees on their property and they used one of these.

You're right about the talent part - the worker had it on too steep an incline and the whole machine started rolling end-over-end down the hill. The driver was able to recover by using the claw part to push the vehicle upright, severely damaging the tool in the process. What he didn't realize is that tumbling as it did had caused it to spill a significant amount of fuel onto the engine, which promptly caught​ fire.

A quarter-million dollar machine was basically scrapped due to that simple mistake

nope. Feller buncher has a head that simply cuts the tree, then sets the whole tree down for the entire tree to be dragged out by a skidder, then cut into logs by a stationary slasher back on the landing. This is a processor head which, as you can see, cuts the tree into logs on the spot, with the logs then being hauled, not dragged out, by a forwarder.

I work with both folks who run both systems but prefer the processor/forwarder combo because it causes much less residual damage to remaining trees/regen on the way out. Plus you can have a smaller landing because you don't need room for a slasher.

Who invented this? I bet theyre loaded.

Engineer: "So you want to harvest trees?"

Stakeholder: "Yes"

Engineer: "And you say budget is not an issue?"

Stakeholder: "That's right"

Engineer: "How do you feel about diesel-powered multi-saw robot arms?"


What the fuck.

Even crazier with sound. (NSFW)

(They are on drugs.)

This is something straight out of the Lorax

9000 RPM is insanely high for a diesel, especially in an industrial application like this.

Doing tillage on the home farm with an autosteer tractor


you calling him a liar

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.

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In my younger days I did delivery driving on contract, and was always walking that fine line between not wanting the last job, and not wanting to piss off the company. Then as now, they are really your boss even if it doesn't say so on paper. That last job, just one drop on the run... sitting in traffic for an hour to make $2.

This has a very "War of the Worlds" vibe. I, for one, accept our new robot overlords...

I would have openly called you a liar if you told me drugs weren't involved.

D. Schrute would be proud

Yeah, no way a diesel going to 9000 rpm. You know, unless it's about to throw a rod.

Just remember to tuck your arms in and you'll be fine

Oh yeah, I made mad cash with that thing. I'd always haul the tree over to the pond before I started cutting so I could just drop the cut parts directly into the pond.

An even newer, more live-actiony Fern Gully.

Quarter million? I'd say it's probably closer to a 750k. I know the tamrock drills we ran were closer to a million bucks, very specialized and high 3nd machines. Processor at least 500k

You haven't seen Avatar yet have you?

But we're so glad you called it a feller buncher because of the great puns that ensued. Processor or harvester doesn't fill that bill.

How is this not the most popular gif on reddit?

Get out.

They're called Grabby Hugtree Shrieking Slicebeasts in England.

no diesel is running at 9000 rpm

I bet that rock picker is loud as shit!

With a saw

Train track laying machine

A dangle head processor. Looks like a Ponsse H7 Harvester head.

Just imagine if you could travel back 200 years and show loggers this video. Now imagine what we will have in 200 years.


The point is that the forest never becomes an old-growth forest when chopped down regularly. Old-growth forests are important.

I'm sure it's nice and quiet so as not to attract other zombies.

if within the next hour it hasn't passed, ER! Remember that!

A woodchuck could chuck as much wood as woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck had heavy machinery!

Unfortunately, I don't think Tim Curry has the inflection he once had.

Suspenders on a tank top... thing. With pleated khakis. Wow.

A little one is going to burst out of the log in a few days.

Look up modern forestry. We almost have it down, the taiga supplies plenty, plenty of O2.

And so long as Robin Williams returns to voice the bat.

This is what happens when engineers get involved in an industry.

200 years ago 90% of the jobs consisted in walking behind a mule plowing a field. Would you like to do that job?

We finally figure out how Groot was concieved.

A normal logging crew uses three machines. One machine cuts the tree. The next, a skidder, drags the trees back to the deck. A machine at the deck, called a knuckleboom loader, takes each tree and runs it through an attachment to remove the limbs and cut logs to length before loading them on waiting semi-trucks. That's 3 machines, with 3 men operating them.

The processor as seen in the video, takes the place of a normal tree cutter. It also takes the place of the loader's attachment that normally de-limbs and cuts the logs to length, but not the loader itself because the logs still have to be loaded on trucks. So the logging outfit still requires 3 machines, and 3 men to operate. These processor heads do speed things up slightly, but not really enough to justify their ridiculous price tag. Logging is a job that would be very difficult to do with robots. It is already a streamlined process, and it's done in very difficult terrain. These machines are huge, and they get turned over several times a year by accident when cutting trees on a hill. They are built ruggedly enough that they just flip them back over, look them over for damage, and keep going. The machines get put through pure hell, and have to be replaced every few years. I think robots would cost more than the humans they'd replace, and be less capable. A human can drive a machine up to a tree, look up, and pretty much know instantly from experience how the tree should be cut, where to drop it to keep it from getting tangled up with nearby trees, and how many logs the tree should be cut into. Even in tree farms where trees are planted in uniform rows, each tree grows differently, and must be looked at individually when harvesting.

Robots are a long way from being effective loggers. My father owns a small logging company. He employs two crews with 4 men each. The men get paid based on experience, but it's usually a $15-$20 an hour job. I'd say his equipment probably costs at least $5Million or so, rough estimate. There isn't a lot of profit involved to begin with, and it's much cheaper to pay a man $20hr for 2080 hours a year to run a $500k machine than it is to make payments on a multimillion dollar machine that will be worn out or destroyed every 5 years. Even the trucking part would be near impossible to automate. It's nothing like over the road trucking. The trucks have to navigate rough dirt paths miles from the nearest paved road. Maybe a driver could tow the loads to the road where automated trucks would hook up and take them to the mill, but that wouldn't be very cost effective either because it still requires a truck in the woods. Logging hasn't changed much in my lifetime, and I'm 30. My father has been logging since the 1970s, and the equipment is pretty much the same. I don't see robots taking over in the next 30 years. Maybe the next 100? Who knows.

Wow this just made me super sad. It just hit me that we'll never have more of the bat.

Ross is at it again, destroying nature.


Just opened this up with fellow co workers walking behind me.

PSA: Is gothic kids humping a tree

It was in the late 80s, before Uber was even a wink in anybody's eye. In fact, we had one client, a lawyer no less, who had us take her kids home from school. I explained to the boss that it made us illegal cab drivers. Little did I know they'd build entire companies based on subverting local regs, and list them on public exchanges no less. But then we thought it was odd that a B-movie actor was in the White House.

Interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing.

scary efficient


I am not, but still feel like I need to go to rehab after seeing that.

Meh, they're oak K.

I initially thought it was a flying robot cutting trees.