Choose your own adventure

Choose your own adventure

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Problem. All other pages in book are numbered page 72 and the current page, "Page 56" is actually the 72nd page. Your move.

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The point.

I still had a decision I made.

No you didn't. You decided to make a cup of coffee as much as you decided to be 6 feet tall or have brown eyes, which is to say not at all. To make a decision requires multiple choices, a branching of causality due to free will.

If hard determinism is true, everything you do is the result of previous events. Your physical makeup, your actions, your personality are all determined by a set of natural laws and starting variables. There are no decisions. Not by you, not by anyone.

Free will and determinism are mutually exclusive.

Free Will and predetermination are very flawed concepts.

The biggest mistake when discussing it philosophically is that notions of decision-making are taken into account in illogical ways.

I believe the world is "predetermined," simply because physics tells us so. (Please do not get into quantum mechanics) If a domino falls into another domino, it's going to fall. No matter how many times you rewind the event, the domino is going to fall.

When you take a human into consideration, nothing changes. I decided to make coffee this morning. If the same event was rewound, I would decide to make coffee again. If nothing in my environment changes, none of my actions change. It has nothing to do with "not being able to make a decision," or "having no control over my fate." It's just the decision I made, and the decision I would always make under those exact circumstances. I still had a decision I made.

I believe the future will happen in one way. The future will be what it will be. We all make decisions that form it. We still have willpower and decisions.

the only one that's actually kinda tough is the tuesday one imo

''neuroscience has proved predetermined universe''

Well, I’ll just move on to page 57 if that’s ok.

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Thats just an explanation about how agents with free-will will come to make decisions, and how the environment they find themselves in might affect that process.

One would expect intelligent agents to follow some logical process to make a choice (guided by past experience of the environment), and so given the same agent state, situation and choices, you would expect it to make the same choices each time otherwise the agent isn't really making decisions at all, its just behaving randomly.


the unachievable one? I did hear some way to hack it in but I wanted a legitimate way.

I'm going to Page 72, but I'm keeping my finger on this page in case Page 72 is the better option.

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theres always a way to get in in-game, but once people find out and start posting it on forums and stuff the devlopers change how it unlocks in an update. its usually really obscure.

to hack it legitimately is pretty easy too. you just find a config file, change a line of text and set it as read-only. boot up the game and hit a button on your keyboard and its unlocked

I like this. What is this?

Sometimes you have to go with your gut.

Well, if we don't get into quantum mechanics, how can we tell you that you are wrong?! :)


I have a feeling that the creators of this book made it like this on purpose.

Right. People seem to assume that if a person's actions are knowable, it somehow robs them of freewill. That makes no sense; the opposite implies that freewill requires an unpredictability in action. But, an action, to be taken by your own free will, requires you to willingly choose that action based on what you know- which would be deterministic. If I asked you whether you want Cupcakes or lollipops, and your answer was random even if you love Cupcake to death, that would blast the idea of freewill away because that would mean some unknown "random" factor is forcing you to give up your beloved cupcakes for no reason.

Freewill requires, determinism, otherwise you're dominated by the tyranny of randomness. Your decisions would not be your own, but decided by a die throw.

The true essence of freewill is the ability to make decisions based on your personality....over timer going off, go to go!

Guys, it's a troll account. Calm.

You are not controlling the storm, and you are not lost in it. You are the storm. -Sam Harris

Quantum mechanics may imply an indeterministic universe, depending on your interpretation, but it doesn't get you free will. At best it means your "decisions" are randomly determined, which doesn't get you any closer to free will. Indetermininism does not in itself imply freedom of will.

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I went and had a look. The "scientific reasons" aren't proof of free will, but rather studies that have shown people who believe in free will have more self control, more sociable, work harder, are more honest and makes your brain "less automatic" whatever that means.

I think anyone who already believes in determinism is going to have a hard time just suddenly believing in free will for those benefits.

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OP posted it because he/she thought it was funny.

Not really a decision then, is it?

The way I see it is your choices are determined primarily by your personality, your personality is shaped by your experiences/genetics, you dont control your experiences/genetics, therefore you dont control the formation of your personality, and effectively have no real "control" over the choices you make.

Free will is a misnomer. Once you define it properly it either obviously exists or obviously doesn't. Can you make choices? Yes, of course you can, you make choices all the time. Could it be just an illusion of choice? Yes, but how would you tell the difference if it was?

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