Choose your flavor

Choose your flavor

Can't beat original flavour!

That and a scene near the end of HF that always makes me tear up makes it really hard for me to accept legitimately younger sister Illya. Sorry, but she'll always be the older sister.

I pick both naturally

Heaven's feel 1st movie, Saber and Berserker fight.

This is why dubs are bad civilization

First one will most likely be a dead end.

Can’t be helped since it’s a different timeline

I prefer younger sister Illya solely because it means older brother Shirou, and older brother Shirou makes an amazing older sister Illya.

I prefer younger sister Illya solely because it means older brother Shirou, .

In general, lots of stuff tends to be censored/removed/changed in dubs.

But is also the right choice.

Second version will send you to jail.

The first one promises for some... interesting times. (Hopefully with my soul intact)

I pick chocolate version of original flavor. Still mature enough to be attractive, but only slightly homicidal.

I’ve got a thing for psychotic girls with tragic back stories, so top even if it probably won’t end well. Plus, she was pretty adorable in both fsn and FHA.

True Heaven's Feel heroine.

It's from the Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel first movie.

Only right answer.

Dare I ask for context of the 1st scene?

I actually prefer this version, where she has a normal life and hasn't been mentally scarred by the goddamn Einzberns.

Kiritsugu best dad for killing the whole lot

It's amusing how Illya's Kiritsugu is the best dad in the franchise, but Miyu ended up with the worst Kiritsugu for a father.

Like, it's bad enough that the universe routinely fucks her over, but this is just slapping salt on her emotional scars.

Legitimately more of a heroine than Sakura, who's just the love interest.

It's sad how Sakura can't even be the heroine of her own route.

Gives me a feeling so complicated...

The answer is the kinkier one.

Good luck dealing with Herc :eyes:

That's a simple question. The answer is the kinkier one.

Fate/stay night is what I consider the good feels route.

UBW is the logical and pragmatic route.

HF is the Nightmare Fuel route.

The "Let's Go Home together and violate her, Onii-chan!" route plox!

At least Miyu got a good Shirou.

I think the only character whose personality changes a whole lot across the routes is EMIYA. Every other character is more or less the same (though some conditions around them are a bit different). Illya is always pretty sadistic at the start of each route and what she wants Herc to do to Shirou, Rin, and Artoria doesn't seem to change to me at least.

Hard choice.

She doesn't need an end!

Heaven's Feel doesn't have a dub yet. I think you're confusing it with UBW.

People forget, man. They've spent too long in the infinite fluffverse(with occasional mild tragedy) of grand order and they write off any grimdark as people referencing the product of Urobuchi's fetishes and they forget just how fuckin raw Fate/Stay Night got.

It went dubbed in italian cinemas (very good dub if I can say it)

Every year, thousands of oniichans are sexually assaulted by their lolis, don't be another stadistic, raise your voice.

Chocolate > Vanilla

> Vanilla

The only solution is to have both.

Id let Herc split me in half with his massive gorrila cock if it meant a chance with Illya

Sakura was the victim, the cutie to be broken by Nasu.

She's really broken and will require a lot of care (and for you to be really careful to not end up dead or worse).

The best terrible type moon spinoff show ever.

Carnival Phantasm.

Really hard.

I've become so accustomed to degeneracy that I didn't even realize at first that this could be referring to either one

Shirou met a lovely little girl in a park, looked directly at her charming eyes and before he realized he had a loli on his lap in her bedroom.

I liked illya when she captured shirou and mounted him.

> If only the VN had the Illya route

That line was a shocking reminder that Prisma Illya is completely different from the OG Illya. This sub got me so used to her being sweet.

August can't come soon enough.



Pick one.

Both are good. This is hard.

But the second one is cuter.

Or whole episodes get removed. Like that train Tom and Jerry episode. Or those Pokemon episodes where a guy has a gun, or that Porygon episode, or that infamous James with boobs episode. You didn't miss much with the latter two deleted episodes, although Misty being jealous of big boobs was pretty funny.

And sometimes they'll unnecessarily change things up. Like seriously, everytime they show a rice ball they change it to a sandwich or hamburger or something. Or they call it a "jelly-filled donut"

No, it was dubbed in Italian.

Man I always forget how well Illya ties into the universe.

Anyway, we can have both since he's Miyus older brother and Illyas younger brother right?

I cri.

Illya is into some kinky shits ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

HF Illya shines bright as the morning sun, that coupled with her appearances in HA make her the indisputable SN best girl.

I love all Illyas.