Choose one to protect you, the other two will kill you.

Choose one to protect you, the other two will kill you.
Choose one to protect you, the other two will kill you.

Steal the election Collude with Russia Thoughts and prayers See the good in nazis Didn’t call Kim jung un fat and short

Obviously Abe, he's from the Mushroom Kingdom as the 2016 Olympics demonstrated.

Is that the pineapple pen guy?

Not taking sides, seems like a reasonable question that should have an easy answer.

I mean, when someone says “MJ was the best athlete ever”, they always follow up with why.

But ....PPAP?!

Wow. If you don't know this is bullshit then you're hopeless and I'm not going to explain it point by point.

Pay attention though, the tax cut you're giving him credit for hasn't even happened and the puffed up stock market is starting to realize it either won't or will be watered down.

I agree tax cut is still to get passed by congress and the dems. Who are you mad at about that though?

Stock market point I'm not sure what you are trying to say.

What part of "the Republican's control the legislative and executive" do you not understand? If you expect the democrats to vote for bills when they have been excluded from the process of writing them then you need to take a high school civics course.

Reducing company tax from 35 to 20%.

Cracking down on illegal immigration which has already given our social system a burden of 11 million extra people.

Stock market growth, an industry that is based on forecasting and speculation, rather than looking back.

On track to not add 10 trillion of debt over 8 years like Obama did. Significant for our grandkids more than us, as they pay that back.

Reduced unemployment. Although hard to attribute that to him or other governments. But the tax rate will definitely help employment.

Against a huge raise in minimum wage which would kill employment.

Bought many large companies back to the US from overseas.

List 5 accomplishments.

I think one is infected by the clown Donnie. He's got his hands ready to act.

Best US President in over 30 years. Keep up the good work Pres. Trump!