Chloe Bruce, the stunt double for Daisy Ridley in The Force Awakens

That's pretty darn impressive but I'm not sure she stacks up to the original.

EDIT: Him today. He's doing well!

"... that's a gif I have not seen in a long time."

Ben Kenobi

It's an older GIF sir, but it checks out.

She looks like Bastila Shan to me. Daisy best girl.

Rey carries a staff, and Daisy Ridley was reportedly trained in bojitsu for her fight scenes.

, and Daisy Ridley was reportedly trained in bojitsu for her fight scenes.

Every single Star Wars fan on the planet did this while growing up, especially after Episode 1. I know, I accidentally broke my window doing this with a broom stick, when I was 17... I mean, when I was a kid... Yeah, that's better.... when I was a kid.

This really makes me wonder if Rey isnt going to get something like a Magnaguard pole or even a double bladed saber.

Oooooo it does that rubber pencil bendy thing when she spins it.

Confirmed Kylo Ren is Darth Revan.

I could do that.

I just don't wanna.

Vader: It is here.

Tarkin: Original Content? What makes you think so?

Vader: A tremor in the Karma. The last time I felt it was in the presence of old OC.

Tarkin: Surely it must be a repost by now.

Vader: Don't underestimate redditors.

Tarkin: OC is extinct, their fire gone out of the universe. Reposts, my friend, are all that's left of them.

This is so attractive.

If that's true, then Darth Revan is Star Wars film canon, and if that's true, we don't stop until we get a KotOR movie.

Let it be.

Believe it not, the majority of fans dont care about the EU

Jaffa kree. Why not have both?

Jaffa kree.

I was just about to upvote them.

Holy crap. This makes me even more excited to see what Rey ends up doing with that staff of hers.

"It's a gif I haven't felt since......" walks away

Clearly so you can look like a total badass.
Here's more


She's super cool. She does a sweet Chun-Li cosplay and shows up to cons just throwing kicks and being awesome.

That's an interesting fetish.

Huh, sued the guys who leaked the video. Now he's a lawyer. Sounds like it helped him find his calling.

A long time

Somebody played the light side only. :P

Rolling shutter.

Rolling shutter.

Just like good ol' Mat Cauthon

Vibroswords, vibro-axes, vibro-staves, vibro-knuckles, vibro-hammers, vibro-whatever. There were also force-pikes depicted in the original trilogy, carried by the Emperor's Royal Guard (the guys in red). There was a special coating that could be applied to weapons to make them reflect light-sabers called a cortosis weave. Also appearing in both trilogies were the Sand People's Gadderffii sticks.

Also, unarmed fighting waxed and waned in popularity. At the time of the original trilogy, it was popular and taught to the Emperor's own bodyguards.

Someone said that Kylo Ren have been studying old jedi and sith artifacts maybe he found Revans mask and based his own mask of of it.

Every single Star Wars fan on the planet did this while growing up, especially after Episode 1

None did this before Ep 1, at least not with a double-bladed lightsaber.

Or maybe an AB-75 Bo-Rifle

that would be pretty dope!

Assuming this is training for the film, I don't think so. She grabs hold of where the blade would be a number of times.

That's so raven.

Rubber Pencil Trick.

He wasn't talking about the staff literally bending, he was referring to an illusion known as the

Well, she has a real staff in promos.

$250,000 seems fucking steep, did they have some bullying campaign alongside it?

I think being interned at a psychiatric ward is probably pretty steep as well. Oh, wait he's Canadian. Yeah that does seem pretty steep especially just for dumb kids. But it was also between more than just one family. He does have to live with this stigma his whole life, although he seems to be doing well, and openly talks about it now to show support for other people being bullied. So overall it is kind of a success story (?).

Well those games were loaded with melee. Basically it was explained by the invention of personal energy shields, and crotosis-weave blades. Although in universe it's explained that energy shields largely became obsolete with advancements in blaster technology, and the galaxy eventually ran out of its supply of crotosis so blades able to block a lightsaber became much harder to come by. This is why you don't see as much melee in the time of the movies. The disappearance of the Sith was also likely a factor in the shift in tactics.

Double bladed saber confirmed? Maybe? In time? I'd love to see a Jedi use one on the big screen,

I don't think her staff is a saber. I don't think she'll have a saber until the climactic end fight of the film. Sabers aren't really a common weapon anymore for that universe by the time we see Rey. Probably 3 lightsabers still exist at this point: Luke's RotJ lightsaber, Vader's lightsaber, and Kylo Ren's make-shift lightsaber (I say make-shift because it appears to have a different, rougher blade that looks like he was not able to make it work exactly like it should).

Canon Revan should be both. Someone who mastered both sides of the force.

I just want KOTOR 3

done with Mass Effect's engine and gameplay

(and when I say gameplay I mean ME1's gameplay, not that Gears of War crap it turned into in the last two games)

Fair enough, but the vast majority of Star Wars fans didn't read them.

Are you crazy? You need it to ripen first, otherwise it'll just become a Wakizashi.

Good... Now have her fight Darth Maul.

Because we love KOTOR and want it to be canon since its an amazing story.

It might well be upgraded to a double bladed lightsaber should she turn out to be a Jedi.

Clearly you've never played Knights of the Old Republic.

I showed Kylo's picture to some friends and that was the first comment.

Them nostalgia goggles be thick. ME3 was the best playing game in the series.

That is a beautiful pic of Daisy. It's the pose, and she's got a nice, toned real-girl build.


Might become a version of

Honestly I hope he just found some artifacts from his time as Darth Revan, because I don't want Revan to appear in canon as a sith :P

Double bladed sabers were in the books long before they appeared in the movie, so yes people were doing it before then

Well for one, it allows you to have a weapon in a time when access to lightsaber crystals are near null, and blasters may (if they're competent, should) be regulated heavily by the Empire. She's meant to be a junkyard kid, right? Probably a case of her training to fend off the SW equivalent of baseball-bat wielding thugs than taking on a platoon of Stormtroopers, especially when you think of her picking up a random fuel line or servo motor (one of the most useful aspects of Bo staves is that, if your weapon breaks you can just look for a tree, look for a large enough stick and use that, you can't find a katana lying around on the ground if your's breaks).

$250,000 seems fucking steep, did they have some bullying campaign alongside it?

They might not be official canon, but those games were written so well they're better than the prequels.

For $250k you can leak any dumb video of me you want.

He did make his saber himself, so makeshift is correct.

Blood and bloody ashes

Wow the stunt double is sexier than the actress!

You can see the string oscillations in this video of a guy playing guitar

I am familiar with this phenomenon.

All Jedi make their own blades. Or they did. Dammit.

Oh my now I'm in love with Chloe Bruce sigh

She is really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

Hm... Rey's weapon could be a long-handle lightsaber (SW Legends!), but also a quarterstaff-type weapon. It does look like Darth Maul's saber-staff with a longer handle between the two emitters somewhat.

Just go pick a new katanna off a katanna tree.

While true, and he shouldn't be embarrased, at that age suddenly being a huge sensation for doing it would be tough.

That being said, I'm 29 and do this shit. I just don't film it.

Luke didn't lose it on Dagobah, he lost it when he was disarmed (heh) by Vader in Cloud City.

Yeah, I understand there's The Rule of Cool, but how many hand-to-hand weapons are used in Star Wars that aren't light sabers used by actual Force users? At least they can deflect blaster shots with them, but what does everyone else do?


Star Wars actually has a pretty solid history of melee weapons.

Vibroweapons were common prior to, after, and during the Jedi Civil War, because as personal energy shields became more common, blasters, of course, became less viable as a sound weapon.

I'm pretty sure that's just the camera not keeping up with the moves, not the staff bending. Chinese staffs in some styles bend, but you hold those closer to the end, not the center. Japanese style staff (bojutsu) is stiff and held nearer the center, at least to start out whoops, didn't know what the rubber pencil trick was

Yes. This is a good demo but it is fundamentally different from the bendy pencil effects which is an optical illusion for your brain that can be done with a pencil and no technology.

Highly choreographed stuff works best with a nice steady long shot allowing you to take it in (think of the shot in TPM after OB1 gets through the force field to fight Maul), I think a tight and shaky shot would make it hard to understand.

Canonically, true, but they are obviously not discarding melee weapons as evidenced by the OP and the linked daisy weapon.

Obviously there are other canon weapons like the axe wielded by Gamorreans, electro staffs used by the droids grievous liked to have around and the vibroblades used by assassin droids and etc.

Time and time again, be it movie or TV series, the characters in Star Wars have shown that melee weapons are not entirely useless.

If you think of it like today, just because you have a gun, doesn't make a knife any less deadly of a weapon in certain situations.

Well, Darth Bane is Star Wars canon, so it's not too far off.

There's this:

There's this:

I'm personally rooting for purple saberstaff to balance out the D23 poster. Single blue blade, double purple, triple red.

What's the point of a staff when people have blasters? I'm assuming she's not a Jedi (yet).

I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this on /sub/unbgbbiivchidctiicbg in the near future

Edit: just checked, fucking called it