Chip bag extension is not compatible with dog, and has caused it to freeze

I️ know someone who’s dog suffocated from this, be careful

Yup I had to bury my neighbors young dog while they stood there weeping. It was awful to say the least. They were gone for a hour and the dog suffocated with a chip bag on its head.

Thank you! Unfortunately that happens a lot. I don't find this funny at all.

I guess habit would be opening up the other end of the bag before throwing away. Good to know

Yeah my best friend died from getting in the garbage and getting one stuck on his head. I’m still haunted by the images of coming home from work to find my little buddy dead. 2012 was a hard year for me. Now I cut all my chip bags to never let this happen again. :(

Thanks Captain Hindsight! I know this is a troll comment, but damn you’re a prick.

Not a bad idea honestly. Think of it like cutting up the 6 pack holder plastic thingy

Are those flaming hot cheetos?

Happened to my dog back when I was in high school. A bunch of stuff was knocked over when we got home too. Looked like he had been panicking :/

You need to turn it off and remove the extension.

Problem is, the extension prevents turning off because it covers the snoot.

Do you breathe with your ears?

Please don't ever do this to a dog, people. I lost a dog this way. He suffocated with an empty chip bag on his face.

It's not worth the silly picture if it makes the dog think they can put their face in a chip bag.

You guys, this is most likely a 15yo who has an 8yo dog that someone else (Mom) trained and takes care of. Let's not sweat this young troll; it has many years of pain and suffering ahead of it as an alone unsocialized adult.

wow this turned dark much faster than i expected

I lost a dog this way. They panic with their head stuck, start breathing hard, and suffocate.

Probably so high on the dust.

The best best way is just cut down the sides when done. Even if the other end is open, they can still suck down the tube of bag and suffocate. By opening the sides up they can’t wrap t around themselves at all.

I lost a dog to suffocation just like this. Please everyone make sure to cut your bags down two sides before disposing of them. You never know if that bag you threw in your bin will wind up in your neighbors yard or someone else's yard days or weeks later.


Dogs die this way

EveryShot found their pet—a member of their family—dead. that comes with immense trauma and grief, and they're obviously still dealing with it. when you see someone talking about something very painful like that, the kind thing to do is to express sympathy or empathy, to help alleviate their pain.

what you did, on the other hand, was shame them for something that they cannot go back and change. that's not kind. it's not even helpful: "train your dog better" isn't good advice, and even if it was good advice, it's advice that can't be used, because the dog is already dead. you did nothing to help EveryShot. you were just indescribably cruel to them.

EveryShot deserves your heartfelt apology. that, or you should delete your comment before they see it.

i'd also strongly recommend therapy. the fact that you thought it was OK to be cruel to someone dealing with that kind of trauma should be seriously worrying to you; it might represent an underlying problem with your mental health.

first of all, EveryShot is clearly taking their pets' safety seriously: he's taking steps to protect them by cutting up chip bags. even if you think that's the wrong thing to do, it's clearly something he's taking very seriously.

second of all, "train your dogs better" is uselessly vague. your advice is not helpful, because it is not advice.

finally, if you really can't see how your comment was cruel, i very genuinely think that you need to seek therapy. it is far from normal to be so devoid of empathy.