China is building a Great Wall of Trees to fight climate change and the encroaching Gobi Desert - Reforestation efforts in China have helped offset about 85% of the loss in above-ground biomass carbon lost to tropical deforestation since 2003

China is building a Great Wall of Trees to fight climate change and the encroaching Gobi Desert -...

Somewhere, there must exist a secret document passed on from leader to leader in China since thousands of years with only one sentence written on it: "In case of emergency, build Great Wall."

Good for them, good for us, good for everyone, not sure what people are looking for in the comments here, I doubt that any person in here will tell you how this is actually bad for you.

At whatever cost. Block off Mongolia.

Reddit isn't a single entity. Depending on the comment thread you are in, America ranges from savior to evil incarnate.

Uhhh its bad because its CHINA?? China is evil?? Duh.

It seems to work.

Certain redditers finds a way. Whether its America or China or Russia, everything good is somehow bad when one of the big nations does it.

What's with the downvote brigade? Also, anytime China ever decides to build some long structure it's doomed to be called a Great Wall of sorts.

one benefit to central planning

The downside is that when the plans are wrong, the whole country goes down the drain. All Communist countries have experienced this.

I think the primary difference is that you will not be called a "shill" for saying something pro-US, even if it's blatantly propagandist.

Gotta stop the ashes of Genghis from invading once again.

This time in the form of a desert.

3 Gorges Dam: Great Wall of Water

2 child policy: Great Wall of Children

Sometimes I wish that we could do this in America without everyone bitching about communism. Sometimes you just need to do things that aren't motivated by profit, and China is much better at accomplishing those things than the US.

It seems to be working. "140 thousand hectare of desert dropping to 40 thousand"

And here's a documentary with before and after change.

Well Reddit is made up primarily by Americans, then Europeans.

I wanted to take my shame to the grave; you have destroyed my legacy.

Do you realize that China is transporting water from south to North to cover up deficits? Huge huge project.

India should do this too. Western India is getting 'desertified' extremely fast.

That's the way to go. Plant trees everywhere. Plant 1 trillion trees in 10 years and you buy earth an extra decade to sort out the CO2 problem.

I doubt that any person in here will tell you how this is actually bad for you.

I'll be that person! (Or, at least, point out that this isn't as good as it initially sounds -- like most things it's more complicated)

Critics of China’s plans note that net tree cover continues to fall in the country. That’s due in part to the fact that many of the new trees are non-native fruit and rubber tree plantations that require large amounts of water, and are monocultures prone to disease and pests.

So while China has planted 13 million hectares worth of trees, the country is still cutting down trees at a faster rate than it's planting them, so the net tree cover in China is still dropping.

Secondly, there is a reason why there weren't a lot of trees there, why the desert is encroaching. The area doesn't get enough rain to support such a forest. Particularly in the North, where China has done much of its planting, the country is using water at an unsustainable rate (in fact, the trees themselves are one very small part of this unsustainable usage). Meaning the water table is dropping, and the area will likely, in time, be unable to support them. In fact, they are actually exacerbating the problem, long-term.

Think of it this way -- for years, California could claim that it has offset carbon by planting tons of almond trees in the Central Valley, creating a forest in the desert. But now that the water is vanishing, and the trees are, in part, being blamed, such a claim looks rather foolish.

Unfortunately, there are very few quick-fix solutions for the problems of sustainability that we are facing. Looking at this a little closer, it may not actually be as good as it sounds on the surface, unfortunately.

as a mongolian, we need to do something about that wall...

On what reddit are you?

Reddit is distinctly anti-Chinese, anti-Russian and extremely pro-American to the point where even the most hideous crimes and behaviours of the US are being made excuses for by redditors.

Kinda weird tangent you're on

"China creates largest high speed rail network: the Great Wall of Speed"

It's no less impressive, certainly. Desertification is a serious issue for China if left unchecked.

Do you even understand the words you are typing out? China doesn't have a fucking dictator.

I agree completely! It's barbaric to think they don't have the option between two parties who both serve the same interests of the same wealthy people! /s

And in greater numbers.

And in numbers.

its china, they'll just divert all Fan production to the great wall of fans. Walmarts everywhere will have a severe scarcity of fans of all types.

by then china will control the wind. The mongols cant burn the forest or they all die.

Beijing has had a 28% jump in blue sky days this past year vs 2 years ago when "airpocolypse" happened by reducing coal plants and shutting down illegal coal burning shops. In the long run they have to do that anyways, having wind blow away smog will only send the problem somewhere else...

Bad for the Tuskens. Ever thought of them?


That's why I'm here, I don't judge you. PM /u/xl0 if I'm causing any trouble. WUT?

All those things you listed were issues in the mid 90s when they first started it. They have addressed all those issues, such as planting monotonous trees in blocks adjacent to other types of trees.

Same as the "ghost cities" (which are now occupied) and "slave labour", the West always seems to have information a decade behind when it comes to China.

Small, 1-2mile long artificial islands meant to solidify territorial claims: Great Seawall

While probably nobody will see this,

I'm glad that my perception regarding China was wrong. I had always pictured China as a gigantic industrial behemoth that completely ignored climate change and all that. I blamed practically all of the environmental problems on them for Christ sake!

I'm glad my perception was wrong. You go China!

...but there are no more air benders

You are delusional if you believe it's any different in the US. The countries only differ in the way the government controls the behaviour of populations.

In China it's direct enforcement, in the US it's manipulation and indoctrination (something a developing country like China with over a billion people living in it simply can't afford as it requires generations of miseducation and a massive propaganda machine).

Calling China a "dictatorship" also is entirely misrepresentative of the government of China. The US oligarchy is far more "dictatorial" than the Chinese government and enforces its policies far more ruthlessly and nefariously, yet I wouldn't call the US a dictatorship, either.

China is a socialist republic governed by a de facto single-party government. The Chinese government itself is actually more diverse in thought and there is far more dissent between members of it than between members of the US government (a de facto two-party government the two parties of which are differing less in thought than the regional governments of China). Which one is the "dictatorship"?

I really don't see what downside you are talking about. There is more dissent and more protest in China and these things are treated less violently than in the US. Not to mention that the people you are trying to refer to (i.e. the people "experiencing the strong arm of the law") are the people calling for revolution and the overthrowing of the government. The US tries persecutes people for treason all the time. Snowden had to flee to Russia. Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrate in China every month. Especially for labour rights.

tl;dr: The anti-Chinese propaganda you hear in the media of the anglosphere isn't a reflection of reality. Neither is the propaganda about how the west is more free. Not to mention that China is a developing nation and the fact that non of this even matters as it isn't a consequence of a centralized government but the framework and policies that centralized government is built upon.

They'll be back.

what are you talking about america has a shit ton of trees. we have more trees now then we had 100 years ago. and it increases every year.

Here's a documentary with before and after change