Chimpanzee Memory Test

Chimpanzee Memory Test

I can’t even remember why I came into this room.

So fast. I can't even see and register all nine numbers in teh time given.

Monkey see numbers and remember where they are

That's college level explaining.

I bet it was for socks half the time I can’t even find the 1 before it starts

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Well, I'm smarter than a chimp, so no

Thanks, that helped

Monky pres numbar. Is gud monky.

Monkey see number. Monkey remember number order. Monkey see number turn into square. Monkey press square in order number was.


after 8 tries i managed to get 7. with a couple days of practice and a reward system i think humans can do it. this one is different, the numbers jump from 1 to 3 or 4 to 8 but there are less numbers. im not sure if its harder or easier.

I said ELI5 not ELI6

In case you want to try it yourself

I hope he is happy.

Considering chimpanzees and bonobos are our very close relatives, they should have some levels of rights and should be strictly protected.

The monkey has likely done this test many many times. It’s a memory test.

Edit: u/jmsanon you can’t be serious

I feel like maybe this clip was sped up?


a chimp's cerebral cortex is not as developed as that of a human but this development of higher cognitive function comes at a price.. a chimp can whack it whenever he wants whereas we need to wait until the wife is asleep

He does get the second to last wrong and it clears the screen with one number left. So if he’s clearing the screen, he’s getting them correct. Amazing though!

Right?? I can't even tell if he's getting it right past '2'

Couldn't get worse than the current politicians around the world. So I say damn yeah!