Child sex trafficking on the rise in Bay Area

Child sex trafficking on the rise in Bay Area
Child sex trafficking on the rise in Bay Area

doesnt help when the half the oakland PD slept with a minor

What hope do these kids have when the Oakland Police Department has committed human trafficking (by their own laws and admissions)?

Yeah I figured the reason this particular crime is on the rise is those cops got fired and had to find a job they had experience in.

As young as 11? Fucking sick bastards

The hell does race have to do with anything here?

Yeah and Alabama is just bursting at the seams with saints and angels

Absolutely brutal

These people are simply evil I cannot begin to understand what drives them to do sick mess like this.

You're seriously going to blame a small select group of flimsy nerds for this?

The world's 8th largest economy disappearing, and you don't think that's going to ruffle some feathers?

Lol okay. I guess you live in a rural bubble of some sort to think that. The media price of a house in California is $500k compared to Alabama’s $150k. But yes, I’m sure no one wants to live there at all...

Human trafficking should be life in prison without the possibility of parole.

I don't know about you, but there's a shit ton of saints and angels still here in California. We have so many animal rescues, so many amazing non-profits. Let's not forget them.

Take the Bart through Oakland into San Francisco and you wouldn't be surprised.

Nah. It could still sink or burn to the ground.

California. The pedo touching ,actress raping , illegal immigrant sheltering, murdering capital of the world

No word from Pelosi yet condemning this.