Chicken Tikka Masala - You Suck at Cooking (episode 69)

Chicken Tikka Masala - You Suck at Cooking (episode 69)

He's making the joke that nothing grows or is fresh in Britain

Yay! my favourite youtuber making my favourite food!

That accent though.

Clearly he worked hard on it. For several minutes.

why is everything canned?


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I love you

I can forgive the accent, I can forgive saying "broil", I can even forgive the "tomayto", but putting in hot water before a teabag? That makes literally no sense.

Normal tea is easy:

Teabag in cup. boiling (or very close) water in cup. stir sporadically for a couple of minutes. remove teabag (don't squeeze it, that's for macho people who want to ruin their tea) add milk to taste

Most biscuits are acceptable tea companions. Rich Tea are the only truly forbidden biscuit, as they're totally rubbish. Normal, non-chocolate Digestives are really not much better.

No, I was told some is frozen!

“United King of England”

It took me until the third spice came out of a can to latch onto the joke - hilarious.

Do americans think our food is all tinned?

I love that he does a Cockney, Bristolian, Geordie and RP accent all in one. One of the funniest dudes on the net.

lol you didn't get it when he opened a can of beer?

As someone who likes to cook, I'm always confused as to whether or not his recipes are actually viable...

That completely went over my head lol

Turns a bit strayan at points

I started suspecting something was up with the can of raw chicken...

It seemed to improve along the video

I mean if a skilled british cook like You Suck at Cooking can't get any fresh ingredients, am I supposed to believe the peasant class can?

Time for the obligatory Doc Brown "My Proper Tea" link.

idk when everyone talks about indian food that is the first thing that gets brought up. Its like the general tso chicken of Indian food.

Well it is just a barren wasteland with Big Ben poking out of the middle right?

its indian in style thats undeniable. But it was a new type of dish created by an indian restaurant owner in UK. Kinda like how if you made a new type of pasta and a new pasta sauce in brookyln it would still be Italian food , but made in america

he killed his popularity by constantly talking about youtube drama. If he had just ranted on random topics like what got him popular, hed be fine

As a Scotsman, my eye twitched when he said that.

He does them all at the same time. Like, every sentence is a bizarre mess of all those things. It's quite something. I even hear some welsh in there.

My recipe for chicken tikka masala is quite similar, I think this would work

If you really then you know which part is recipe and which isn't.

all are legit dishes.

Holy whiskers you go sisters

Fuck off I can eat Rich Tea biscuits dry, they're amazing.

Sounds like an Australian accent

Invented in Glasgow and incredibly common in supermarkets across Britain, so I'd say so!

nah that's perfectly normal

man he did a perfect GradeAUnderA impression for like 3 seconds

I squeeze the shit out of it because I like it strong

Well, you do you.

Throw in some sugar or honey

But you just said you liked it strong?

I was at least properly raised in tea making.

Sorry, I've got some bad news for you...