Chemical in McDonald's fries may hold the key to curing baldness, study says

Chemical in McDonald's fries may hold the key to curing baldness, study says
Chemical in McDonald's fries may hold the key to curing baldness, study says

My brother is thin and balding. I'm a big, fat McDonald's boy, and I have a full head of hair. This all checks out.

But won't bald people get burned when they dip their heads in the deep fryer?

Can confirm, I'm in my mid-20's and thinning, rarely get anywhere near McDonald's. My brother is older with a full head of hair and devours McDonald's on the regular.

Pack it in boys, two instances of anecdotal evidence are all I need to be convinced it's fact.

Not like that. You dump the fries into a shower cap and put it on before you sleep.

I'm not going to read the article. I'm just going to eat tons of fries.

Dimethylpolysiloxane is a type of silicone used in a huge variety of applications, not just McDonald's fries prep. It's silly putty.

Also, from the article it appears this involves an application of the product, not ingestion of it, so eating Mickey D's won't help you.

Thank God we have people like you to show us the truth amidst all these jokers.

“Man, such a shame Jerry suffered that heart attack, but damn does his hair look great”

Study sponsored by: McDonald's

Thanks, anecdote!

Thank you for being the first person to comment about the article and not interject with a joke or anecdote.

Also, isn't dimethylpolysiloxane already used in some shampoos/conditioners? It was my understanding to avoid silicones in hair care products as they bind very strongly with the proteins in our hair.

My hair did start falling out when i stopped eating fast food.

Yes! I'm 27 and thinning everyday, this would be amazing lol.

I eat McDonald's like a fuckin monster. Still partially bald. I'll eat more and get back to you.

Hook him up to the Hi-C IV!

Then get this man a 6 pack of chicken nuggets and a large fry!! Pronto!!

It will definitely help avoid thinning. But hair thinning might not be the kind of thinning it prevents.

Edit: fixed brain fart grammar.

So that's why Trump eats McDonald's every day.

This is good but they need to hit a broader market. Next week, Chicken Nuggets cure the common cold.

Your second sentence will give you a stroke if you try to read it.

Are you eating ALL your fries though?

He also eats steak with Ketchup. He's a barbarian.

Thanks, tiny penis!

"Evidence suggests the Big Mac makes your dick bigger".

Follicle Fries!

*Well-done steak

McDonald's did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment at the time of publication

Are you fucking kidding me? Of course they didn't. This has literally nothing to do with McDonald's, other than the fact that they happen to use this chemical. If it turned out that steam therapy cured baldness, would they ask McDonald's for a comment because they use H20 in their fountain drinks?

What did Newsweek even ask?

"Oh hi we pigeonholed your name into an article about hair loss to make it clickbaity. Have a comment?"

Silicones can thought of as shielding for each strand of hair. Some silicones are water-soluble, so you don't have to worry about buildup as much, and some are heavier. Either way, as a shield they can protect your hair (such as in heat proofing products) but also block out external water or oils.

I've been researching the topic myself and whether it does good or bad depends on your routine. There's a good post on /sub/haircarescience that can explain more.

You can't go bald if you die of heart disease at 35

Gotta find those baggers trying to hide at the bottom

They tried to give him a closed casket funeral. He came back to life briefly just to demand an open casket.

Freedom Fries or French Fries?

Hi-C IV sounds like a great band name

Sample size: 2

I'm sold

How many hairs do you want? 1 Fry = 1 Hair

Science: eat fries while growing hair. Amazing. Question: how many fries does one eat to cure this. Asking for a friend ;-)

Or hop on over to /sub/bald if you don't want to drag it out. Shaving my head was like getting rid of one giant, anxiety cloud constantly following me around. I spent a year or so meticulously reading about pills and creams, constantly looking in the mirror and taking pictures to see if it was really that bad.

Now I actually prefer being bald.

I go to McDonald's so much that sometimes the drive through people recognize my car and my dog through the window. I'm always so ashamed after that happens that for the next two weeks I drive an extra mile out of my way to a different McDonald's.

But I'm skinny as a spooky skeltal, and my hair is too thick to even run my fingers though. The trick is to gorge yourself. Like order a big Mac with 4 patties, as well as a 10 piece nugget, but on those days you only eat two meals instead of three.

Good thing they brought back the grand mac

That's where the secret balding cure is!

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Freedom Follicles!

Live fat, die young, leave a corpse with a full head of hair.

Head over to /sub/tressless and read the sticky there. Shoot me a PM if you have other questions after reading it.

I started balding when I was about 20, but have been able to hold it at bay for the last 9 years or so. There's still hope left.

Looks too much like HIV at a glance. Lol

They use science to care for hair.

If that were true we’d have a hell of a lot more Wookiee running around.

It's nice to be silly, but many of the comments seem to be responding to the headline without having read the article. I guess that's to be expected, because this sub is about silly headlines, but still, it's refreshing to see someone who read the article.

I'm a big, fat McDonald's boy

I've never heard a term describe me so well.

Just another agent from Big Bald spreading lies!

There's your problem man, you're supposed to eat McDonalds twice a day, 3 times on cheat days. Up your McDonalds game to up your hair game!

Can confirm, have stroked

Unless you were bald by 19.

"Bobbing for French Fries" isn't just a fun party game anymore! It now actually has a medical benefit!

Unfortunately he couldn't fit in the casket.

Lol that's kinda the point. Do a double take, realize it doesn't say HIV and remember the band name for life. It's all by design

Thanks, tiny penis!

Said no one ever, except /u/MacGyverMacGuffin

I love McDonald's fries, but am still bald. Maybe it should be an enema straight from the fryer?

He does?

I'd never heard this. I figured he'd eat fancier stuff since he's rich and all.

Freedom Follicles!

I think that was bald people's problem in the first place.

Proceeds to rub scalp with a fistful of fries.

Dimethylpolysiloxane is also an ingredient in Silly Putty. So if you want to steer clear of french fry grease in your hair, you could make a Silly Putty helmet instead.

Hate to break it to you guys, but I'm a little overweight, bald (started around 16-17), and eat McDonalds probably once a week.

That's no longer a steak. It's a display of arrogance.

'Watch me ruin this meat you can't afford at your minimum wage job'

It’s not testosterone per se, but rather a more potent form of testosterone called dehydrotestosterone (dht). Some men who are genetically predisposed to balding and have high levels of this hormone will lose their hair. Most of the evidence shows that male balding is caused by this hormone, and preventing it from forming seems to slow down or stop balding. Finasteride is a drug that does this and it works for most people. I’m not a physician so I may have gotten some things wrong, but you can look up male pattern baldness and finasteride for more info.

It probably has more to do with losing weight. Being fat seems to reduce testosterone, leaving you with more hair. There probably are no “studies” based on this, but it’s a pattern I noticed.


You think there is actually some potato in mcdonalds fries?

Legit props to you and others that just go the shaved route, but not everyone wants to do that. I'd 100% just say "fuck it" and shave my head if I had a head shaped like Jason Statham or Dwayne Johnson....but sadly I just look like a round-headed cancer patient (I tried it once, never again [hopefully]).

Sadly, eating the chemical does nothing for you. The chemical is used to create hair follicles that are then transplanted into a recipient.

Also, the title is misleading. The chemical is in the oil, so it would be in anything McDonald's fries!

I personally don’t give a shit how people eat their food. But usually smaller children will eat steak with ketchup because it’s sugary and makes it taste better for them. But ketchup usually doesn’t pair well with red meat unless it’s on a burger I guess.

He also orders it well done so it’s practically burned. The steaks he orders are usually pretty expensive cuts too so a lot of people see it as him wasting money on quality meat and “ruining” it with ketchup and over cooking it. I say let people eat what they want, how they want, who cares. This is on par with Hannity complaining about Obama putting Dijon on his burger. It doesn’t matter, there’s other legit things to complain about.

And his snickers with a knife and fork....he’s a terrorist

It doesn't work, but he does it anyway. Uses it like worcestershire sauce.

This IS the reasonable and responsible thing to do.

Waas my thoughts immediuately when i read the headline. Just sounded suspect AF.

but even if legitimate, id rather be bald than eat half the other shit McDonalds puts in their food.

So wear a sleeping cap made of silly putty and cold fries?


there's a report from the white house chefs that trump made them recreate the entire mcdonald's menu so he could eat that instead :/

LPT: people won't notice your baldness if your dome is missing.

Anecdotal evidence is often the first step of the scientific process, and shouldn't be so easily dismissed. Real scientists call it "Observation" for some reason, but it's really just noticing a trend, and then conducting tests to see if that anecdotal experience holds true in broader conditions.

Except ketchup is the devil's condiment

You guys are idiots, it's obviously a suppository.

I'm not bald, I'm just taller than my hair..

You say that, but almost every male I work with has/had seriously thinning hair or was completely bald well before 35. Out of around 60 guys, only 5-10 still have a full head of hair.

I'm close to eating the packaging when I eat my McDonald's

Just know that out there, there's another 27 year old dude thinning every single day who know's your pain.

Oh, I was talking about me, I'm that dude.

LIES! I have been eating Mickey D's fries since the 70s, went bald 25 years ago.

How do you eat it... with your hands?