Cheerleader helping a friend out for a picture with a fan

Cheerleader helping a friend out for a picture with a fan

Letting her friend stand on her hair. What a bro!

The guy in the photo op is standing on ground level. That wall is there to hide his legs, he's embarrassed.


Is there a female equivalent to the word bro?

the cheerleader on the bottom is smiling at the wall like she’s in the picture, I love it

The guy in the background on the right is just plain amazed with the girl holding the other girl up.

Guy in black hoodie to the right’s like, “The fuuuck?!”


she's in a picture


I'm guessing brother, boyfriend, or close friend



Roll Tide

It's common for masculine names to end in "O" and for feminine names to end in "A".

... Is this the origin of the word bra?


Thumbs up to the camera, she knew this pic was being taken

Went to middle school with the girl on top. She's posing with her (former?) boyfriend. Totally weird seeing someone I know in real life pop up on here. School is University of Texas if anyone was curious.


It's actually an acronym for Battle Ready Amor.

There’s no hoverhand. He’s more than just a fan.

For sure not just a fan. No college cheerleader goes through this kind of effort for some rando.

These look like longhorn cheerleaders \m/

I used to be a Disney character in the park and would often smile for pictures even though there was a Goofy head covering my own. Weird.

That’s her boyfriend. Was a walk on QB for the team too.

It’s Tye Sheridan from Ready Player One.


Girls can be bros

Wait is this a codename kids next door reference.

Go go Gadget college legs!

So all of the above?

TIL cheerleaders are regular people

Could just be a friend or boyfriend.

Character integrity! You were friends with Goofy /s


How single are you going into 2018?

Letting other people literally stand on me for couple pictures.

I'm pretty amazed myself.

He's the most vanilla southern prep looking person. From the hair to the clothes to the generic face.

He probably pledged at Sigma Phi and his father owns a medium sized sailboat.

no, thats a real poster for the movie lmao

I think the day you stop smiling behind the mask is the day you lose all enthusiasm for that job.

\m/ hook’em!

Definitely, numbah 2.

He's an attractive fan

How has no one said "sis" yet?

"She-bro", for when she's the hero.

They are, looks like picture was taken at the recent bowl game.

TIL cheerleaders have fans. As they should.


I’m a dude, he’s a dude, she’s a dude, cause we’re all dudes.

Probably a college kid at the college game

Sista for most. Sister if you grew up in a Swiss boarding school.

And now every guy is scanning your history hoping for pics.



Because "what a sis" doesn't exactly work...


Big if true.

That's shopped, right?

Honestly, they might be brother & sister. Check the nose and the hair color (for reference, the nose & hair color are the only way you can tell my sister & I are related).

Ha, my bad. It's been a while! Pixie dust has worn off.

Replied to the wrong comment. Oh well. My comment still stands

No hover hand! Nice

I think it’s because cheerleaders are basically trained to never stop smiling.

It's not hard.

Source: cheerleader for 8 years


Hook ‘em 🤘🏼

Actually, they are human cheerleaders. It's a common mistake, but you can tell from the fact that she is standing on two legs instead of four.


I love you too mi amor

Yeah, that’s why he’s amazed.

Clearly, but not by a fan. That’s the official poster, and THAT’S the way it was released



Who isn't a fan of cheerleaders? Happy attractive young women? Sign me up

Or he's checking her out.

Metaphor for life right there.

Still bro


Texas, Texas yee haw !

Or maybe he's standing on his bro. It's like a fairy tale.

i think the correct term is She-Ra

Don't say 'bro', brah, say 'manzier'.

Why not both?

Woah there, buddy. What you did with Tinkerbell is your own business.

"Sorry babe, I don't take these stilts off for nobody."


it's like the irl version of /sub/unbgbbiivchidctiicbg

And you’re 100% correct.


if we go by the same "formula"

Brother = bro

Sister = sis


(Really going to miss Dickson. But UT did sign his cousin. Herman with that Australia pipeline.)

You need to check your cis-sis privilege.


She's giving a thumbs up, so she's probably okay.

That's what I go with. Dudes are bros chicks are bros, fine chicks that I either want to, or have slept with, they're bruhs.

Well now that's what I call teamwork!


"It's not a phase mom"

“What a gal” “hey gal”


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