Chechen President on gays: 'They are Devils. They are not people.'

Chechen President on gays: 'They are Devils. They are not people.'
Chechen President on gays: 'They are Devils. They are not people.'

This guy sounds more and more like Hitler every day.

They have been killing gay people over there for months and months now. Nobody seems to care. It's shocking.

edit: Some news stories from that period.

Dehumanize first.

Systematic genocide later.

People care, that's why it got and continues to receive so much coverage. It's just that putting gays in jail and/or killing them is the norm and state sponsored in a lot of the world

As a gay guy in California, sometimes I'll see things in travel magazines or National Geographic about some cool place to visit, then Google search it and find out my boyfriend and I could get thrown in jail for visiting.

The same thing happens whenever I go to a lecture by - or read about - research scientists. 'This is Dr. Smith and he researches snakes with his wife in Kenya!' Well good for you Dr. Smith. I don't wanna die.

There are tons places middle class / upper class straight people go on holiday without having any idea of what could happen if their gay friend or coworker visited with their significant other, due to actively enforced laws and/or socially accepted violence. India, most of Africa, Maldives, Malaysia, Belize, Peru, Barbados, Russia, the Bahamas...

So many places where I would have a real risk of doing time in prison, being beat up, or even being killed, as well as the person who means more to me than anyone else in the world.

It bothers me when people on the right have cited that as a reason for liberals to be less critical of the current administration. 'Well look in that country, they do this! They do that! They hate you!' Step one to valuing not being like a lot of these flawed countries is to not mimic their flaws... like anti-intellectualism, and tribalism, and nominating people who make governmental decisions based on religious beliefs, and...

You don't pour sewage everywhere while telling me to be grateful that I live somewhere clean. That's not how it works.

The guy is a fucking shithead and he needs to die in a fucking fire.

I've been in favor of gay rights and equality for as long as I remember being conscious of the issue, but just now I was reminded how damned silly the dislike of homosexuals is.

Like, most men are straight, but do you know what sorts of weird things we've done with our penises, and not just as horny teenagers, but into adulthood and senility? Folks masturbate, look at weird porn, read zombie erotica, stick their dicks in microwaved melons, asphyxiate themselves to get off.

But if you stick your dick in a butt, the Chechen president thinks you're a devil. Ha! It's nonsensical.

Hero of the Russian Federation (awarded by Putin), honorary member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

They started the genocide part a while ago.

Dubai is almost as annoying

So many weddings where they're like "lol just get two rooms so they don't know you're a couple". Meanwhile I'm like, "lol get married somewhere that your guests aren't in danger".

Fuck Dubai

That's what presidents look like now

Send them to Canada.

Hardline Islamist doesn't like gays, more at 11.

That guys a president?? He looks like an inbred pickup truck enthusiast.

He didn't say that gay people are devils, he said that people lying about killing of gay people in Chechnya are liars and "sheitans". I mean, I know nobody cares here, but at least don't make shit up.

I feel worse for the people he's ordered abducted, tortured, and killed because of who they love

BRB microwaving a melon. No homo!

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

This is not a proper scientific body. Being a member is meaningless and does not actually demonstrate any prestige or require scientific expertise. It's different to the Russian Academy of Sciences which is still very prestigious.

Just felt the need to point this out given the amount of Russian hatred on Reddit lately. The Russian Academy of Sciences should still be held in high regard, so I don't want people to read your comment and confuse the two.

DON'T. The fibers in the melon's pulp will give you a billion hellish papercuts.

I tried it once. NEVER. AGAIN.

That's what presidents are now

People care, but what can we do? Chechnya is a Russian state, and last I checked, Russia is pretty heavily anti-gay. Only Putin can do anything about this, and he's busy jerking off to this.

It's not just gay people either, lots of straight people cheerfully go to medieval hellholes with basically literally Sharia law and take their clothes off on the beach. Sure, most of them are fine, but those that aren't are far from it.

There have been multiple Westerners who have been arrested for being unmarried couples, or for being raped (because in Saudi Arabia that is considered that you had sex outside of marriage).

we cant just go in and bomb them until they stop

Not that such a strategy would help anyway...

I didn't want to believe that when the stories first started coming out about this shit, but yeah, it looks like you're right.

Unsurprisingly Putin came to the defense of his buddy Kadyrov:

had the activists who called for an official investigation on the issue arrested.

had his spokesman dismiss the reports: "We do not have any reliable information about any problems in this area.”

I think we were meant to take his suggestion as an insult, but as a Canadian, I don't feel insulted.

Finally a solution I can get behind

I remember what it felt like to think this way, from my conservative religious upbringing. Nothing will change this man's mind short of some kind of cataclysmic life experience that will force him to change his perspective. I feel bad for people like him who are trapped in a prejudiced mindset.

Ramzan Kadyrov

is an absolute sociopath.

Reporter: Do you not get concerned when you read these accounts of young men who say they were tortured for days? Does it concern you as a matter of law and order in the Republic when you here these stories?

Kadyrov: Они шайтаны. Они продажные. Они не люди. Будь они прокляты за то что они на нас наговаривают. [They are devils. They are squarable/shills. They are not people. Let them be damned for dishing on us.]

Basically Kadyrov claims that the stories are fakes and yes did say that those who spread those stories are not people. But he didn't say it about gays as the article claims.

I agree that Kadyrov is a son of a bitch and should be hanged by his intestines (for this and other things) but your argument is dumb.

I'm from Poland. I think US government is oppressing black people, Indians and women. I think they are bigots. They are hurting innocent people because of prejudice.

Do you think I (or other Europeans) are entitled to "put them to the sword"? Idiotic.

Also, people from USA shouldn't act so fucking moral and holy when talking about accepting gays. Americans act like they fucking invented sexual tolerance, when in reality that shift in social acceptance happened through the last decade or two. They are literally scolding intolerant societies that are the same as they were a few decades ago and refuse to remember that they too were or still are few decades behind on some things.

I'd be honored to accept anyone, unfortunate enough to be born in a barbaric country and who would otherwise be killed, as my neighbour.

Edit: Should probably mention I consider barbarism to be defined by things like government sponsored (in this case, the Kremlin) mass murder-- nothing cultural or religious or ethnic.

Putin will be crying, "the 90s are gonna get you!" until he's 150 years old because Russians are infantilized paranoiacs who just want Daddy to save them from the scary monsters in their closets (pun intended).

Chechnya is largely muslim

It's also sorta a part of Russia so we cant just go in and bomb them until they stop. And it doesn't seem like Russia really gives a shit about gay rights either.

That's not the answer either.

You'll probably get downvoted to oblivion, but that's the sad part about the situation. It can't be easily remediated by any means.

I stand by it. It's the one generalization I indulge guiltlessly. Who can say Russians don't have a masochistic/submissive streak when it comes to strongmen?

Having a reactionary Christian nation that's vitriolically homophobic is still a LONG ways away from tolerating and agreeing the torture and execution of gay people en mass.

The only thing Putin can do is invade Chechnya, again, for a third time. That's political suicide and would kill tens of thousands of people. Nobody wants their apartment complexes exploding again, with their children's high schools being turned into killing fields.

The Kadyrovites represent the faction of Chechen population that is supportive of Russia. Invading them means the Russians will be entering Chechnya with absolutely zero political support, and only a massive amount of enemies.

I don't feel bad for conservative bigots remaining bigoted. They are the ones who have locked down their mind, refused to accept people as they are, and have gone on murderous rampages to demonstrate fealty to such a way of life.

I feel bad for the children, however, who are raised into this way of life without choice. But as they age, they have had every opportunity to change their views. Many don't. We rail against them for a reason. The gays, atheists, and other heathens of the world aren't attacking the religious in droves, and they aren't the ones firebombing Planned Parenthoods, etc.

Beat me to it. The headline could have been about all the actual homophobic shit he said, but no, we have to skew the truth.

Hey, btw, Im not sure where you read that we linch gays here in Peru, but that isn't true. At least in every city, maybe if you go to a very very rural area, but even then I highly HIGHLY doubt it. People here can be conservative, very much so, but there are tons of openly gay people in Lima, even congressmen and stuff. And the linchings and mob justice that does happen in the country usually is against rapists and thieves, not gays

Not to mention, anal sex isn't necessarily a gay thing. I know plenty of gays who aren't into anal.

The Bahamas? Really?

My grandpa used to rant about gays.... until my sister datd a woman who was a mechanic and they could talk shop.

Exposure turns "those people" into "that's just Tania. She's cool."

It's not a FAST or EASY process though....

Uh what?

Chechnya has always been a thorn in the side of Russia throughout history and they've had many bloody conflicts. The current government might not be perfect but they are friendly towards Putin.

These kind of atrocities are why we need a capable United Nations.

Genocide should not and cannot be permissible.

There's a fat orange illiterate golfer who's president of America.

Welcome to the new world.

Please consider donating to Rainbow Railroad. They're helping at-risk LGBT+ folk get to safe places.

I'm surprised so many LGBT individuals support Islam. Like, they would straight up kill you over there.

ehh? its islam that makes Chechnya remarkably worse. it always makes everything worse everywhere.

I remember reading something about a guy working there. He sees his coworkers walking down the street and talks to them. They basically say something like. "We heard Jeff was gay. So we are going to go pay him a visit" while carrying machete.

That's what he suggested, actually.

Every time me or some one else posts about it on fb, one of our conservative friends say the muslim states have been doing the same forever and we only now care because of how this plays into the "russia is bad" liberal narrative.

If you go with your SO, don't show it off in public, that's all.

That can be harder than you think. "Showing it off" can be as simple as sitting too closely together, referring to someone as your SO when asked, renting a hotel room with a single bed, etc. It's hard to know just what will draw unwanted attention.

A lot of travel/vacation industry advertising specifically targets LGBT people (and their money) because those people are more likely to have safety concerns. Showcasing a gay couple in a travel advertisement is meant to suggest that the destination is safe and enjoyable for a gay couple.

Don't know about the Bahamas, but you'll get killed for being gay in Jamaica easily. Maybe if you never set foot out of a resort, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

It was an old thing on 4chan about a decade ago. "OMG if you cut a hole in a canteloupe and microwave it, it feels just like actual pussy!"

I was a young and naive 20-something back then and tried it.

And that was the day I finally stopped having to be reminded that 4chan was full of shit.

Are you shitting me? Progressives are constantly fighting these fights for equality. It only makes the news when something extreme happens because the news is about ratings and people "get bored" of hearing that things are not hunky dory. Behind the scenes there are people working every day on these issues. Or do you just think that the ACLU just pops into existence when it files a lawsuit?

Exposure. Turn "those people" into "oh, that's just bob and Ahmed. They're cool."

Gays being killed have been tolerated in the UN for decades now.

Chechnya is more Russian than Russia. Take all the worst cultural aspects of Russia and then multiply them and you've got Chechnya.

Chechnya makes Russia look like Canada.

I don't know about the specific places you mentioned, but I have no reason to doubt it. It's appalling to me as well. Just can't fathom that this shit still happens in modern times. One commenter mentioned that many countries with whom the US is closely engaged or an ally are openly known for atrocities against gay people. It's time to cut ties with such depraved cultures. Oil money and strategic alliances be damned. I'd rather have less trading partners and be a little more isolationist than business partners with those evil bigots.

I think that they empathise with being treated differently (and poorly) by sections of the population regardless of where they go in the world. Even in the most tolerant and politically correct places in the world you will find people who say to themselves "why can't they just go and be different somewhere else, so I don't have to deal with it". When you observe other people it's obvious that a lot of us carry unconscious biases, and to be labeled different by the masses makes you different whether you like it or not.

There's a lot of similarities, I suppose. What's more, I think a lot of supporters of Islam are opposed to the way they'd be treated in those countries to, particularly if they support the "wrong" kind for the region at that time.

How many Dubai weddings have you been invited to?

When I was homophobic, it's because I believed sex was only for reproduction. I just assumed straight sex makes babies, and gay sex was depraved hedonism.

Then again, this was before I was 15, I just followed my religion and was very ignorant that straight people have always had sex for pleasure. No different than the supposedly depraved gays who have anal sex just like straight people.

Dozens of tiny tiny little cuts through an an area laced with nerve endings, with a mildly acidic fruit juice seeping into the cuts.

Yes, yes it does.

He's probably worried dick tastes like chocolate. Outta sight, outta yo mouth

What happened in the late 90s? I'm not trying to doubt you, I'm just curious because I never heard.

Right, just angry knee-jerk. :)

How do you change an entire culture, one as dangerous and destructive as that one?

You're delusional and poisoning political discourse by crying wolf. I'm heavily against Trump's destructive policies, but you're being literally insane and making criticism of him harder for anyone to take seriously.

Even worse, you're using dehumanizing language on a large portion of the country. Those people are a cancer? What do you do with a cancer? Cut it out before it spreads. Nuke it, destroy it at any cost. That's a dangerous line of logic to follow- the logic of exclusion and polarization that could lead to worse things.

I'm aware, said friend says that we're only talking about this area and ignoring all the other gay massacres in other muslim nations because of it being part of Russia.

and what should Putin do, invade Chechnya for a third time, except this time have no support from the local population?

I didn't ruin it. The person who told you to put what is effectively a brillo pad filled with juice onto your dick did.

Chechnya does not seem to be it's own country as it is not recognized by a majority of nations

I'd disagree. It's not about that - it's about a maniacal fear of another 90ies. That's where the strongman bullshit comes in - because that's what keeps the rotting house still stable.

That's not a surprise. He listing countries people might not know are intolerant.

This is weird statement. I don't understand why people think that so many people in the LGBTQ community "support Islam" as if it means they are lining up to become Muslim, or to allow Sharia Law into the country. Literally no one wants that.

What the REALITY is, is that most LGBTQ people want people to be free to be themselves and live their life as free and equal people. That in no way means that anyone wants them to then throw acid in their face. This argument really grinds my gears because it's taking two groups that - let's be honest, most people making this argument don't give a fuck about - and trying to justify their hatred or bigotry for one by white knighting the other.

First he says gays are devils, they concludes with thermonuclear war, "screw it from behind" referring to the whole world. He has a fundamental misunderstanding of love versus hate.

Chechnya is predominantly Islam. So is this really surprisinng to hear an Islamic country spew homophobic hate?

If we knew that wonderful secret, humanity as a whole might look a whole lot better.

Masochism is my fetish

Would you like to know more?


the difference is that if your Grandpa was a Chechen, he'd have killed your sister with his bare hands.

exposure is dangerous in a culture like this.

Shit like that happens in Dubai and other tourist destinations as well, doesn't it?

In fact half of the UN itself probably supports it.

I knew it was true because it's what Saudi Arabia and Iran does. Why would this be any different?

It's textbook cult of personality stuff, virtually the exact same thing Putin does in Russia with his strong man persona he built.

It's not that nobody cares, he's protected by Putin.

Right. Academy of Natural Sciences is a scam where people can buy this title in order to "be cool" because not many people are aware what it actually is. If you hear that a person is a member of this "academy" it is 100℅ giveaway that this person is a some sort of a dick.

Thats not a very nice thing to say.

You can't impose a single moral order on the entire planet, no country can. It would be one thing if you could just bomb and kill hatred and bigotry away, but you can't. Sure you can militarily force people to "tolerate" others, but you can't force people to accept them because that's not how people work. Even if the current government was exiled/removed, there's no reason to expect the next government to be more tolerant unless it was installed by another country. And installing puppet governments usually doesn't work in the long term, because you haven't actually addressed any of the issues in the country, you've just created more reasons to hate.

In America we can't even get our own citizenry to see people as equal, so how would we force some other country to do it?

There is no good solution to this problem, the best option is probably just trying to help people flee Chechnya to more tolerant countries for now. Offer better education and funding to resources focused on education around the world and these issues slowly go away over time though. No magic bullet solution.

This is the best justification for allowing queer people to exist/be left the fuck alone that I've ever read.

"We don't have those kinds of people here... We don't have any gays..."

Girl, yes you do!

I'd rather not thanks. Much rather have these guys in power than see what happened in the late 90s happen again.

Oh, well if that kind of CBT is your thing, then have at it.

Depends on region, and being homosexual is technically illegal in India.

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What happened in the late 90s?

That's because the average person has a lot of things on their mind, but that doesn't mean they stop caring about the issue. It's not like it's a fad to care. That's just silly.

Plausible argument, but it doesn't matter why. It's still fucked up.

Mate Middle East is the worst and you didn't mention it at all. Strange.

Or so say the perpetually angry guy that runs a pocket of hell where he routinely tortures to death large amounts of people and who got a thing for filling mass graves. There are devils in chechenia alright, and they use islamic scripture to justify their atrocities. I'd argue the ones tossing people from buildings are somewhat more evil than the ones trying to run away and hide because they care for the wrong person.

How about stopping the murders and torture.

He's not a child. So stop infantilizing him.

The idea that he has no responsibility as an adult or leader to sit and take stock of his views before he murders people for them is absurd.

There's no outs for this guy; it's been decades since he was a kid, he has locked his mind.

Malaysian here. You will be 100% fine visiting, all reports are completely exaggerated. There are plenty of gay bars and the dating scene is active. There is no violence towards gay people and the laws are not enforced.

Sometimes not everything you read on the internet is true.

I've got a nickel that says this clown-leader is gay.

In Arabic Iblis is the Devil, Shaytan are devils/demons (Satan's henchmen).

Iblis is from the Greek "Diablos".

Iblis/Diablos/Devil, Satan/Shaytan.

But...Citrus...And your urethra...Ow.

If that were true,we couldn't hold anyone accountable for anything, because "someone else taught them". Children and adults are given different expectations in society (particularly in terms of responsability and knowledge) because there is a difference between the two.

Adult people are responsible for thier actions, and I feel zero sympathy for those who are "misguided" into harming others, particularly on such a massive scale.

I don't think that means I lack empathy. It means I think that "This fully grown adult world leader just doesn't know any better than to slaughter people who are different" isn't going to fly with most people.