Chase a check

Chase a check

Padre might be pricy, but Madre is free

I need an album compilation of the best financial aid memes.

Fucking Megan would be in charge of FAFSA

Damn that is expensive

I always upvote Cory's Suite Life On Deck.

$1000, for a poor college student ? Hell yeah it is

Edit: word

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Damn, money bags.

Link us bby

FAFSA stands for Free Application For Student Aid, students are partying over spring break when they're supposed to be broke asf college students... The joke is that they are spending their government grant money on partying and FAFSA is catching on.

$1000, for a full-time, working class citizen ? Hell yeah it is

1000 each including flights or not? The answer is the difference between op being middle class and op being a delusional motherfucker

I mean Padre wasn't that expensive, went with 4 friends for 5 nights and ended up paying like $1,000 a piece we just saved up before going.

Edit: Everyone saying it's expensive but we all work and just saved up a bit of money each month over the course of a year until we went. Yeah it's a bit pricey but it didn't break the bank either.

Edit 2: Since this post gained some traction I want to give some advice for partying on a budget (travel aside we live in TX so just drove). Stay at a cheap hotel on the Island there's a free ride service on the island you can use to take you back and forth from events, the same church also provides free food if you don't wanna spend money on food. You also don't necessarily need to buy drugs and alcohol since people are pretty willing to share if you're friendly but I'd at least get some cheap Vodka to pregame with. Bring an empty bottle to for water. Clayton's beach parties during the day are free and crazy fun, nighttime events can get pricy but Louie's is pretty lit and cover isn't too bad tho you can probably find a party or something for free.

Edit 3: We may not be the best example since we all work full time as well and were able to save money from that (I know a lot of students can only work part time/summers) but plenty of other people have stated that they spent less. We went all out and that's why it's a bit high but to anyone debating on going next year I 100% recommend it. Lots of ass and titties everywhere, friendly people and a great atmosphere. Remember we went to some pretty pricy concerts and brought plenty of bottles and weed to share at the beach and stayed at a priceyish hotel. Get a cheaper hotel and don't worry so much about the liquor and drugs just come thru and enjoy yourself.

But that also means you live in the valley for the other 51 weeks of the year.

Sallie Mae gonna get her money.

I guarantee that if I put people who are living paycheck to paychecks' finances under a microscope, I'd find a lot of waste that could be cut back in 95% of the cases. Some people are legitimately living at their limit and I feel that, but there are plenty of people living "paycheck to paycheck" but get a $5 starbucks drink every other day, buy a bunch of pre-packaged stuff and go out to eat/drink with friends on the weekend.

I realize that people have to live their life, but realize that you're choosing how to spend your discretionary income the way you want and others are spending it the way they want. To some that means minimizing the costs of daily life while saving for a vacation at some point down the road. For others that means getting that starbucks drink they love so much and chillin with friends on the weekend.

My point is that just because somebody chooses to spend their money differently than you doesn't mean that they're not poor. I can be buying expensive art supplies and going home and eating beans and rice for the 10th time this week. Just because you don't see somebody's struggle doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Okay then that makes even less sense. My crew did the same thing two years back and spent a bit less than that. What hotel were you at?

I really don't understand like 80% of the posts here, yet here I still am.

That's so Cory's Suite Life in Beverly Montana

this trip is the culmination of us each saving for a year it's not that expensive


Honestly they don't, it's usually just a hunch. I've actually never heard of anyone getting caught for larger financial fraud, although I've heard counselors giving stern talks to individuals. Some colleges have book vouchers, meal voucher systems etc so you can only use a certain amount of your money at the college bookstore. Student aid abuse is pretty common on bigger college campuses and community colleges though, I know a couple dudes who fuck up and spend their money on new Apple products and don't have enough money for books. It's kind of a finance 101 when you get the FASFA check, smart people will plan out how they're gonna spend it and be diligent.

I mean you really cant if you livin check to check like alot of people are. Cant afford to save money when you can barely put food on the table

Luckily I live 20 min away from padre so I don't need to pay much

You scared the hell outta me.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Student loans, basically. Spending them on things that aren't school related is typically a big no-no.

Well we're from texas so we just drove, spent roughly $120 total in gas

Damn my friends paid like $250 each for 4 nights

I'm 28 and work full time, $1000 is damn expensive.

That was lame


*tu madre

The point is if you look ahead saving for spring break, it's not that big of a deal. Poor people can do shit, too, it just takes longer to get the capital to do so.

Sallie Mae never see a dime from me.

Except a lot of students do

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It's only like 100 dicks to suck if you do it at $10 a pop. Number of dicks only goes down from there.

50 dicks at twenty a pop.

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10 at $100, but realistically not that many people will probably pay $100 for some dome. Maybe if you hit up a comicon or something.

I just had an idea, brb.

depends on the context of how the $1000 was spent. $1000 for a week long holiday in a great location isn't too expensive.

I mean after your tuition is paid the rest of the money they give you is fair game as long as you graduate I think

Edit: grants not loans

Sallie mae gonna find you.

$1000 isn't expensive?

The real LPT is to live in San Diego which is 30 min from TJ

She was megan in drake and josh.

Ah okay that makes a lot more sense now lol. Yeah we were doing like ~$200/night on the hotel. We were right up against the beach so it was awesome.


Jesus christ. For that price you can go to Dominican Republic or Mexico and stay in a resort with everything payed for(meals and services, etc.) about a week or two, including the flight.


They don't. And students do it again and again and act all surprised when they graduate college and no job is out there to make it easy for them to pay back their $200k student loan debts.

Nah that's not how it works. You're gonna have to pay back that money + interest.

Thanks bruh then I'm out this bitch

Word lmao

Lmao nigga I don't got 1000 dollars to drop on spring break. Fafsa still doesn't help me out though.

pay back grants

Well no, not Grants but I didn't know we were talking about Grants. FAFSA is for loans also.

Yeah there's definitely cheaper options but we had a pretty nice hotel for 5 nights that was walking distance from Clayton's and the liquor store. The 1,000 each also includes cost of food, gas, alcohol, drugs and concert tickets tho

Invest what my guy? All my money goes on staying alive.

For that price you can go to Dominican Republic or Mexico

Psssh, why go pay to go to the Dominican Republic when Donald will send me there for free?

There's just not that much to do, and the closest big city is San Antonio which is a 4 hour drive away. The schools are shit and it's one of the poorest areas of the country.

The culture is unique and the cost of living is dirt cheap so it's not all bad though. Also, best Mexican food in Texas.

Damn my spring break just ended. Not like i was doing anything major other than go to the club last Friday and shobel snow but still

Real talk, the kid who plays Cody or Zach, is actually kind of funny on Twitter.

FAFSA determines more than just grants. I received grant money, subsidized loans, and unsubsidized loans.

Grants are basically free money.

Subsidized loans are loans that only gain interest after you are no longer in school (graduated or dropped out).

Unsubsidized loans are loans that gain interest immediately.

It's possible that I am mistaken, in which case please explain to me where I got it wrong.

Oh, you a busta!

How does FAFSA find out?

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Nobody wants to go to Latvia fam

depends on if they got a family to support or not too I suppose

We stayed at the Windwater hotel and got one of the rooms with the Bed and Sofa bed, total is actually closer to ~850. Hotel was $415 a night, gas was $120 total we spent like $100ish a piece on food. The rest is all liquor,weed and concert tickets we went to see Migos and ZED and bought plenty of liquor and weed to get fucked on ourselves as well as share at the beach parties. As I said in my edit however you can definitely have fun on a budget there. Free shuttle services, free parties and people sharing their drugs and liquor go a long way.

What's fafsa?

I had over that much from working over the summer but I have to buy things...

You don't have to pay back grants even if you do dorp out

Source: dropped out.

Yeah, I totally could save 1k over several months but spending it on a trip would not have been something I could have justified for myself while in school. I had grants and financial aid, but textbooks, rent, food, gas, and necessities were on me and back then I'd rather spend ~$250 on a trip stateside to save the money.

I live in the valley. I can second this, not worth it

The computer says 21st Century, the outfit says 1993.

Hey i know its only been one hour and everything but i just wanna say that i believe in you

Also no pressure because pear pressure is real

U gotta pay back grants? I don't think u do unless you drop out

Bruh, you can't disrespect Drake & Josh like that

But it isn't.

This is 100% the real question. Raising kids properly is fucking expensive.

Check out Ugly God's line in his song "Bitch!" about FAFSA


Or a senator

you have no idea what you are talking about

I live on South Padre Island. Dude you paid way too much. Hell, the condominiums I live in frequently rent 2 bed/2 bath furnished condos to spring breakers for lest than that. It is common knowledge here that the hotels jack up the rates for spring break. My advice would be to skip the hotel's and rent a apartment or condo on a weekly basis. Matter of fact, for the scratch you paid I would have rented you my place and slept on the beach fam.

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1000 at Padre is super expensive. Especially per person.

Dude plays alot of total war

Not if you're saving up for months ahead of time.

Sallie Mae gonna take your thumbs.

There is no time when I was a college student where I ever would have had that much money to just drop. I'm a full adult now with a big kid job and couldnt do it, shit

boy I'm broke as fuck, 30 bands straight from FAFSA bitch!

yeah no shit, right?

They're both hilarious on Twitter.

One of them plays Jughead in the new Archie series Riverdale

Did they paided all of that one just one piece ??

Ya know, the funny thing is my college had a $600 limit on books & items in the bookstore. Mainly because folks would try to cop a PS3 or whatnot if they dind't do that.

I rolled up there once to get my books....$900+. I was shocked. Cashier was confused. We were all just looking at each other like "....Word? What? ....What's goin' happen!??!"

So I had to go to the business office and get a waiver. They of course wanted to know why, and I showed them the breakdown of all the books. Vast majority were the cot dang books that the professors had that 1 damn chapter in OR they were paperback so lord knows you could never resell it. The lone old book was still expensive on Amazon, so that wasn't any help either.

So I got a special waiver....and got a robust like $100 back at the end of the semester. $800 vanished.

So when folks online always lead with that crappy "buy your books online to avoid the high bookstore prices" I always wanna reply "eat a dick"

Nope :)

It's an iMac G5, from 04-05, all the ports are on the back side.